Academy of Music Just Brought Their Unbeatable Music Lessons Program to Jenison

Get the Same Instruction as the GR Location, Including the Same Teachers and the Musical Ladder System©

For years families have been driving to Academy of Music in Cascade for premier music lessons for kids. 

But director Barbara Hendricks wanted to offer more. She wanted families on the west side of Grand Rapids to have the same opportunity, but without the drive. 

Last October she made those dreams come true with the new Academy of Music location in the heart of Jenison. 

This facility features newly designed classrooms, a spacious waiting room, and access to the area’s top music instructors. 

Located next to the popular Ida’s Pastry Shop, there are even benches for parents who prefer to wait outside instead of in the waiting room. 

“It’s been a dream to be able to offer music lessons to the Jenison area, and we’re grateful to have found a location during the pandemic,” says Hendricks.

“Just as we had hoped, the school is steadily growing, and we have celebrated our 100th student.”

Jenison Academy of Music
7647 Riverview Dr, Jenison 49428

How Music Lessons at Academy of Music in Jenison Work

Hendricks has basically cloned the winning aspects of her Grand Rapids location. 

Kids can learn the same instruments at both locations, have have access to some of the same instructors, and learn using the super popular Musical Ladder System©. 

What it looks like to be part of the Academy of Music Community. 

  1. Choose from the five major instruments: piano, guitar, drums, voice or strings. 
  2. Get matched to the right teacher. The Academy of Music works hard to match kids to the best teacher for them, which increases their confidence and desire to learn. 
  3. Choose a lesson time: Monday – Saturday. That’s right – you can even take lessons on weekends!  Jenison is open Monday-Saturday, and Grand Rapids is open on every day. 
  4. Celebrate accomplishments and earn rewards for your work through the Musical Ladder System©. This system really motivates kids to practice and reach for the next level. 
  5. Perform at two free optional recitals in a professional venues like Wealthy Theatre, St. Cecilia Music Center or the Grand Rapids Ballet Auditorium. 
  6. Experience the joy of playing music and get ready to return year after year. 

Kids can even look forward to special destination recitals, like playing at Graceland Auditorium in Memphis over 2022 Spring Break. How crazy is that – to play at Graceland?!

Kids with trophies at Jenison Academy of Music
Kids are really motivated by the Musical Ladder System© at Jenison Academy of Music.

Academy of Music in Jenison has a Great Waiting Room for Families

I’ve sat in my car as I waited for my child to finish their music lessons, and it wasn’t super awesome during extreme weather. Especially if I had to use the bathroom.

The Academy of Music knows that parents need a place to go during the typical 30-minute lesson, especially if they have multiple kids taking lessons back to back. 

The waiting room at the Academy of Music in Jenison offers free coffee & tea and has a kids table and books. There are also bathrooms available. 

And if you need something, their office staff are just as stellar as the instructors so you’ll always feel at home. 

Child Safety is #1, with Extensive Background Checks on Staff and a Family Safety Plan Rating

Hendricks doesn’t mess around when it comes to safety. It’s incredibly important that the Academy of Music is a safe place for children, parents and staff. 

“Parents expect child-friendly businesses to be a safe place for their family to attend,” says Hendricks. 

“As a parent and grandparent, it’s important to me that parents KNOW that their child’s safety is our top priority.”

There are cameras in all the classrooms, with glass windows on each classroom door to easily check in on kids without being disruptive. 

They run five background checks on all instructors and full time staff. 

And new this year, they were named a Family Safety Plan Music School from Family Safety

“Since 2010, we have implemented safety factors, but are honored to be recognized this year by the Family Safety Plan Music School organization and have their seal of approval,” says Hendricks.

Music-loving families in the Jenison-Hudsonville-Grandville area just got a gem dropped in their laps. Give them a call at 616-265-5887 or sign up online before all the spots are filled! (Bonus: Mention GRKIDS for a free $30 registration!)

Jenison Academy of Music

7647 Riverview Dr, Jenison 49428

616-265-5887 | Facebook

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  1. I have heard about it. They organize workshops for children so that they can understand the art of live performance and if interested can make it as their career.

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