Luton Park’s Wooded Trails are a Magnet for Bikers and Hikers of all Ages

Pedaling Through Spring Petals at Luton Park

luton park

5950 10 Mile Rd NE, Rockford, MI 49341

flat mountain biking trails through woods
Trail Length: 10 miles
Trail Difficulty: Easy
Dogs Allowed? Yes, but they must be on a 6-foot leash.
Facilities: Port-a-pottys and they also offer changing stations.
Stroller Friendly? No
Time of Year Accessible: May 1 – October 31 from 7 AM to Sunset


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Luton Park in Rockford is a haven for bike riders of all ages! There are almost 10 miles of mostly flat trails that are perfect to explore by bicycle or foot.

Luton Park is one of over 50 walking trails in West Michigan.

The Scoop on the Trail

While this is a biking destination and the trails are relatively flat, I would not recommend using a bike trailer to tow your children on this trail. 

The trails at Luton are very well marked. Wherever you find a trail split, you’ll find a sign with where you are and where you could go from there. This was extremely helpful when I hiked the trail with my son! There are many ways you can bike or hike this trail and, for a newbie like me, good signage is appreciated.

Luton Park Map
Photo from Kent County Parks

This is a popular spot for bikers and the trails can be busy during peak times and seasons. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on hiking by foot with kids.

We hiked the shortest loop (the green trail) to start. The blue trail is double the length of the green trail, but is relatively flat and also recommended for younger kids.

Luton Park trail family on bike
Luton Park Trail – Rockford

The green loop was mostly shaded and wove through woods and over a tranquil creek. We took our time, tossing in a few rocks and looking for frogs along the way.  

The wildflowers were just starting to pop once we got into the woods. We had fun seeing how many colors of wildflowers we could find. Trillium, Trout Lily, and Spring Beauties were already making their appearances. 

Whether you choose to bike or hike, your family will love Luton Park trail.

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