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Grand Rapids Cat Cafe Now Open

For the past two years, the only thing my daughter has really wanted is a cat.

But, we have cat allergies in our home, I’m not a cat person, and our family travels a ton. I thought this might just be a phase, but her love for cats has stayed strong. That’s why, when I heard of the new Happy Cat Cafe – Grand Rapids, I new I had to take her. It’s the primo spot to hang with cats, sip cocoa and coffee, basically, make the world a better place – without having a to commit to having a feline in your home.

The concept behind the cat cafe is pretty cool. Basically, they take cats off of the street and rehab them (the cats are in a comfortable, stimulating, free-roaming environment where they get to socialize with their could-be new owners) until they are adopted into their forever homes. Win-win-win!

Happy Cat Cafe Grand Rapids is located at 447 S Division Ave, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Cafe Experience, Yoga, Painting, Parties & More

Kudos to the Happy Cat Cafe for dreaming up creative activities to do with the kitties. After you check into the cafe (if you have an appointment, get there 10 minutes early to get your beverage and check in) you’ll be ready to start your visit or activity.

There are usually 8-12 cats in the cat lounge that can accommodate 12 people plus a volunteer.

Cats sleep up to 18 hours a day, so it’s important to help your kids be realistic about your expectations for the visit. Cats are the most playful first thing in the morning. Cats like to snooze in the afternoon. The Happy Cat Cafe cannot guarantee a cat will play or interact with anyone, so just relax and enjoy the company of the cats.

Happy Cat Cafe Grand RapidsYoga with the Cats

Want to do yoga with the cats? Check the Happy Cat website for times. When you do find a time you like, know that reservations are highly suggested but walk-ins are welcome and they will do their best to accommodate you. Remember to bring your yoga mat. [Make a reservation here.]

Our yoga session was an hour long and there were a lot of giggles. Not because there were a lot of kids in the room, but because the cat antics were hilarious and kitty tails are ticklish.

Visiting the Cats with Kids

Children of all ages are welcome in the cafe; please follow these guidelines:

  • Keep children under 12 at arms length at all times.
  • There must be one adult for every two children under the age of 12.
  • No loud noises, running, jumping on furniture.
  • “Adult only” (ages 12+) hours are Wednesday – Saturday 5pm – 8pm.
  • Fee is per person, per hour for everyone over age one.

Cat Fun Details

Regular visits are $10 per person, per hour for everyone, including children over age 1. Your visit includes a self-serve complimentary beverage.  Half-hour visits for walk-ins are $7.

Cat Yoga is $20 per person for 1-hour yoga class followed by 30 minutes of cat time. Bring a yoga mat. You’ll get a self-serve complimentary beverage with your visit, too.

Game Night with Cats is $20 for two hours. Games and self-serve beverage and snacks are included.

Cat & Canvas (painting) is $30 for 2 hours. Instruction, all supplies, self-serve complementary beverage and snacks are included.

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