Things to do in Grand Rapids in Winter

Welcome to the Gigantic Grand Rapids Winter Fun Guide for 2018-2019!

If you’re looking for things to do when the weather is cold, we have a list of endless ideas on how to spend your time. From outdoor cold weather ideas to warm indoor activities, this is the place for you.

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Daily ideas for Winter in Grand Rapids

Winter can be packed full of thing to do with school activities and Holiday events. But it doesn’t mean we don’t get bored some days! If you’re wondering what to do with your kids on these long cold days, look no further!  We have ideas for every day this winter.

griffins kids

With our Event Calendar  you can wake up, open your phone or computer, and find something fun to do before you even get out of bed. Our Calendar is available daily and packed full of fun for you and your kids.

We’ve also put together an activity for each day of the month. Check out our daily ideas for  JanuaryFebruary, and March.

With Christmas right around the corner we’re out to find something to entertain our kids but not break the bank. For those of us looking to keep our kids busy for free we have put together 10 FREE things to do around Grand Rapids in December with Kids. 

Planning for that last week of Christmas break or post exam-half-days in January is easy with us around. Check out what there is to do with our lineup of Winter Break Activities.

While outlining what you plan to do, add some Free January Fun to your list of amusement, as well as Free February Fun and Free March ideas.

Iconic Snowy Fun in Grand Rapids

How many times do we tell our kiddos to go play outside? In the winter, cold temperatures, snow and ice may have you second guessing this request, but there is plenty to do outside this time of year.

To start, we have found some of best places around to sled, ski, tube, skate, snowshoe and luge.


Does Ice Skating through the woods appeal to you? If so, check out the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex. They also have a lot of other fun wintry things to do.

Snow shoes are a great way to entertain our kids while teaching them how early settlers mastered the winter months. Check out Where to Snow Shoe with your Kids in West Michigan.

Before you head out, be sure you have the right gear. Read up on how to dress for Michigan Winter.

Baby it’s Cold Outside – Indoor Things to do This Winter

There is no doubt about it, winter in West Michigan is cold. And while most kids seem to be oblivious to this fact, many adults are not.

If you’ve decided to spend some of your cold winter days inside, try some of these ideas for enjoying the season from the comfort of the warm indoors.

Kroc Center

When you miss the carefree summer days of swimming and basking in the sun, the next best thing to do is to find the best Indoor Water parks! Just want an easy dip in the pool? Pick a place in our Indoor Swim Guide so you can say yes to the kids when they beg to go swimming.

Our kids are so full of energy sometimes! Sitting indoors can really make them antsy. This Indoor Play Guide is the next best thing to an angel when your kids need a place to release some energy.

Michigan’s weather can be incredibly unpredictable. It’s so unpredictable our schools have to build snow days into the calendar. What do we do on those unexpected days off? We have the answer! Check out the list of Snow Day Activities you haven’t tried yet. Or get competitive with our Favorite Board Games for Kids and Families.

Winter Date Night Ideas

Sometimes it’s nice to stay home and off the snowy roads. But after a while everyone gets the itch to get out of the house, even the grownups.

If this is you and cabin fever has set in, change things up! Our kids come first but we also need some time alone with our spouse.

Embrace the season with these Winter Date Night Ideas for Grand Rapids. There are even more gems in our 101 Unique Date Night suggestions. For dinner, try one of these 35 special Date night Restaurants around West Michigan.

New Years is smack dab in the middle of Winter. Spending New Years with our kids can be so magical. This list of family friendly, activities to celebrate the New Year in Grand Rapids will help you find what fits right for your family.

Just need a night out with your girlfriends? Try one of these 51 Mom’s night out ideas.

It’s Not Winter Unless You have to Start Planning for Preschool

Winter signals many families to start thinking about the fall – and enrolling their child in school. If you’re already thinking about preschool for your Three or Four year old, take a look at our West Michigan Preschool Guide.

Maybe your child is beyond the preschool stages he’s is not quite ready for Kindergarten. We have put together a list of Young Five programs in Grand Rapids.

We live in an area with many school of choice options. Our Guide to Schools of Choice in West Michigan will help you decide what the best option is for your children.

As parents, we want what is best for our children. Which type of school is best for our kids? Our Guide to West Michigan Private, Public, and Charter schools will help you decide which one to choose.

How will you be celebrating winter?

Is there something we missed? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment below!

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Where Kids can Snowshoe in West Michigan – and Where to Rent Snowshoes, too!

Snowshoeing is Fun for the Whole Family

Michigan is cold. It’s snowy. We might as well embrace it, right? Snowshoeing is a great way to burn energy and spend time in nature without having to summon the skills to ski or snowboard.

Where will you take your family to snowshoe in West Michigan this winter?

where to snowshoe with kids

Where to Snowshoe in West Michigan


There aren’t many places to rent snowshoes in Kent County, but Bill and Paul’s has you covered. Many local parks, like the Cascade Peace Park or Pickerel Lake […]

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