Lice Removal Places Near Grand Rapids, Plus How to Remove Lice

Lice Hunter Grand Rapids

Lice is Common in Younger Kids – Lice Removal Will Probably Hit Your House At Least Once

I first discovered the lice on my daughter’s head an hour after she returned from a play date with a new Grand Rapids friend –  which meant I had the distinct pleasure of telling the friend’s mother, who I had JUST MET for the first time hours before, that my daughter has lice.

Let’s just go ahead and file that under: Things I Never Want To Do Again.

And then I did what anyone would do- I completely panicked and started googlinghow to remove lice from hair permanently??”

I Thought Google Could Help me Treat Lice

I looked at those Google results. And I did ALL the stuff.

live removal

I bought the expensive lice treatment kit and spent hours nitpicking through all her hair, shampooing, doing 50 loads of laundry in hot water, washing sheets, bagging up toys, vacuuming carpet and furniture and boiling brushes and combs.

And then, after already meticulously checking my other daughter’s head half a dozen times- I found it in her hair too!

Repeat previous 20 steps.

Lice Grand Rapids

I followed all the instructions in the lice kit, repeated the process with both girls’ hair, then made up a homemade batch of treatment as an extra precaution using conditioner, olive oil, tea tree oil and dish detergent (because I could not get the oil out of their hair after the over the counter treatments!).

I did this treatment twice and combed through every hair on their head again. Ugh, such long hair!

I also mixed water and tea tree oil in a spray bottle as a lice deterrent, which I sprayed on the girl’s hair every morning before they went to school and I made the girls wear their hair in braids because I was not going to go through this ever again!

Lice Grand Rapids

And guess what? A month later.



I was beyond frustrated and could not fathom going through that whole process again. The thought was enough to make me cry.

Lice Hunter was the Only One Who Could Get Lice Removal Results

I instantly did another Google search and found a local business that offers lice removal service. I called that night.  They were so accommodating – we had an appointment with Lice Hunter in Grand Rapids the next day.

And the process could not have been easier!

True, the girls needed to sit in chairs for hours – but they were much better at sitting for a stranger than they were for me… and Lice Hunter even provided them with tablets to watch!

Lice Hunter saved me hours of time– but more importantly, because they provide a guarantee that all lice and nits will be removed, they also saved me from so much anxiety and provided me with peace of mind.

The patient technicians at Lice Hunter went strand by strand through the girls’ hair (did you see how long their hair is??) and used non-toxic, pesticide-free, eco-friendly materials in their treatments.

If lice ever show up in our house again, I know where I’ll be going right away.

Lice Removal Services Near Grand Rapids

If you’re struggling to manage the lice at home, there are two professional lice removal services in Grand Rapids. They literally deal with this all day long and can take care of this with a lot less stress.

Lice Hunter

6810 Old 28th St SE Suite 4, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Eco friendly treatment. Guarantees that ALL lice and nites are removed.

Remedy Head Lice Removal & Treatment Center

5258 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

“Our Signature Treatment kills lice and eggs in a single treatment.*  We stand behind our service!  In the unlikely event of treatment failure – we will re-treat you for FREE.”

How to Keep Lice Away Permanently

There are also a few things I know I can do now to keep the lice at bay.

  • Teach the girls to avoid head-to-head contact at school. No sharing brushes, hats, etc. If a nit is on a strand of hair that gets transferred to you, you can get lice.
  • Avoid bedding, pillows, and carpets that have been used by someone with lice for 24 hours. Lice can live for approximately 24 hours off of a head.
  • Wash hair with mint-based shampoo 1-2 times a week.
  • Use a mint spray daily to repel lice.
  • BYOP: Bring your own pillows to sleepovers.
  • Check all members for lice once a week.
  • Tell everyone you had contact with that your family had lice and ask them to check their heads also.
Lice Remedy Grand Rapids

Lice Removal Facts, Myths & Interesting Tidbits

Last thing – there are a lot of random ideas about lice floating around out there.

Here are some of the things I learned from going to Lice Hunter:

  • Lice are host-specific. They don’t move to a new person unless there’s been head-to-head contact – lice don’t jump or fly.
  • Within 24 hours, all lice are dead, unless they are on a head. There’s no need to go on a rampage refrigerating stuffed animals as long as there’s been no human contact for 24 hours.
  • OTC counter treatments are extremely toxic pesticides that are less and less effective every year.
  • Nothing kills the nits. The only way to get them out is to nit-pick. OTC treatments just kill the live lice.
  • It’s really difficult to spot a nit unless you know what to look for. A nit will not fall off of the hair (like dandruff would) and is the size of a sesame seed.
  • 10% of the population has lice at any given time.
  • Mayonnaise, oil, and other home remedies do not suffocate lice, as some claim. It just makes the hair shaft slipperier, and slippery hair makes it harder to comb out the nits.
  • It’s best to clean brushes of physical debris and then wash in hot soapy water to rid them of lice.
  • If you go to Lice Hunter, all people in your family should get head checks.
  • You can call Lice Hunter anytime and they will work you in as soon as possible because they know you are panicked and just want this taken care of.
  • Nurses and Teachers get a 40% off discount at Lice Hunter!!
  • Lice Hunter was brought to Grand Rapids by a local physician mom and her family who wanted to offer an alternative to the harsh OTC and prescription treatments that are rapidly losing effectiveness.

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  1. I had a great experience at Lice Hunter too! The staff was really friendly and knew what they were talking about. I was stressed and thought that my lice infestation was going to be a big deal, but after they helped me out I felt much better about. Totally worth the money that I spent on it, for sure.

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