Mayflower Preschool Stands Out from the Crowd with an NAEYC Accreditation

Mayflower Preschool in Grand Rapids is a Longtime Favorite

It’s not always easy to know what sets a preschool apart from the rest, but Mayflower Preschool in Grand Rapids definitely stands out from the crowd!

I’ve sent three kids through preschool and I’ve noticed how Mayflower is different. My little friends June and Ryer attend Mayflower and I’ve picked them up from school from time to time.

girls laughing on Mayflower preschool playground

Right before class is let out, the teacher comes into the hall to tell waiting parents what they did in class that day. This is a great way to spark conversations in our little preschoolers after class! They also have special red tote bags with their name on it, just for school. The whole place just has a very welcoming feel, where you can see that every child is valued.

boy playing dress up at mayflower preschool

Take a Virtual Tour of Mayflower Preschool Today

Want to get the inside scoop on Mayflower? Invite your preschooler to join you on a virtual tour of Mayflower Preschool. You can see what the classrooms are like and all the exciting activities kids can do every day at Mayflower.

Mayflower is Welcoming…and Accredited!

Mayflower is one of the few schools in the area with an accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, an organization that administers the largest and most widely recognized voluntary accreditation for early childhood programs.

Mayflower is the high quality program that can help your child flourish.

mayflower preschool hands on learning

What is NAEYC and what does it mean for your child?

With the NAEYC accreditation, you know you are getting a top early childhood program. This designation ensures that you will find a healthy and safe space for your child, an “open door” policy for parent visits, good child-teacher ratios, and specially trained teachers.

“Being accredited holds us to high standards as far as our relationships with preschoolers and families, and developing our curriculum,” says Missi Heemstra, Mayflower Preschool Director.

“In a NAEYC accredited program, [you] will see warm and sensitive relationships between teacher and child, a curriculum that develops the whole child, … and a variety of activities to allow children to learn and grow at their own pace,” says Missi Heemstra, Mayflower Preschool Director.

mayflower preschool grand rapids art class

Accredited schools are reviewed and evaluated to ensure that children receive frequent and positive interactions with teachers, and that the program has a respect for cultural diversity and diversity in learning styles.

Maybe the best part about Mayflower Preschool is that YOU are considered a collaborative partner in your child’s success. Every child’s progress is assessed regularly, and the school works closely with families to ensure all children can be successful.

Mayflower Preschool has a Class For Every Child

With so much to offer, Mayflower is sure to have a program that fits your family’s needs. There are classrooms for 3-year-olds (children must be 3 by January 1 and potty trained), 4-year-olds, and Young 5s (children who will reach age 5 by January 1).

They also offer a multi-aged enrichment class for kids who thrive in an age-diverse environment.

Class sizes vary from 14-18 children with two fully-qualified head teachers in each room.

The preschool has both morning and afternoon sessions, as well as a Lunch Bunch where preschoolers from both sessions can enjoy an extra hour and a meal with their friends.

child reading to class at mayflower preschool

Open Enrollment and Open House Information

Open enrollment starts January 13, 2021 on the school’s website. If you want to learn more about Mayflower Preschool and their NAEYC accreditation, you can take a virtual tour here. Parents are also welcome to set up a personal tour any time.

Mayflower Preschool is proud to be celebrating 52 years of serving the Grand Rapids community and is eager to welcome your child to this impressive school!

learning to write at mayflower preschool

2345 Robinson Road SE,
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

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