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Reimagine Trash: Learn About Waste & Recycling in a Virtual Recycling Center Tour

In the past, the Recycling Center Open Hours tours were known for recycled crafts and games along with the tour.

These free virtual tours on Facebook Live are the new COVID-19 friendly version!

Learn about the recycling process and machines, get behind-the-scenes views, access a craft video with simple instructions, ending with an interactive question and answer time.

Kent County Recycling and Education Center
Virtual Event

Virtual Recycling Center Tour Highlights

MONDAYS, APRIL 5-JUNE 28, 2021 | 1:30-3:00pm


  • Close-up views of the recycling machinery
  • An interactive time to ask questions with recycling and waste experts
  • Recycled craft instructions

Virtual Recycling Center Tour Details

Each week, the Virtual Recycling Center Tour will provide a close-up look at the recycling process as if you’re actually walking among the machines and standing beside the workers.

You will be able to follow the recyclables from the tipping floor where they are dropped off by recycling trucks, through the sorting machinery, and all the way to the baler.

Occasionally, the tours will also include mini tours from the other facilities that Kent County Department of Public Works operates such as the Landfill or Waste to Energy Facility.

At the end of every tour in April, a link will be provided for a short craft video that you can do at home using recyclable materials.

Each week following, there will be a show and tell time during the open question time at the end of the tour where you can share your craft from the previous week.

The Kent County Department of Public Works operates the Recycling Center, Waste to Energy Facility, Landfill and various other waste-related sites in Kent County.

While handling waste safely and correctly is extremely important, we looking beyond just landfills to reimagine trash as resources and opportunities so that Kent County can reduce landfill waste 90% by 2030.

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