This New Mitten Kids Dentist Specializes in Helping Kids with Disabilities

Mitten Kids is Growing, Giving Even More Kids the Chance at this Unique Dentist Experience

Mitten Kids has built a reputation of being a thoughtful, welcoming dentist office where kids feel safe. Where kids are actually excited to go to the dentist. 

The front desk, hygienists and Drs. Kingma and Randall all create an atmosphere that feels more like a special adventure than a clinical appointment. 

Dr. Kingma and patient at Mitten Kids Dentistry

And now Mitten Kids has pulled another ace out of their sleeve with a new dentist who has specialized training and an excellent rapport with kids.

Dr. Alex Korte is now serving in both the Grand Rapids and Caledonia offices, and she could not be a better fit for their team. 

“It’s been exciting to see our practice grow so quickly,” says Dr. Brett Kingma. 

“We know (Dr. Alex Korte) will make an excellent addition to the Mitten Kids family.”

Dr. Alex Korte Brings Fun, Passion and Behavior Management Smarts to the Team

There are dentists, and then there are dentists who can work with kids. The kind of kids that can be fearful, anxious, or just plain wiggly at appointments. 

But Dr. Korte is all in for kids – no matter what they’re like! 

“I love the energy and fun that kids bring to each day,” she says. “My job gives me the opportunity to watch kids grow and change over time.”

Dr. Korte has dedicated her career to studying children and how their minds work. 

In addition to being a certified dentist, Dr. Korte has a degree in neuroscience and extensive training in behavior management. This allows her to understand and care for patients with special needs and complex medical conditions.

“It’s rewarding when I can tell that they actually enjoy coming to the dentist!” says Dr. Korte. 

Hailing from Minnesota, Dr. Korte was excited for her move to Grand Rapids. 

“After moving around quite a bit, we’re looking forward to putting down roots here,” says Dr. Korte. 

“I love the sense of community in Grand Rapids, its big and small city feels, and the endless options for easy summer getaways nearby.”

MItten Kids is all about families exploring our great state, so Dr. Korte is going to feel right at home! 

Mitten Kids Delights Their Young Patients at Every Turn

Mitten Kids has thought of everything when it comes to making sure kids are excited to see the dentist. 

They love sparking children’s imaginations and have decorated their offices to encourage that. The details are delightful. From bean bag chairs to prizes (prizes are always a must!) to a little door just the right height for kids, there is something enchanting around every corner. 

The entire team makes an effort to get to know their young patients. Mom and dad may be bringing their kid to get their teeth cleaned and checked up, but kids have another idea. They’re going to Mitten Kids to see some of their grown-up friends who ask them what they’ve been up to (and hopefully give them reports of no cavities). 

Is your child nervous for their first appointment? You can visit the practice before your appointment day to check it out. 

All three dentists serve at the Grand Rapids and Caledonia locations, making it easy to see your kids’ favorite. (Spoiler: they’ll probably all be your kids’ favorite.). 

Want to get to know them more? Check out Mitten Kids’ Facebook page, where they introduce team members, give insight into their office, and even run some fun contests with sweet prizes. 

And when you’re ready for your kids dental health to be in the best hands around, call Mitten Kids at 616-942-9840.

Mitten Kids Dentistry

1179 E Paris Ave SE #130
Grand Rapids

6477 Cherry Meadow DR SE #4

(616) 942-9840

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  1. As a mother of kids with special needs, it is so important to find a dentist good with them. In this day, with autism being so common, all dentists should be trained to deal with special needs.

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