Day Camp @ BattleGR: Activities Include Laser Tag, Nerf & STEM

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Discover Day Camp @ BattleGR in Comstock Park, MI

Day Camp @ BattleGR is part of the 2024 West Michigan Summer Camps Guide.

Whether it’s a 3-day session or all summer – BattleGR meets all your summer camp needs!

From laser tag and games, to arts and crafts, your child will have a blast at our camps. And, with experienced, caring counselors, you can rest assured your child will be safe and well-cared for at Day Camp @ BattleGR

Quick Details

Day Camp in Comstock Park

2024 Camp Dates:
Offered the weeks of June 9, June 16, June 23, July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28, Aug 4, Aug 11

Camp At-A-Glance

    • Camp Focus: Sports Camps
    • Good for Elementary, Middle School Kids
    • Camp Type: Day Camp

284 Dodge NE suite 100, Comstock Park, MI 49321

Phone: (616) 345-0698

A Closer Look at Day Camp @ BattleGR

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Welcome to BattleGR Summer Day Camp – where adventure meets fun in the sun!

Our action-packed camp is designed to ignite the spirit of excitement in your child, offering a thrilling array of activities that cater to the adventurous side of every young warrior.

Unleash the BattleGR Spirit with our Signature Activities

Don't miss out on the ultimate summer experience for your child! Enroll them in BattleGR Summer Day Camp for a season of excitement, laughter, and endless adventure. Embrace the BattleGR spirit today!

Day of the Week – Summer Day Camp runs Monday – Wednesday. You can pick one 3-day play week or all summer.

Pricing – Early Bird Pricing is $225 for all 3 days. Pricing goes up to $245 on May 1.

Siblings Discount – Save 5% when using code siblings24
Sign up for 5 or more weeks use discount code SDCMW24 to save 5%

1. **NERF Battles:** Dive into the heart-pounding world of NERF as campers engage in epic battles, strategizing and dodging foam darts with their trusty blasters. (campers can bring their own blasters)

2. **Laser Tag Extravaganza:** Experience the thrill of futuristic combat with our state-of-the-art equipment. Campers will hone their tactical skills and teamwork while navigating the battleground.

3. **Archery Tag Adventure:** Unleash the inner archer as campers take aim in our exciting archery tag arena. This safe and exhilarating activity combines elements of archery and dodgeball for an unforgettable experience.

4. **Sports Mania:** From soccer to basketball, our summer camp is a haven for sports enthusiasts. Campers will enjoy friendly competition, skill-building, and teamwork in a variety of sports activities.

5. **Foam-tastic Water Day:** Beat the summer heat with our foam-filled water day! Slip and slide into a world of refreshing fun as campers splash, play, and revel in the foam-filled excitement.

6. **Game Haven: Pixels & Play Unleashed!** Indulge in digital delights at our dedicated gaming zone. Campers enjoy brief, age-appropriate E-rated video game sessions, adding a thrilling pixelated dimension to the BattleGR Summer Day Camp experience.

Activities – Tuesdays we typically do Nerf battles and Wednesdays are water day with foam (weather permitting). The only 2 activities we do every day are laser tag and a short time of video games. The other activities we will rotate through. We have specialty activity every day like Nerf or water day/foam.

Arcade – Each camper will get $3 to spend in the arcade. You can add additional money if you choose.

Plan on BattleGR - Day Camp

Why Choose BattleGR Summer Day Camp?

**Safety First:** Our experienced staff ensures a safe and supervised environment for all campers, prioritizing their well-being throughout each activity.

**All-Inclusive Lunch & Snack:** Say goodbye to lunch and snack worries! We provide delicious and nutritious lunch and snacks to keep your little warriors energized for all the day's adventures.

**Variety of Activities:** From high-energy battles to water-soaked escapades, our camp offers a diverse range of activities that cater to different interests, ensuring that every camper finds their niche.

**Summer Memories:** At BattleGR, we don't just create a camp; we build memories that last a lifetime. Your child will leave with new friends, newfound skills, and a summer they'll never forget.

You have the option to add on extra camp dollars for more snacks and our snack shack or extra money for the arcade.

Have a 13 year old+…
Ambassador of Fun (13+ Day camp program)
*limited spots each week.

Day Camp 9 AM - 4 PM Monday – Wednesday
With the Ambassador program for kids age 13-17, we will pay half to be in this leader-in-training program.

Our Ambassadors of Fun will be paired up with one of our summer camp group leaders and give them a leadership role during day camp while still getting the experience of going to camp.

Things that they will be expected to do at camp:
1. Help maintain a high level of excitement and energy among their group.
2. Provide a good example for the younger campers to follow.
3. Give assistance to their group leader with daily tasks such as, leading activities, Transitioning to other activities, Set-up and Cleanup activities and craft.
4. Learning Good Leadership and Workplace skills for their future.
5. Having Fun! They are still at BattleGR! Summer Day Camp!

Here's what they will NOT be doing:
1. We will not have them using any knives or other sharp implements, meaning no cooking, or making food either.
2. They will not have to deal with any disciplinary issues as they should be bringing those up to their group leaders.
3. Super deep cleaning like mopping or cleaning the bathrooms.
4. Handling first aid or injuries will be left to the group or program leaders.
5. Dealing with anything monetary. That is all left to the supervisors!

On top of all this any of these ambassadors, age 16-17 could see this as a potential job interview for year round employment!

We are all about ensuring that there is a fun and safe place for kids and teens of all ages to grow, learn, and meet new friends!

Please contact us with any questions [email protected] or 616.345.0698 x0

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