Grand Rapids Christmas Eve Events and Church Services

What Are You Doing This Christmas Eve?

There is just something magical about Christmas Eve – the stillness, the quiet, the anticipation. But it can be hard to find ways to fill your day until the festivities begin, especially when kids are ramped up about the big day!

We have compiled a list of things to do on Christmas Eve as well as where you can find family-friendly Christmas Eve services.

Christmas Eve Events in Grand Rapids

If you need to keep your kids busy on Christmas Eve, we can help you find the perfect way to spend your day. Whether it’s squeezing in a last-minute picture with Santa or seeing some lights, you can add some sights and sounds of the season to your day.

Family-Friendly Church Services

Many area churches have family-friendly service times on Christmas Eve. Whether yours are little or big, there is a service for you to experience with your kids – before they hurry to bed to await the (early) morning!

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