Legacy Stables is a Peaceful Escape for Horse Lovers of all Ages and Abilities

Legacy Stables boy on horse

Legacy Stables is open, and has modified some of its programs to keep participants safe during coronavirus. 


Legacy Stables Will Draw you in With its Approachable, Welcoming Atmosphere

After the wild spring we’ve had, we are ALL ready to get outside! Stretch our legs and enjoy time out of the house.

If you are burning with cabin fever, we have just the thing to welcome back some outdoor fun. Karin’s Horse Connection and Legacy Stables in Caledonia is a tranquil, beautiful farm for horse lovers of all ages and experience levels.

Everyone can come to Legacy Stables – we don’t exclude anyone,” says owner Karin Schmidt. “Any kind of relationship you want to have with a horse, you can have it here.”

Karin has been sharing her passion for horses for over 14 years at Karin’s Horse Connection and Legacy Stables. One of her favorite parts of her job is to bring joy to all who wish to feel the human-horse connection.

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Legacy Stables owner Karin with student


Families Love the All-Ages Approach of Legacy Stables

Karin wants everyone to enjoy her farm, so she has 25 well trained horses of all sizes and a huge variety of programs to choose from.

I know there aren’t many places I can go to really cater to both my four year old and my eight year old, but the staff at Karin’s has the ability and experience to work with all ages.

In just the past few weeks, Karin told me, the horses were ridden by both a two year old and a 94 year old. A variety of horse breeds means riders aren’t turned away based on size.

Legacy stables class of students


Choose from a Wide Range of Programs at Legacy Stables

Programs include traditional riding lessons from beginner to advanced, “own-a-horse” camp, birthday parties, one-time rides, vaulting, and many more. There is also a “KinderPony” program specifically meant for 2-6 year olds.

Unlike other stables, Karin’s Horse Connection and Legacy Stables also offers adaptive vaulting, which assures that differently abled individuals can join in on the fun as well.

Legacy Stables has a place for moms and dads as well! Check out their Amazing Grace program, where participants (ages 16 through adult) can spend 30 minutes with a horse or pony while it grazes. This is your zen moment!

Girl Vaulting on Horse at Legacy Stables


Riders can Enjoy This Peaceful Facility, Rain or Shine

Legacy Stables is located in Caledonia, just fifteen minutes away from downtown Grand Rapids. Although this is a fantastic outdoor activity, there is an indoor riding arena as well.

I like the indoor option, because it means we can visit the horses rain or shine. So many activities are weather-dependent, and I know I’m not the only mom who has sad kids when rain ruins our plans.

On sunny days, however, I love knowing that I can explore the farm while my kids are enjoying an exciting adventure on the trails.

“We find that people leave happier than when they came,” says Karin. “It is so peaceful here, you can really disconnect from the daily grind.”

As someone who lives right in the daily grind, I can think of no better getaway.

The horses are ready to ride, and the staff are eager to meet you. The prices here are reasonable, which makes this a must-try local activity. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, call (616) 570-1106 or email Karen today.

some of the friendly horses at Legacy Stables


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