Grand Rapids Mortgage Lenders With the Best Rates and Personalized Experience

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Using a Local Mortgage Lender Guarantees the Best Experience

When you buy or refinance a home in Grand Rapids, use a local mortgage lender. It’s 100% worth it.

I used one of those national, big-box lenders once, because they advertised the lowest rate. But when I got skunked on an appraisal, they sat on their hands.

I was fortunate enough to find another local lender to help me out and he went to bat for me. He challenged that appraisal (which made zero sense) and got me a new one that matched my home and neighborhood.

Later that same lender got me a 2.199% rate in a refinance. He personally called me when he saw how low rates were, knowing we could knock at least five years off of our mortgage. Big box lenders just don’t do that.

If you want a mortgage lender that sees you as a person and not a number, call one of these lenders below. They were voted as the best in their field in our annual Grandtastic Awards.

Favorite Mortgage Lenders in Grand Rapids

1 2Winner: Lake Michigan Credit Union

About Treadstone

Treadstone is your local option when it comes to getting a new mortgage or refinancing your current one. Our team meets with clients face to face or via zoom and helps educate you about the process, rather than just getting you a mortgage. Call today to start planning.


Treadstone consistently provides a clear understanding of every step of the process breaking down the numbers in order to ensure we can make the best decision that fits our financial goals. Highly recommend and greatly appreciate all their hard work.

Best Mortgage Lenders

1. Lake Michigan Credit Union
2. Adventure Credit Union
2. Fifth Third Bank
2. Treadstone
2. United Bank of Michigan

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