Black History Month Events in Grand Rapids – A Time to Remember, Celebrate, and Learn


These Events will Help You Celebrate Black History Month

Remembering, celebrating, and learning alongside our kids are special and unique opportunities. We get to do this all month long in February during Black History Month.


There are many MLK Day and Black History Month events in Grand Rapids and throughout Michigan.

One year for MLK Day we traveled to The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit for their MLK Day Annual Celebration. Some years we’ve stayed home to talk, listen to the kid’s perspectives, and honor the day. While other years we’ve gone to some really cool MLK Day events here in Grand Rapids.

The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History dad and son

Black History Month Honors How Far We’ve Come + Spurs us on in Expectation of Where We’re Going

Though there is still progress to be made, Black History Month is a time for commemorating the ground that’s been covered through the hard work and sacrifice of those who’ve gone before us.

The Charles S. Wright Museum of African American History

The song Dance for the Dead by Sareem Poems expresses this month of observance so eloquently in its chorus, “dance for those that we’ve lost, dance for those who paid the cost, dance for those who gave their lives, dance until we get it right.”

Here are some events where we can “dance” (honor) this February in honor of Black History Month:

Black History Month Events Happening in and Around the Grand Rapids Area

Performances, plays, and engaging events will be happening throughout February. Continue to check back here often as more events will be added throughout the month as they pop up.

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