Choosing the Perfect Playset: Try Before You Buy at Backyard Fun Zone in West Michigan

Try before you buy swingset backyard fun zone

Spring is the Time to Purchase That Perfect Playset – Choose One That Will Last

One of the best investments we’ve made as a family is our high-quality, amazing playset.

Way back when our kids were little we purchased our one and only playset. It has held up to the test of time.

Even though we made a good choice, we didn’t realize back then just how important it is to have a playset that is durable and low-maintenance.

Parents want more than fun features in a playset. We need something we can rely on. We don’t want to worry about it breaking and injuring a kid. We don’t want one more thing that we regularly have to fix.

We’ve had six kids swing, slide, climb, and crawl the years away on one excellent playset.

Believe me, you want to make a good choice on this.

Playset Samples are Set Up Seasonally

The playsets and trampolines at Backyard Fun Zone are taken down for the winter. Call or email Tracie to find out when the samples will be set up again. (616) 785-7383. You can also request a price list this way.

Get the Exact Playset You Want

Backyard Fun Zone in West Michigan offers families high-quality, customized “Rainbow” playsets that are built to last.

BONUS – the playsets are set up (seasonally) for families to test out before buying.

Not only that, but they offer their expertise to help you get you the right set  – correctly assembled.

Purchase a playset now in the early spring and maximize your summer fun this year.

Watch this video to see 10 things to consider when buying a playset:

Backyard Fun Zone Helps You Choose the Perfect Playset

No matter the age of your kids, choosing a playset is a big decision. Here are factors to consider – and info on how Backyard Fun Zone can help.

1) Backyard Fun Zone Will Assemble it for You

Backyard Fun Zone playsets are fully-serviced, which means they deliver and install it for you.

Besides skipping the monumental hassle of properly installing your playset, you have the peace of mind knowing that it is put together correctly and in the proper area of your yard.

2) You Can Easily Add to the Playset as Your Kids Grow

Not ready for monkey bars? No problem. Having a playset that is age-appropriate is important. Your child injuring themselves on equipment that they are not developmentally ready for is not something you want to worry about.

This is one thing that my playset lacks – I worried quite a lot about my “littles” falling from a too-high platform while trying to keep up with my “bigs.”

Backyard Fun Zone offers options to add on as the child grows and is more capable to handle different play equipment.

Kids are obsessed with their backyard fun zone playset.

3) Do You Have a Small or Uneven Yard? That’s Not a Problem

Our set sits in what we lovingly call “the sandpit.” We lucked out in that we have this soft, sort-of-level area on which we could place our playset. Lots of backyards are not so accommodating.

However, with certain Rainbow sets there is an “extended ladder” which acts as a longer leg to keep your playset level on uneven ground. Other sets can be made to fit if your yard is not ideal for a regular playset.

A Backyard Fun Zone service member can come to your yard to help you plan a customized playset that will fit in your yard.

4) No Cement Needed – No Joke

You do not need to deal with permanently altering your yard by installing cement posts in order to get your Rainbow playset. Most Backyard Fun Zone playsets are free-standing and simply placed in your yard, though some smaller sets need to be staked into the ground.

They are designed to be balanced and sturdy.

5) Rainbow Playsets are for Adults, Too

Of course! Get on that playset! You certainly will not be relegated to being the designated swing pusher. Not when the Rainbow playset is sturdy and weight-bearing enough for your whole family to enjoy.

Not all playsets on the market are designed to handle an adult or large child weight, so be aware of this when shopping around.

6) No Playset Left Behind

Thinking you may be making a move from your current house in the future? You can take your Rainbow playset with you whether you move out of west Michigan or out of the state all together.

A local Rainbow dealer distributor will be able to help you set up in your new location and continue to provide you with excellent customer service. Your kids won’t have to say good-bye to their beloved playset.

7)  Not a Lot of Maintenance, Just a Lot of Fun

Rainbow sets are mainly constructed with wood. Any wooden playset you would purchase would need regular maintenance. Backyard Fun Zone recommends sets be power washed and restained with an oil-based stain every 2-3 years.

Remember, though, that Backyard Fun Zone service members are available to assess if your playset needs maintenance beyond this.

8) You Can Customize the Colors

If you are not a fan of a large rainbow playset roof in your backyard, you can replace it with a simple green one. Yellow slides can be replaced with green as well, though keep in mind that darker colors absorb sunlight and are therefore hotter to the touch. Many of the other components of the playset have color options as well.

9) Service Continues After Purchase

Your Rainbow set comes with a lifetime warranty for any structural damage, As it is made of wood, small cracks may appear over time as the structure settles. This is perfectly normal, though. If you do have a question about a crack or any other part of your playset, a Backyard Fun Zone service member will assess whether maintenance is needed.

10) Financing is Available

Backyard Fun Zone offers financing and if you would like to discuss that option with a service team member, give them a call.

Or, call and set up a backyard playset consultation for this spring!

This post was originally sponsored by Backyard Fun Zone in 2018. Updates are at the pleasure of the publisher.
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