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Quick, Easy. GRKIDS Nightly News Newsletter.

What can you expect from the GRKIDS email newsletter?

4x a week, we’ll send you the best of what’s happening in West MI, from new restaurant openings to local hidden gems to upcoming events, straight to your inbox. You’ll always know where to go and what to do…and you’ll never be bored again.

It’s easy to miss things on Facebook, or even on the GRKIDS website. There is just SO MUCH going on. I own the website and work on it fulltime, and I still don’t know EVERYTHING that’s on here.

That’s why we want to bring you the best news, directly.

Here’s What Parents are Saying

Just signed up for this today. First email is perfect!  Love the weather tidbit and small highlights of the shindigs going on this weekend! As a busy Mom it’s nice to have a quick email instead of trying to navigate through a website. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you every night!
Any chance we can get this email a little earlier?  I have actually waited for it a couple of times! It is nice having the info in one place and a relaxing thing to look forward to.

Your Move!

Hop on board and fill out the form below to get started. Hope you’ll join us!


Gmail and other email services sometimes send our emails to places you won’t find them.

Star GRKIDS newsletters in GMAIL and drag them to your important folder. Otherwise, you might not get the mail we send.

Teach your email service that we’re legit and YOU WANT US in your inbox by adding us to your Contact List (see the gif below). Thanks!

Sign Up for Our Newsletter

It’s how you’ll get our Nightly News delivered every evening. We have fun writing it and we think you’ll have fun reading it, too.

(If you REALLY want to read the cool emails we send, add [email protected] to your contacts, otherwise, there’s a good chance we’ll never make it to your inbox.)

36 thoughts on “Grand Rapids Kids Newsletter – Subscribe”

  1. Any chance the 54 things to do as a kid in GR could be turned into a checklist to print off and accomplish in a year?

  2. Nicole Harris

    Pinkie Promise!!! And praying we win something fun to do together this Spring Break!!! Our family could sure a Blessing right now!!!

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