MVP Work-Space: What Every Work-From-Home Mom or Dad Needs to Know

Working From Home With Kids?

If you’ve ever tried to work from home with your kids around, you know it’s tough. Every job has its challenges; working from home comes with a unique set of obstacles.

While some parts of a kid’s day may follow a schedule, chances are your kids have meltdowns, want extra snuggles (who can blame them!) or have doctor’s appointments sprinkled throughout the day. Interruptions are par for the course, which can be mentally taxing when you need to get a job done or something turned in by deadline. And, at least for me, I knew my work hours were ramping up and expecting my kids to let me work more than 2-3 hours a day was asking too much of them. So I started staying up late at night to get work done. That had it’s own consequences… I suffered depression and weight gain, among other things.

Find help, people suggested.

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But it’s not that easy. Even if you are willing to pay someone to come to your house to care for your child, you need to find that someone. And there just aren’t that many adults available for sitting jobs during working hours. College students have their fluctuating schedules to contend with. In-home childcare and childcare centers are an option, but some of these are cost-prohibitive for part-time workers or cannot accommodate variable part-time schedules. So, what to do?

Back when Java Gym was open, I know a lot of moms took their kids there to get a little work in while the kids played. I think a few parents do this at Catch Air these days. But the challenge of interruptions is still prevalent at these places because you are the responsible party for your child.

MVP Workspace adjustable desk (2)MVP Workspace adjustable desk

An Innovative Work-Child Care Solution

Last month, a new place called Work-Space opened in a building adjacent to MVP Sportsplex on Burton and Breton. The facility features open work-spaces, fast wifi, variable-height desks, and an overall cool vibe.

But that’s not why I loved it. I loved it because it’s a problem-solver for all of us work-from-home-parents.

Here’s the deal: As an MVP All-Star member, you can check your child into the MVP Kids Stuff childcare for up to three hours while you use the Work-Space for NO EXTRA CHARGE! I wish this program was an option years ago. I’ve always enjoyed my MVP membership for the pool, camps, and workout facilities, but this perk would have had me at the club EVERY day, ha!

I did a little math, and if you joined MVP as an adult/child combo, you could use Work-Space for 5 times a week 2-3 hours a day and that works out to about $3 an hour for childcare. Not to mention the perk of having a place to work, swim and workout, on top of that.

MVP Workspace common room

How to Use Work-Space by MVP

Another brilliant thing about Work-Space is that you don’t need to make reservations. As long as your child is 18 months – 12 years old, you can just show up to use the childcare.

Work-Space is open Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

It’s located at 4085 Burton Street, SE Grand Rapids MI 49546.

Call with any questions: 616-254-8822.




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  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing!

    I’m a work from home mom on the NE side of GR. We are new-ish to the area and given that I work from home, I have limited opportunity to meet mom friends in the area. Maybe this will be a new way to meet other WFH moms with little ones!

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