I still remember how great it was as a kid to hear over the radio that school was cancelled. Now, with my own kids in school and a teacher husband, I moonlight as a meteorologist monitoring the radar to predict our chances. When that “school closed” text comes, we take full advantage of a week day off together.

7 Unique and FUN Ways for You to Spend Your Next Snow Day

What do you do after you’ve already built the epic snowman and have several more hours of daylight stretching before you? Try some of these ideas for a simple, snow day at home with the kids.

1 – Plush Snowball Fight

Find a use for the six dozen plush animals you have laying in every corner of the house–and use them as ammo in an indoor snowball fight! Set up sides and create bases, divvy up the animals, and then watch them fly. (Remember to remove any toys with hard plastic parts.)

2 – Epic Blanket Fort

Pull out all the blankets and pillows to make a huge fort. String up twinkly lights to add a little magic, and grab flashlights and books for a cozy story time. 

3 – Snow Art

Fill a spray bottle with water, and add a few drops of food coloring. Spray the snow to create works of art. Mix up several bottles of different colors and learn how red and blue blend to make purple!

4 – Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course in the house and award prizes to the quickest time and the best sportsman.

5 – Host a Tea Party

Invite your neighbors or play pretend with stuff animals and set up a British style tea party for the afternoon. Dress up with hats and gloves and bonus points if you make scones beforehand.

6 – Hot Chocolate Stand

Since all the other neighborhood kids are off of school making snowmen, it’s a great time to make some sales! Bake some cookies for extra profits.

7 – Make Snow Ice Cream

Collect 8 cups of (fresh!) snow in a large bowl. Add a can (14 ounces) of sweetened condensed milk, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mix to combine. Add toppings and serve immediately.

Where Kids can Snowshoe in West Michigan – and Where to Rent Snowshoes, too!

Snowshoeing is Fun for the Whole Family

Michigan is cold. It’s snowy. We might as well embrace it, right? Snowshoeing is a great way to burn energy and spend time in nature without having to summon the skills to ski or snowboard.

Where will you take your family to snowshoe in West Michigan this winter?

where to snowshoe with kids

Where to Snowshoe in West Michigan


There aren’t many places to rent snowshoes in Kent County, but Bill and Paul’s has you covered. Many local parks, like the Cascade Peace Park or Pickerel Lake […]

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