Summer Issue Ready for You – Grand Rapids Family Fun Guide Is Here!

Pick One Up at a Local Library or Read Online


Kids everywhere jump with joy at the prospect of days off from school, sunshine overload, and beach time fun.

Parents are excited – but also a little scared. How are we going to fill these long summer days?

May I suggest flipping through the summer issue of the GR Family Fun Guide with your kids? I did that with my daughter and it was like the Christmas toy catalog experience all over again. If you get your hands on a physical copy (check your local library), let the kids circle the things they want to do.

If you’re into a digital experience, grab a tablet and leaf through our summer resource guide here.

Want to see a past issue? Find them here.

PS – We deliver the Family Fun Guide 5 times a year to local groups of 25 or more.

You can sign up to be a distribution point (classrooms, mom groups, offices) right here. Our next issue drops in September for Fall.

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