BattleGR is the Ultimate Sports Center: Laser Tag, Foam Parties, Leagues + More.

All About Battle GR

284 Dodge NE Suite 100, Comstock Park, MI 49321
(616) 345-0698

BattleGR: Unique Among Sports Facilities

BattleGR is a fully immersive, hands-on experience where it feels like you have endless options for action.

Experience laser tag, archery tag, video game truck rentals, volleyball, dodgeball, futsal, arcade and open gym… the list just goes on!

And you can’t miss their newest phenomenon: foam parties!

They are all about welcoming your next group (or traveling to you!) for a birthday party, corporate event or even team rentals.

“We’re very different than anything else in West Michigan,” says owner Jenny Lashuay.

Multiple courts for games at BattleGR.

Now located in Comstock Park near the Fifth-Third Ballpark, this 24,000 square foot facility houses sports courts, an arcade, and a snack shop as well as its laser tag course.

It has lots of open spaces, great lighting, and is very noticeably clean. 

This is the place for birthday parties, summer camps, or just fun with your friends.

They even have a video game truck and mobile laser tag and foam blasters that can come to YOUR party.

BattleGR even has eSports.

Lashuay said she is excited about the variety of activities they provide that are appropriate for all ages.

She said BattleGR is a hybrid of a family fun center and a sports facility. 

Activities include private parties, sports league tournaments, and open gym time.

“We offer families and groups and corporations different ways to be active. We have a really good mix.”

What to Expect When Visiting BattleGR

Before you come, Lashuay recommends booking a session to ensure availability for your group.

You can choose 30 minute, 1 hour, or 2-hour sessions.

When you arrive at BattleGR you will be greeted by their friendly staff who will help you get set up with whatever activity you’ve chosen.

Laser Tag at BattleGR in Grand Rapids

My kids had never played laser tag or archery tag before, and the staff explained everything well and made sure all kids had an equal chance at fun.

The kids, who are ages 6 – 16, engaged in games that require teamwork and strategic thinking to have a sweaty good time.

Participants will be taken through several rounds of whichever game you’ve chosen – tactical laser tag or archery tag. (Or choose a combo and play a little bit of both!)

Once your session ends you can keep the fun going by visiting their arcade or grabbing a bit to eat at their concessions.

Archery tag is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Tactical Laser Tag

Kids can Trade Backyard Play for Real Life Lasers at BattleGR

My kids love running around the house and yard, wielding Nerf guns and toy swords, fighting invisible bad guys.

Or sometimes real bad guys (aka a sibling).

And while their imaginations soar as they carry out battle plans, there’s something incredibly satisfying about actually shooting your sister with a laser.

“Our mission is to bring fun back into family. Get them away from the screens – let’s interact with each other!”

Jenny Lashuay – owner

Battle GR is bringing kid (and adult!) tactical strategy games to life, complete with laser guns and over 42 different missions.

THIS is the activity for my kids!

How Laser Tag Works at BattleGR

  • Battle GR is purely tactical laser tag. By removing black lights and phaser guns, participants are required to use strategy and teamwork to succeed.
  • 42 different missions keep the game fresh.
  • Set in a course with walls, the laser tag course is kind of like a town, with a variety of shelters to hide behind to recharge your weapon and “bases” for teams to regroup. 
  • You can play as teams or individuals.
  • BattleGR staff referee and guide the play.

“Our mission is to bring fun back into family. Get them away from the screens – let’s interact with each other!” says owner Jenny Lashuay.

Laser Tag is great for groups and teams

“It required a lot of energy. You have to think stratigically,” says Sophia, age 16.

“You had to have teamwork,” adds Olivia, age 12.

Archery Tag, Arcade, FOOD & Special Events

BattleGR built its name on its amazing laser tag. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You can play archery tag, volleyball, futsal, basketball and more at BattleGR.

You can even rent space for your entire team!

And when you’re tired of all the cardio fun, there are arcade games and food as well. Here is a little bit about what you can do at BattleGR beyond laser tag.

Archery Tag: A Mental & Physical Challenge

Rent space for your team, have the game come to you, or drop in to play.

The other structured activity was archery tag set up on one of the sports courts.

Archery Tag is kind of like playing “dodgeball” only with bows and arrows – the arrows have chunky foam tips, and the players all wear helmet/masks. 

“It was very intense. You need to dodge a lot and always be ready and alert.” says Luci, age 11.

Some of the younger kids in the group had fun with both activities but preferred laser tag. The bows are four feet long and might be cumbersome for smaller children.

Twins Matthew and Ethan, age 10, agreed laser tag was faster paced and had more game variety and action.
 “It was more like a sport,” Ethan said.

You can also book archery tag parties that come to you!

Arcade, Pizza & Other Tasty Eats

BattleGR makes their own pizza!

After your laser tag or archery tag session you can wind down at any of BattleGR’s arcade games (additional cost) or have a bite to eat at their locally-focused kitchen/concession stand.

BattleGR’s menu includes pizza made on site with locally sourced ingredients when available, and Detroit City Soda.

Age Specific Events

While most sessions at BattleGR are with your own group, you can make mingle and make new friends at special events.

Kids aged 10 and up will love Teen-ish night on 1st and 3rd Fridays, where kids get 3 hours of laser tag, archery tag or open gym. It also includes a slice of pizza and pop.

Grownups, you can join the axe throwing or co-ed volleyball leagues.

There are also many themed events happening throughout the year, so check their events page for the latest offers.

This is a great way to get out of the house and make some new friends doing something you love.

Try axe throwing at BattleGR.

Battle GR’s Video Game Truck Travels to You

Video Game Parties Are A Hit With Every Age

Anyone can get in on the fun at video game parties. There are so many types of games to choose from, and it’s a lot of fun to try out new games with friends. 

BattleGR Tactical Games knows how to provide video game fun.

They are one of the best places in Grand Rapids to get to play all the latest and greatest video and tactical games. 

Three of my kids spent a very memorable afternoon there last spring. When we left BattleGR they were saying things like, “amazing!” and “awesome!” They still talk about it. 

BattleGR is brings the fun to you with their custom-built mobile video game theater that travels throughout West MichiganThe theater is available for private party rental throughout the year.

BattleGR Video Game Truck

Video Game Parties: Mario Kart, Call of Duty, Just Dance and More

Call it a party on wheels if you’d like, this party truck can roll up to your house and, within 15 minutes, entertain up to 24 people at once. This custom-built 24′ rig is a gaming theater on wheels.

Customize your video game truck visit to your group – choose which games or ratings you want to play.

They have over 70 games – many of them rated E. Maybe you want to have Just Dance outside or let the parents play old school Nintendo games on the Switch – you make the call.

Up to 16 people can play inside and 8 can play outside at the same time, making this a great family, neighborhood, or birthday party option. The game theater is both heated and air conditioned, so no need to worry about the weather for the indoor monitors. 

With all of the major consoles, there’s bound to be something for every gamer.

  • Xbox one
  • Xbox360
  • Wii U
  • switch
  • ps4

You Name the Place, BattleGR Brings the Party

Keep in mind the game theater requires an easy road-to-set-up location. Access from the road to the party site needs to be simple – a large driveway or curbside works fine. The game theater can hold up to 24 participants at a time.

Battle GR has a Video Game Truck that Brings the Fun to You

Laser Tag & Foam Parties Come to you With the Mobile Truck

Battle GR is originally a mobile laser tag company, traveling around the area for birthday parties, company and school events, and more. They can set up most anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

And new this year are FOAM parties. Yeah, it’s a thing and it looks like a blast.

The bonus for their outdoor events? They’re great socially distanced parties, where everyone can be outdoors and spread out.

Mobile Laser Tag

Basically, if you want to play laser tag, BattleGR can make that happen, just about anywhere!

BattleGR’s Mobile Laser Tag can go nearly anywhere.

Pick your location and BattleGR will do the rest. They’ll set up barriers (or you can play without) and provide a game facilitator who will help brief on the rules.

And they’ve got over 30 different games to play so boredom is impossible. Laser Tag parties are popular with many groups, including schools, bachelor parties, family reunions, youth groups and even office teams.

“Our portable arena creates a unique combat zone at any event or location in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas,” says Lashuay. “You can play indoors or outdoors, daytime or nighttime, and even in rain or light snow!”

Foam Parties

Always innovating, BattleGR has brought the newest party craze into their lineup: foam parties.

They’ll unleash the foam and your kids can dance and play in the foam to their heart’s content.

“It is one of the hottest parties right now, and we are Grand Rapids’ first foam party people,” says Lashuay.

FoamGR provides the foam, music, and the games in a 30×30 foot area. Provide a water supply and electrical outlet and watch massive foam mountains almost five feet high form as the Foam Cannon shoots foam 15-20 feet.

BattleGR can even add UV for a glow party or color to personalize to your favorite color or school color.

Wouldn’t this be cool at a gender reveal party?!

Foam Parties with BattleGR are great for any kind of group.

Birthday Parties

A laser tag party is an easy birthday party hit, which Lashuay can attest to, as BattleGR hosts a LOT of birthday parties on the weekends.

My daughter is going to a laser tag party this weekend and the anticipation has been building. I can’t wait to see her face after I pick her up. (I also can’t wait to hear if she decimates all the boys – girls love laser tag, too!)

BattleGR offers laser tag parties, archery tag, axe throwing, eSports & more:

Battle GR Birthday Party PackagesAges
Indoor Foam Dart/NerfAges 4 – 6
Laser or Archery TagAges 7 +
Axe Throwing Ages 10 +
eSports/Video Game Theater (Fortnite, etc)Ages 6 +

eSports (PC gaming) is the latest activity to hit BattleGR and has been a hit with kids who love competitive gaming like FortNite. Kids ages 6+ can choose an eSports party package.

You bring the kids and BattleGR will serve the food, drinks and cake. They have a separate party room for guests.

And if you want, you can upgrade to a private facility rental and have the whole place to yourselves!

“Parents can (also) watch the kids in the arena via tv,” she adds. “We also make a party gift list so the parents know who gave the birthday kid what gift.

But what sets BattleGR apart from the crowd is that their party hosts actively engage the kids, rather than just follow the party around to make sure things go well.

“It’s something I keep hearing, and I think that’s a huge difference,” says Lashuay.

Summer Camp at Battle GR

BattleGR’s summer campers will love the huge variety of activities!

BattleGR broke the mold when creating their summer camp program. The variety of experiences they are offering are different than any other summer camp around.

Lashuay wanted to create a summer camp that wasn’t just for athletic kids who wanted to strategize at a sport. She wanted to create a space where kids can just get hands on and have fun, no matter their experience level.

Kids will move around with activities, including a special water day outdoors where kids can have water balloon fights and even experience their amazing new FOAM blasters.

What to Expect at BattleGR Summer Camp

BattleGR carefully designed their summer camps to truly have “something for everyone,” including sports, STEM, art and games.

Summer Camp activities include: Nerf, laser tag, archery tag, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, kickball, science experiments, pizza making, arts and crafts, water balloons, board games, tie-dye shirts, Legos, and so much more.

Warning: kids will probably be tired and sweaty when you pick them up!

Their games encourage teamwork and strategic thinking. It is a perfect way to make sure your kiddos get some exercise physically and mentally.

Have a kid who may need an occasional break from the excitement? BattleGR created a quiet space perfect for those kids who need a break from the stimulation.

Details About BattleGR Summer Camp 2022

BattleGR’s camps all have weekly themes so you can choose which experiences you kid will love the most, or they can take the traditional camp and experience a little of everything.

Regardless of which week or theme you choose, all campers will have some outside activities and full day all week campers will make tie-dye t-shirts.

Themes for this year include laser tag tactics, video games, nerf week, sports week and STEM.

BattleGR Summer Camp Info and Costs

  • Full day week (9 AM – 4 PM) – $300; includes lunch, snack (you can also add before or after care)
  • Pick a day, one day of camp – $70; includes lunch
  • Ages 6 – 15

Got a sibling? Get a discount when you both sign up (use code SiblingLove to save $25)! Want to attend BattleGR summer camp again and again? Get a multiple week discount (use code 2ndweek to save $25).

BattleGR’s Facility is Clean and Safe

The health and safety of staff and camp participants is of utmost importance to BattleGR.

They want you to feel safe when dropping your kids off for camp, so they have taken many precautions to ensure their facility is as clean as possible, including:

  • Installing air ionizers to kill any bacteria, viruses, and mold in the air. The air flips every 10 mins.
  • Spraying the whole facility with MircoBane which continues to kill viruses on contact.
  • The virus load is tested monthly to make sure we have a very clean facility. 
  • Equipment is always sanitized between uses as well.

Esports at BattleGR

BattleGR is now launching Esports! Did you know that Esports are now recognized as an NCAA sport? (You can even get college scholarships for it.

Lashuay is excited to help local kids grow their skills and learn how Esports competition works.

“Our goal with the program is to teach them how to be a healthy competitor. Esports isn’t just sit down and play. There is communication, mental game, and physical health.”

“We have hired a team of competitive Esports players to run and teach our E-Sports bootcamps and coach the teams,” says Lashuay.

Leagues will start in September for the top games, but the fun starts this summer with Super Smash tournaments on Thursdays.

Youth & Adult Leagues at BattleGR

“One of our biggest goals at BattleGR is to keep kids moving,” says Lashuay.

Among their different programs to keep kids active, BattleGR is starting adult and youth sports leagues.

That’s right – your kid can play tactical laser tag or archery tag, competitively. (And you can, too!)

Youth League OptionsAdult League Options
Tactical Laser Tag Axe Throwing
Archery Tag (Ages 9+)Futsal
Futsal League/TournamentsArchery Tag/Combat Archery
Tactical Laser Tag

The Beginners League for each sport will be more instructional, allowing players to learn the skills and rules. The Competitive league ramps up with coaching on strategy, especially with tactical laser tag, which Lashuay says is quite different from traditional laser tag.

With over 30 different strategic objective-based games we play, “our games are like walking into your favorite video game and being the hero,” says Lashuay.

“We love to focus on communication, leadership, adaptation, teamwork, and awareness of your surroundings,” explains Lashuay.

Adult Leagues Offer Even More

BattleGR has teamed up with Best Damn Sports and Social Club of GR to offer volleyball and basketball leagues.

They also have tactical laser tag and new this year – an axe throwing league!!

WIN a BattleGR Birthday Party – Valued at $399

This giveaway is closed.

BattleGR is giving away a birthday party for up to 8 guests!

“We take care of everything – the mess and the fun,” says Lashuay, “so parents can enjoy the memories with their child.”

Bonus for adventurous parents: you can add on axe-throwing to your birthday party packages and enjoy your own fun (and get a local drink from their new bar) while your kids have the run of the arena.

Prize Details

  • Package options include Nerf party package (4-5 year olds) hero party package (6-11 year olds) VIP party package (tween/teen).
  • Includes pizza, pop & cupcakes.
  • Tokens for the arcade.
  • Designated “Ambassador of Fun” as your guide throughout the party
  • Must use by May 31, 2023
  • Party is for up to 8 guests

Enter here:

This giveaway will close on October 10, 2022, at 11 pm and the winners will be notified via email. The winner will have 24 hours to respond by email accepting the prize. No purchase necessary to enter the contest. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to and not to Facebook. Entrants will release Facebook from all liability. Entrants must be at least 21 years of age and reside in Michigan. Only one entry per household or IP address. Grand Rapids Kids’ liability is limited to the value of the prize.

Field Trips

BattleGR Tactical Games field trips are fun for all ages, with lots of strategic games that are always crowd-pleasers. 

BattleGR Tactical Games field trips focus on team building and interactive play. And because they can also set up at your site, you can save money on transportation. (Or head over to their beautiful facility in Comstock Park and let the kids loose inside the safe indoor space.)

Teachers can sit back and relax (or jump in and play along with the kids) while the staff handles all aspects of the planning and can even incorporate a snack or lunch.

BattleGR has great instructors for every activity.

How Field Trips Work at BattleGR

  1. Choose your Location.

    Bring your group to BattleGR, or have BattleGR come to you.

    Both Laser Tag and Archery Tag® can be set up onsite in a gym or outside in a field. You can also play laser tag in the woods! Staff facilitates all the games just as if we were at our arena. We also have quick set up barriers that will not harm the floor in the gym.
  2. Choose your Field Trip options: Laser Tag, Foam Party, Video Game Theater or Archery Tag.

    This laser tag game play is very different than “normal” laser tag. They use a vest-less system and only play team based games (no individual scores). Kids will focus on strategy of the game and how to play as a team to complete an objective. 

    Foam parties are just plain fun – like a massive, never ending bubble bath!

    Their Video Game Theater has dozens of games for different interests, and lots of room for kids to play their favorite games.

    Archery Tag® is where dodgeball meets archery, and is for ages 8 and older. Learn the fundamentals of archery and how to shoot and aim a bow. This is perfect for middle school and high school groups that are looking for something fun and unique to get the kids active and thinking about strategies in the game. 
  3. Customize Your Field Trip.

    Customizing your field trip to your specific needs is BattleGr’s specialty. Their curriculum based field trips can incorporate topics like communication, team-work, leadership, and adaptation. Or, you can spring for just the fun play field trip.

Facility & Sport Court Rentals

Rent BattleGR for your Next Family or Corporate Party

You can rent out the entire BattleGR facility for your next company party or epic family reunion. Their facility is so large that groups can spread out and all enjoy something different.

And Lashuay is big on accomodating groups, so if there’s something you’re interested in doing, she will consider it.

“We play a variety of age-appropriate games on our sport court,” says Lashuay.

In addition to laser tag and archery tag, you can play basketball, futsal, volleyball and more on the courts. They can set up cornhole boards or indoor baseball. You could head outside for a crazy foam party. There’s the arcade, of course, and food.

Sport Court Rentals for Teams

Come play all your sports at BattleGR!

Wondering where your friends can play dodgeball, futsal or any other court game? Bring them to BattleGR! They offer court rentals for groups or teams.

BattleGR’s sport court rentals are made from high-impact copolymer suspended athletic surface by SnapSports. They’re really nice – I can attest to that!

You can rent either full or half courts, depending on your needs, and there are discounts available based on how many weeks or hours you book.

“This flooring is perfect for volleyball, futsal, basketball, and tennis,” says Lashuay.

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