Stocking Stuffer Alert: Where You Can Buy Locally Made Hot Cocoa Bombs – 2021

Grand Rapids Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot Chocolate Bombs!

Hot chocolate bombs, or hot cocoa bombs, are a newer, satifying favorite winter treat!

Read on to find out just what makes these chocolate stocking stuffers so desirable and where you can get your hands on the locally created delicacies right here in West Michigan.

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What are Hot Chocolate Bombs?

Hot chocolate bombs are (usually handcrafted) ball of chocolate filled with marshmallows and cocoa.

Put the hot cocoa ball in a cup and pour hot milk over it to make a delicious hot chocolate drink.

They come in a variety of flavors and sizes and are really hot on TikTok right now, probably because watching the bombs melt is so satisfying.

They’re so popular right now that TikTok, YouTube and Instagram are flooded with videos showing how to make hot chocolate bombs, as well as people sharing what their bombs look like when they dissolve.

Add Your Hot Cocoa Bombs to Our List

If you’re a local maker of hot chocolate bombs, we’d love to have you add your business to the list.

Add Your Hot Chocolate Bombs to the Article by opening this toggle and uploading your info

Find Local Hot Chocolate Bombs to Buy

You can buy hot chocolate bombs from local candy shops and local makers working out of their home kitchens (Michigan food laws allow this in certain circumstances.)

We’ve listed all of the local makers of hot cocoa bombs that we could find. If you know of others, encourage them to add their info to our list.

Many places are by order only – read carefully and visit the website or Facebook page of the maker you’re interested in.

Have fun!

Hot Chocolate Bombs in Grand Haven MI

Updated for 2021
The Toasted Pickle Hot Cocoa bombs are hand-made in Grand Haven.

Available for online orders: Hand-made chocolate bomb with hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, and mini chocolate chips. The top shell is a marbled white and milk chocolate - with either white chocolate or milk chocolate bottom shell.

Available at the walkup window: Choose from select holiday designs and more!

Hot Chocolate Bombs in Muskegon MI

Updated for 2021
Homemade hot chocolate bombs now for sale!!!

These are available at our North Muskegon and our Norton Shores shops.

We have several varieties of hot chocolate bombs in stock at each location. You can also call us to place an order to be picked up later. 231.766.1466

Hot Chocolate Bombs in Grand Rapids MI

Updated for 2021
Specialty hot cocoa bombs (grinch, gender reveal, custom shapes) along with a huge variety of flavors.
All orders are preorder and prepaid. All orders will take 3-5 days.

Plus, 12 days of Christmas option: includes - 12 different flavors of mini hot cocoa bombs.
$65 . Orders are due by December 10

Hot Chocolate Bombs in Grand Rapids MI

We are taking Hot Cocoa to the next level! Our collection includes HOT COCOA BOMBS, Hot Cocoa Spoons and a Hot Cocoa Bar. Complement with our Sweet Details for a perfect gift or experience.

* We can customize your treats with a logo or personal message.
* Sweet Details GR is a licensed business operating from a commercial kitchen.

Hot Chocolate Bombs in Holland MI

Updated for 2021
Hot Chocolate Bombs are the perfect gift for anyone!

Hard chocolate shells are filled with flavored hot chocolate and marshmallows. Just place on in a mug, pour steaming milk over and watch it melt into the perfect cup of hot chocolate!

$6.00 each (white, milk, or dark/ various colors available)

$5.00 each on orders 50-100

$4.00 each on orders over 100

Cash App payment $greatlakeschocolate

Hot Chocolate Bombs in Grand Rapids MI

Updated for 2021
Level up your hot cocoa game with these Hot Chocolate Bombs!

Chocolate shells are filled with homemade malted cocoa mix, marshmallows, and sprinkles! Pop one in your mug and pour your choice of heated milk or water and watch it melt before your eyes. Give it a good stir and enjoy!

Available for in-store pick up every Friday or Saturday, just enter code LOCAL when placing your order!

Hot Chocolate Bombs in Grand Rapids MI

Updated for 2021
We are taking orders for cocoa bombs.

We have milk chocolate, white chocolate peppermint and milk chocolate peppermint and Rolo.

They are $5.75 each.

Hot Chocolate Bombs in Kentwood MI

Updated for 2021
8 Hot Cocoa Bombs flavors, come in and buy some or place an order via direct message or by giving us a call.

We are open every day 12-9, making the hot cocoa bombs everyday to keep them stocked up for you all!

Add Hot Cocoa Bomb to a mug, add 8oz of a hot liquid, stir and enjoy!

Hot Chocolate Bombs in Hudsonville MI

Updated for 2021
Hot Chocolate bombs...ghiradelli shell filled with milk chocolate hot cocoa mix and tons of mini marshmallows. Seasonal bombs have coordinating decorations and marshmallow. Flavors vary per holiday.

Want to make your order Gluten Free? No Problem! Specify your need for Gluten Free Hot Cocoa Bombs in your order form and Sweet Susie’s will take care of it. To make our bombs Gluten Free, we substitute the sprinkles for luster dust. All other ingredients are Gluten-Free friendly!

Orders must be placed by Wednesday, December 15th at 12PM EST. Please check our order page for pickup information.

Gender reveal bombs available soon.

Placing orders on the website makes ordering easy….

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Map of Places Selling Hot Cocoa Bombs

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  1. Hot Chocolate Bombs are also available at Full-Circle Creations. We are located at 139 E. Main Ave, Zeeland MI.

    We have 8 different flavors to choose from, and 2 different sizes!!

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