Where to Find a Daddy Daughter Dance or Mother Son Event in Grand Rapids

Spending One-on-One Time With Your Favorite Kid is Golden

Take a break from the usual school-to-do list and head out on a memorable mother-son or daddy-daughter date. Kids eagerly anticipate a special night with just mom or dad and finding one with a special theme or dress up option just sweetens the deal. My girls are regularly asking to spend time together with just me, and when we do it, they are over the moon.

These special nights don’t just happen at schools – many organizations host them throughout West Michigan.

We’ve got a fantastic roundup of events going on in and around Grand Rapids for you and your school-aged child. If you know of an event we didn’t list, please leave us a comment below.

Daddy Daughter Dances & Mother Son Events

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  1. I would like to get tickets for a Daddy and Daughter dance, we live in Grant, Michigan,but they are willing to travel to go to one, but not too far that would require an overnight stay.

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