Kids Cook Real Food Summer Camp: Learn How to Cook at Home this Summer

Kids Cook Real Food

Kids Cook Real Food

I don’t know about your kids, but I know mine eat constantly.

If they are hungry, I want them to be able to eat healthy foods. But I don’t want to spend all my time peeling and slicing fruits and veggies for them.

I signed my kids up for Kids Cook Real Food and now they happily prepare their own healthy meals and snacks.

Kids as young as two will learn how to peel, slice, spread, stir and more.

This self-paced virtual program is available year-round, not just for the summer. Perfect for summer camp, home school curriculum, school vacations or weekends!

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Kids Cook Real Food Details

Weeks Camp is Offered
- 2022

This Summer Camp At-A-Glance
AGES: Preschool, Elementary, Middle School Kids

What to Expect at Kids Cook Real Food

Learning and developing life skills in childhood are part of the foundation for independent, healthy adults.

But many parents find they need a little support.

Kids Cook Real Food is here to help you resist the helicopter parenting culture and build genuine, authentic life skills for your kids starting at age 2.

Kids Cook Real Food is Fun for All Ages

The e-course is divided into three tracks, based on your kids’ ages and skill level.

Older kids who already know the basics of cutting, measuring and spreading can start with the intermediate level while even more experienced kids can jump right into the advanced level.

Each course has eight progressive lessons. Progress through the lessons in whatever manner works best for your family, whether it's for two weeks as a summer camp or every Saturday for two months.

There are adult guide videos, detailed lesson plans and troubleshooting tips for each lesson.

Sign up, log in, gather your supplies, watch the short video and practice the skills.

It’s that easy!

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