U M Health-West Pediatrics Has Same Day Appointments, Extended Hours, and Easy Access to the Top Kid’s Hospital in the State

U M Health-West may Have the Most Robust Pediatric Offerings in West Michigan

Finding a pediatrician that gets you, and that you trust, is like gold. And finding one that offers the modern amenities and accessibility we need is even better. 

I’m a pretty laid back parent, but one of the numbers I have on speed dial is my kids’ pediatrician. I feel like every other week we have a question or need guidance on something. 

University of Michigan Health-West’s pediatrics has the pediatricians you can rely on – tenfold.

They have numerous locations across West Michigan, same day appointments, and access to nationally-ranked children’s specialties. They’ve got their virtual appointment game going and scheduling is super easy.

Dr. Tandy Champion is a pediatrician with their Grandville Health Center. She loves connecting with kids every day. 

“I enjoy this specialty because I can journey with patients through all stages of their life,” says Dr. Champion. “I like guiding parents through the growth and development of their children so they understand each milestone.”

Pediatricians like Dr. Champion, who love children and are excited to be part of their lives, are what makes U M Health-West pediatrics so popular with local families. 

U M Health-West pediatrics services include:

  • Well baby and well child exams
  • Preventive medicine
  • Newborn care
  • School and sports physicals
  • School/behavioral problems
  • Growth and nutrition problems
  • Treatment of acne, eczema, warts and other minor skin conditions
  • Immunizations and flu shots
  • Asthma care
  • Acute and chronic illnesses

4 Reasons to Choose a Pediatrician with U M Health-West 

These are the four most impressive things I discovered about U M Health-West’s pediatrics services. 


Find Same Day Appointments & Extended Hours

While I am willing to wait to see my own doc, it’s super hard for my sick child to not see their pediatrician quickly.  Ear aches, fevers, crying – miserable kids can’t wait!

At U M Health-West, though, there’s no waiting. Many of U M Health-West’s offices have same day appointments.

AND all locations have extended hours!

Working parents, even if your kid just needs their yearly well check, you can do it after work. 


Experience Seamless Referrals to Specialists

This is a big one for parents. When your kid needs a specialist, the last thing you want to do is research who to go to. You just want to make the appointment and get some answers. 

U M Health-West has access to many specialists, and their referrals process is simple since they’re all under the same umbrella. 
I wish I had that when my daughter needed a heart specialist earlier this year. I took our pediatrician’s word on a referral, only to learn that this person had retired. I was back to square one!

U M Health-West has real time info on all of their specialists and will know immediately if a doc they love is no longer available, and will find another referral. 

And they know allll the docs. The U M Health-West system is very well connected, so regardless of the specialty, these pediatricians will have a provider for you. 


They Have 5 Locations … With Multiple Specialities at One Location

U M Health-West’s pediatricians are spread across West Michigan. Find them in Caledonia, Hudsonville, Jenison, Rockford & Wyoming.

I love this because if you move across town, you can still keep your pediatric care in the same practice, without the drive. 

AND, you can find a pediatrician for your kids and a primary care doc (or OBGYN) for yourself at the same location! U M Health-West’s offices have several different providers at one location, making it convenient to be seen. Some locations even offer lab services, which saves a drive to another location if your child needs those.

U M Health-West has over 20 pediatric providers, including pediatricians and specialists. Pediatric specialties offered include rheumatology, cardiology and sleep. 


U M Health-West is Connected to Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor

If your child needs a hospital, you want them at Mott. And U M Health-West is directly connected to it. 

Mott Children’s hospital is the best children’s hospital in the state, according to U.S. News and World Report, and continually ranks in the nation for numerous specialties. 

Growing up on the east side of the state, Mott was the only kid’s hospital anyone ever talked about. You don’t have to travel out of state for top-quality care – Mott has it all. 

The West Michigan pediatricians can give seamless referrals to this premier facility. 

5 Great Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pediatrician

So now that you know that U M Health-West has amazing pediatricians, how do you decide which of them is best for you?

We all want someone who will see our child as an individual, and not a number. Someone qualified, and who your kids look forward to seeing. But we also want someone who just clicks with our family.

Here are some key questions to consider when determining if a pediatrician is right for you and your child. Whether you look at the highly-qualified providers with U M Health-West, or someone else, ask these questions when choosing your next provider.

1 – Is the Pediatrician Qualified?

Pediatricians should be board certified. These docs have very specific training and education focused on kids’ health. You can verify a physician’s certification online. Most are through the American Board of Pediatrics.

2 – How is the Pediatrician’s Office Run, And is Your Insurance Accepted?

Will you see your pediatrician at every office visit, or are you likely to be seen by others in the practice? Decide what your preference is and whether the provider is able to accommodate that.

Does the practice have a separate waiting room for sick children? Also, make sure your insurance is accepted by the office and that you’re clear about how billing is handled.

3 – What is the Pediatrician’s Availability and Office Hours?

If access to urgent care, same-day visits or evening hours is important to you, make sure your pediatrician’s office has that availability.

4 – Are you and the Pediatrician on the Same Page?

What is your pediatrician’s philosophy on breastfeeding, vaccines and antibiotics? Do they match yours?

A big key to developing a great relationship with your kid’s pediatrician is to be on the same page when it comes to medical decisions.

5 – Do you Feel a Chemistry?

Many pediatricians have the credentials and philosophy you seek. But not all will connect with you. Your friend or sister may love their pediatrician, but when you meet them, it’s not the same experience. That’s okay! That’s still probably an amazing provider. It’s just not the provider for your family.

Meet with the pediatrician in person to see if you both click. You can schedule a consult appointment, which is a 15-30 minute meet and greet. These typically aren’t billed, and you can assess whether it’s a good fit.

Remember, You Can Always Switch Pediatricians

So vetting multiple pediatricians isn’t always doable. Sometimes you just need to do your best research and book an appointment.

If the pediatrician you choose isn’t working out, switch. Nothing is permanent!

I remind myself this a lot, because I often forget that I have a choice, and that I can change my mind when it comes to the care of my children. It’s a pretty comforting thought!

Start with U M Health-West Today

Ready to join this amazing network or providers? See their full list of pediatric locations and docs here. Their offices are always willing to answer questions and you can book appointments by calling.

If you’re an existing patient with another specialty, you can even book through MyChart.

University of Michigan Health-West

Multiple locations across West Michigan.
(800) 968-0051

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  1. I like your suggestion to ask about vaccination and antibiotic policies to make sure we’re on the same page as the pediatrician. My husband and I want to put some effort into finding the best pediatrician for our son’s school physical next month. Thanks for teaching me what kinds of questions to use to evaluate potential doctors!

  2. I’m glad you mentioned finding a pediatrician that your insurance covers. We had to move to Texas last week and I need to find a new pediatrician for my daughter. I’ll be sure to find one that has good reviews online and is fairly close to our new house.

  3. I do like that the article recommends asking if the pediatrician works after hours. After all, you will be working with them to schedule appointments with the pediatrician for your baby. It also helps to take the article’s advice and see if the staff is willing to help and answer any questions that you might have.

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