Getting Ready to Roll out the 2019 Grandtastic Awards

Tell Us: What’s the Best of Grand Rapids for Families?

We’ve gathered your nominations and now need you to vote on your favorite playground, restaurant, family photographer, swim lessons and more!

I’m sure you love checking our site for favorite ice cream shops and family friendly breweries. Now you can pay it forward by voting for your favorites below so that other parents can enjoy the same inside info that you do. Let’s tell the world what’s amazing about Grand Rapids!

Voting is open until March 6, 2019. Simply fill out the form below to cast your votes for each category.

Later this spring we will publish our Mega Grandtastic Guide, which will list the top voted places for each category.

Favorite Family Places Around Greater Grand Rapids


We are collecting your votes for the following categories:

  1. Outdoor Playground/Park
  2. Outdoor Experience / Venue
  3. Beach
  4. Indoor Play Place
  5. Library for Kids
  6. Locally-Owned Restaurant for Families
  7. Family-friendly Brewery
  8. Event for Family Fun
  9. Consignment Store for Kids
  10. Consignment/Mom2Mom Sale
  11. Clothing Boutique for Kids
  12. Candy Store
  13. Ice Cream Shop
  14. Field Trip
  15. Birthday Party Venue
  16. Art Class/Studio for Kids
  17. Water Play Place (splash pad, pool)
  18. Family Photographer
  19. Swimming Lessons
  20. Dance Classes
  21. Daycare
  22. Music Program

Cast Your Grandtastic Votes (in the form below)

The best place for ice cream? Best playground? Best field trip? Best restaurant for families? Vote for your favorites in the 2019 GRANDTASTIC AWARDS from Grand Rapids Kids!

*Please only submit one voting form per person*

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