These Gravity-Defying Parks are Loaded with Trampolines, Laser Tag, Ninja Courses and More

A Comparison of Craig’s Cruisers, Rebounderz, SkyZone and Altitude Trampoline Parks

It makes sense that in a state where we weather intense winters, we would have to figure out some indoor entertainment options.

Over the past several years, the Grand Rapids scene has been bursting with all sorts of indoor-play options, but not all offer the blood-pumping, high-flying thrills that a trampoline park delivers.

With four local destinations to help you get your jump on, we thought we would help out by offering a break down on what you can expect when you visit either SkyZone, Rebounderz, Altitude, or Craig’s Cruisers (Grand Rapids location).

This Chart of 4 Trampoline Park Amenities is Your Cheat Sheet

We took a deep dive with our comparison of area trampoline parks, with detailed information in this article. If you wanted to know something at a quick glance, though, here’s your chart.

As you can see, these trampoline parks all offer loads of fun, but with each having its own specialty. If your kids wants to trapeze, you’ll head to SkyZone or Altitude. And laser tag kids will head to Craig’s Cruisers or Rebounderz.

This is kind of like a choose your own adventure game!

Similarities Between Altitude, Sky Zone, Rebounderz and Craig’s Cruisers

All four parks feature large, open arenas. Think wall-to-wall (and floor-to-ceiling along the perimeters) trampolines. This is where you can see who can jump higher, try out a flip, or just enjoy the thrill of a great jump. 


Smaller jumpers are also taken into consideration as every park offers a seperate area for them. Determined either by height or age, you don’t have to worry about the littles crashing into the bigs.

All the parks also offer special Toddler Times (typically during school hours) typically at a discounted rate.

skyzone grand rapids
SkyZone Grand Rapids

In addition to these large jumping areas, all the parks offer you a chance to make a slam dunk, show down on a dodgeball court, and vault yourself into a large pit of foam cubes.

When you need to recharge and grab some fuel, they all also offer onsite concession stands with options ranging from snacks to full-on meals. 


Non-jumpers can sit back and relax with ample seating and lounge areas (SkyZone, Craigs Cruisers, and Altitude even have massage chairs that are pay-per-minute!).

And if your kids aren’t constantly yelling, “Watch this!” you can use the free wifi to get a little work in while they play.

SkyZone Grand Rapids

Finally, no matter where you go, expect to sign waivers for yourself and any children visiting with you. The good news is you can do this at home online, saving you time once you get to the park of your choice.

The Things That Set Each Park Apart From the Rest

Let’s take a look at some more of the unique features each park has to offer to help you determine what will be the best fit for your family.

Looking for other attractions to indulge in while you’re out? Arcade games and laser-tag arenas are featured at Craig’s Cruisers or Rebounderz (at additional charges).

Rebounderz Laser Tag

If you want to try out Olympic-style trampolines and practice your wall-walking, you’re going to want to visit either SkyZone or Altitude. These larger trampolines are designed to help you truly defy gravity and leap to extreme new heights.


Got a climber that needs a space designed for climbing? (I remind my daughter daily that the half walls in our home are NOT climbing spaces!) Let them loose on the climbing walls at Rebounderz, Craig’s Cruisers, and SkyZone.


Test your skills of agility and endurance on a Ninja Course. Both Rebounderz and SkyZone include their ninja/obstacle courses in the price of admission while Craig’s Cruiser offers a ninja course for an additional fee.


Looking to try a round of jousting? This balancing challenge will have you competing against another person to be the last person standing. (Although are you really losing when you get to fall into a big squishy pit of foam?)

Joust (or a similar variation) at Craig’s Cruisers, Altitude and SkyZone.

Craig’s Cruisers

You can fly through the air, with the greatest of ease, when you take a swing on a flying trapeze! Unleash your inner circus star on either Altitude’s or SkyZone’s trapeze feature.


At Altitude one of the things that parents are always raving about it is the openness of the space. If you have multiple kids at different attractions, it’s easy to keep an eye on them.

Altitude also can save you some money– they offer the lowest prices of the four parks on a regular day (but more on costs a little later).


In addition to the arcade at Rebounderz, they also offer an immersive Virtual Reality gaming area (additional charges) and an incredible tri-level play structure designed for kids 54” and under with their own obstacles, slides, and more.

Build teamwork skills when you have to work together during a round of Human Foosball.


In 2018 SkyZone underwent a remodel and added an incredible array of attractions.

Along with the added climbing wall, wall walking, jousting, trapeze, and ninja course, they added a zip-line, swing, acrobatic silks, three different heights of warped walls, and even a wipe-out arena.


Craig’s Cruisers has long been a destination for family fun, so when they added a trampoline park and ninja course, it was joining an already fantastic line-up featuring two mini-golf courses, indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks, laser-tag, bumper boats, bumper cars, a frog-hopper and even an indoor roller coaster.

They’ve also added a jaw-dropping outdoor zipline that takes you up 130 feet in the air and zooms you over 650 feet during the descent, complete with views of the Grand Rapids skyline.

Craig’s Cruisers

COSTS for Grand Rapids Trampoline Parks

We did the math and looked at all the pricing (there were charts involved). What makes it hard to figure out is that all the parks offer different packages and can even vary depending on what day of the week you visit.

The one time package all four parks have in common is a basic one hour ticket

Every day of the week, Altitude comes in with the lowest price at $12.95 ([email protected] for socks). Now here is where it can get a little tricky: the next most affordable park for a single hour depends on which day of the week you visit.

Monday through Thursday, Craig’s Cruisers costs only $13.99 (+$3.00 for socks). If you visit Friday through Sunday, however, the price jumps up to $18.99.

SkyZone has set prices, so no matter what day of the week you visit an hour jump will cost $15.99 (+$2.99 for socks). Finally, Rebounderz also differing rates: Monday through Thursday expect to pay $16.95 (+$2.79 for socks), and $19.95 Friday through Saturday.

Oh, but we didn’t stop there when it came to math. We went another step further and figured out what the best non-special ticket is at each place.

Altitude Deals and Events

3495 Alpine Ave NW, Walker, MI 49544

At Altitude, you get the most bang for your buck when you buy a 2-hour pass for $18.95 (Altitude also has lower prices for kids 4 and under).

If you want to take advantage of additional savings be sure to check out some of their weekly specials like Wednesday Family Day, Friday Friendzy, Sunday Funday, and GR Nights on Saturdays. 


Rebounderz Deals & Events

7500 Cottonwood Dr, Jenison, MI 49428

The best ticket to buy at Rebounderz is their Open Jump Pass which costs $19.95 or $24.95. Open Jump Passes for kids 3 to 5 years old are only $12.95 or $14.95. Super awesome deal: jumpers 2 and under are FREE when accompanied by another paying jumper.

They also offer fantastic weekly deals like Thursday Family Fun, Jump’N’Jam Weekends, and Sunday Fun. Rebounderz also offers a fun new twist to working out with their Airxercise classes.

Also be sure to check their calendar for special Sensory Friendly events where they dial down the tone with softer music and lights and daytime Homeschool Day events.


SkyZone Deals & Events

3636 29th St SE, Kentwood, MI 49512

SkyZone offers the widest array of jump packages, but the best deal is the 2-hour jump for $23.99 (unless you have little jumpers, then you want the 90-minute pass for ages 5 and under that is only $11.99).

SkyZone also has weekly deals like Monday Madness, Thirsty Thursday, Super Saturday, and Family Night. Other events they host include Sensory Friendly Sessions, Homeschool Jumps, Glow Nights, and Battle Royale (a 4-hour jumping, pizza party, Fortnite tournament).


Craig’s Cruisers Deals and Events

Craig’s Cruisers
5730 Clyde Park Southwest, Wyoming, MI 49509

If you go to Craig’s Cruisers simply to jump, the 2-hour pass is what you’ll want for either $16.99 or $21.99. Let’s be honest, when you go to Craig’s Cruisers you’ll probably want to do more than just jump, in which case you should consider their Wristband Wednesday special or the Combo #9 for $25.99 which includes jump time, the ninja course, and two other attractions of your choice.

Craig’s Cruisers

With 4 amazing Grand Rapids trampoline parks to choose from, you won’t fret the next rainy day – you’ll celebrate! (At least, that’s what my kids would do.)

Which one of these trampoline parks is your favorite? Tell us which one and why in the comments!

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