Holland Playland is Loaded with Climbing, Sliding and Zip Lining – and it’s all FREE

Holland’s Hidden Gem for Rainy Day Fun

I have a tradition with my kids of doing something fun on Fridays. We’ve dubbed it “Field Trip Friday” (creative, I know). While searching for a rainy day option, I stumbled on Holland Playland and I’m so glad I did!

Nestled inside Central Wesleyan Church is Holland Playland. Seemingly endless levels of play structures with mini-ziplines and slides and fun obstacles. They have a smaller play area for children ages 2 and under with some fun foam blocks, a smaller slide, and comfortable seating for parents to watch.

And guess what? It’s free! It’s run primarily on volunteer power which allows visitors to come to visit free of charge.

Worry-Free Play with Secure Check-In System

On your first visit you’ll need to register your family with some basic information. The staff is helpful and it will only take a couple minutes. On subsequent visits, you can quickly type in your phone number, print out your name tags, and be ready to play!

The check-in system keeps children safe by giving them each a name tag. If you get separated from your child, they can easily match up the lost child to the appropriate adult. What an awesome way to give parents some peace of mind while their children play!

Some Helpful Tips for Your First Visit

While we aren’t Holland Playland “regulars” quite yet, we’ve picked up a few pointers along the way…

  • You can check on their website before you go and see how many kids are checked-in. My oldest is a little socially anxious and our first time visiting was over mid-winter break for area schools–whoops! Now I remember to check and make sure it’s not too busy before we head over.
  • There’s a small coffee shop inside the church as well. Grab a friend and a latte and have some mama time while your kids play!
  • You cannot bring in outside food, but my kids are usually really thirsty after all that playing! Water bottles (labeled with your child’s name) are great to bring along.
  • They occasionally offer sensory and special needs evenings after normal hours!
  • Their hours change seasonally, so be sure to check their website or Facebook page to make sure you have their current hours.


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  1. Jen Cunningham

    Actually if I’m not mistaken you can bring in outside food as long as you eat it in the designated food area. Myself and plenty of other groups pack lunches all the time.

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