$6 or Less: Dive into Bin Bargain Shopping & Treasure Hunt at this New 28th St Store – B2 Bargain Bins

B2 Bargain Bins Shopping (3)

B2 Bargain Bins Shopping, Where Prices Drop Daily

B2 Bargain Bins – 28th St

Grand Opening – Tuesday, March 22, 2022 – 10 am Opening Delayed
350 28th St SE, Grand Rapids MI 49548

Here’s a whole new way to go shopping in West Michigan!

B2 Bargain Bins, an extension of the local B2 Outlet Stores, opens their second Bin store soon, in the old 28th Street Mega Mall (at the corner of Madison Ave SE & 28th St SE, just down the street from the Beltline Bar.)

How it Works

Bins are filled with mostly new items that have been purchased from liquidation sales. Items are returns or overstock.

Items are loosely sorted into bins by category. For example, you might see a makeup bin or a shoe bin, or a households goods bin.

The store opens for the week on Tuesday morning with freshly stocked bins and the highest prices you’ll see: each item in the store is priced at $6 for that day.

On Wednesday, when the store reopens, the price of any item left in the store drops to $4 each. The price drop repeats daily, through Saturday, when everything is just $0.25. The idea is to sell out and then restock for the next week. Items are added and updated weekly.

The 28th Street location will have over 100 bins filled for shoppers to hunt through.

B2 Bargain Bins Shopping

Shopping Tips

– Bring your own bags or totes. Shopping carts are in short supply.
– Be prepared for a busy atmosphere.
– Look over items carefully, things may be broken or missing parts.
– Take your time to sort and dig, there are good deals to be found.
– Shop every day of the week, the changing price points mean that you might still find great treasures.

About the Company

B2 Bargain Bins 28th St is the company’s second bin store; the first opened in Hudsonville in late 2021.

The company started in Hudsonville, MI in 2014, and has grown to over 20 stores across the state of Michigan.

A portion of their proceeds are donated to non-profits that are selected to be the Mission of the Month. To date, the organization has donated over 1 million dollars to these non-profits.

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