Transform Your Home With Dramatic Outdoor Lighting by This Passionate, Locally-Owned Business

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Helps you Set the Perfect Mood at Home After the Sun Goes Down

Lighting is everything. It sets the mood. It can embellish beautiful things. It can shift attention away from ugly things. And of course, it keeps us from bumping into things in the dark!

Wherever you are, have a look around right now. Your experience and how you feel this very moment is in part determined by the lighting.

Lighting can make you want to party, or it can spook the kids on Halloween. 

Outdoor lighting can also dramatically enhance your home’s exterior, but is a challenge to figure out how to get the perfect effect. Do you want your property to be welcoming? Elegant? Subtle? 

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installs beautiful lighting to any home.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a small, family-oriented lighting company in Grand Rapids that is obsessed with creating beautiful lighting effects in our community, including your home.

“We believe that architecture is about beautifying the world around us and creating spaces that invite and welcome,” says founder and owner Rob Clark

“Outdoor lighting celebrates the architecture, the landscape, and the spaces that bring us together.” 

Rob and his team give individualized attention and a custom lighting design that sets the exact atmosphere you want at your home. Your home is your sanctuary and it reflects your personality, so let it shine – literally!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is Family Run and Passion Driven 

OLP is a family business that grew from a passion. Rob was fascinated with electricity as a kid, and later developed an interest in design and architecture. 

Rob loves to highlight impressive architecture as much as he relishes in creating spaces for friends and family to connect. He wants to help you and your kids make memories.

“Summer is why many of us chose to live in Michigan, from days at the lake to s’mores in the backyard,” says Rob, who resides in Ada with his wife Marie and their four kids. 

“When the sun sets, we don’t want to go inside. The deck, patio, or firepit become our summer family room. We are dedicated to helping you maximize the usage of your precious outdoor space.”

Show off amazing architecture with outdoor lighting.

And when Fall rolls around and daylight hours get shorter (thumbs down!), lights can help prolong the outdoor season (thumbs up!). 

Rob is truly doing what he loves, and will spend as much time needed when working with you, your architect, or your designer. OLP has completed more than 150,000 installations over 25 years.

See What Incredible Lighting Options you can get With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

A museum is all about the artwork – but, it wouldn’t shine without the proper lighting. At your house, the focus should be on your landscaping and architecture – not on the light fixtures themselves. 

OLP offers several types of lighting for consideration on your property:

  • Curb Appeal: Creates a welcoming ambiance.
  • String Lighting: Sets a festive mood for outdoor seating or dining. Backyard cocktail party, anyone?
  • Landscape: Creates allure in your garden by highlighting trees, fountains, and gazebos.  
  • Deck and Patio: Makes your outdoor spaces more usable and safer at night.
  • Pathway: Increases safety by illuminating hazards and reducing tripping risk.
Outdoor lighting makes for grand entrances down driveaways.

OLP Wows Customers With Custom Plans and Detailed Installation

Rob loves wowing his customers with his custom plans. And his company will be at your side even after installation.

Call Rob and he will walk you through everything. You’ll especially love his expertise to develop a custom lighting plan for your specific needs and wishes. OLPs full service will take you from design to installation to maintenance.

“It seems like only yesterday we were bringing our kids home from the hospital, and now we are signing them up for driving school,” says Rob. 

“Before we know it, we’ll be having their weddings in our backyard. It’s time to invest in our time together and in the well-lit yard that beckons us outside.”

Even if you already have a lighting system in place, OLP can service your existing system, or upgrade a halogen system with low-voltage,energy-efficient LED lights. This will save you money – a no-brainer!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives owner Rob Clark & family.

Level Up Your Lighting With Automated Systems, Smart Apps or Maintenance Plans

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers a lot of perks, including:

  • Automatic dawn-to-dusk setting controls or WiFi control with a smartphone
  • Superior warranties,  including a lifetime warranty on all fixtures and transformers.
  • An annual maintenance plan, where a technician visits your home each year for a complete system check.
  • Flexible payment options through financing programs.

How to get Started With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Ready to transform your home after the sun goes down? 

First, download OLP’s free outdoor lighting design guide and watch these videos to get inspiration for your own ideas.

Next, sign up for a FREE design consultation! You can also arrange a nighttime demonstration with temporary lights to give you a feel of the results before actual installation. 

Questions? Contact OLP via an online form or send them an email.

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