12 Reasons Moms Love MVP Athletic Clubs – Pools, Childcare, Kid Classes, Work Space and More

MVP Knows how to Help Parents Get Fit

Last summer I decided it was time to get fit. MVP won my attentions because they have incredible workout facilities and classes, a pool for the kids, childcare, and the clincher – Work-Space, where this freelance mama can clock in in a quiet, well-equipped office environment.

MVP Athletic Clubs was my one-stop-shop for family fun, fitness and even work.

12 Reasons Parents are Addicted to MVP Athletic Clubs

Having a muli-purpose facility for your family fitness needs makes it so easy to take care of your health. You don’t have to remember 3 different addresses to drive to for different errands – just pull up to MVP and stay a while!

I love that I can drop my preschooler to Kids Stuff on my way to yoga class at MVP Sports Plex on Burton. When I come out I often see him and his friends playing in the gym and doing their own exercise.

On busy days, I can just keep walking (without him noticing) and head over to Work-Space to respond to some emails without the sweet preschooler interruption.

These are just a few of the reasons parents love MVP Athletic Clubs. Here’s more:

1- MVP Summer Camps

Melody, GRKIDS founder, loved using MVP summer camps as an alternative daycare while she was working. Her kids had a BLAST at summer camps.

“MVP Summer Camps saved my summer,” says Melody. “As a part-time-work-from-home mom, I found it invaluable to have a place I could simultaneously take all of my kids. Plus, I could pick and choose which days of the week they went!”

Each week MVP Summer Camps offers a different theme and they start campers as young as 3-years-old (if potty trained).

2- Indoor/Outdoor Pools

With five West Michigan locations, All-Star MVP members can visit various locations to keep things interesting.

The two Grand Rapids locations – MVP Sportsplex and the MVP Athletic Club on Crahen – along with the Holland facility all offer unique, fun outdoor pool experiences. 

Each facility also has an indoor pool for year-round use. Learn more about what each West Michigan outdoor pool facility offers below:

MVP Athletic Club – HOLLAND

Holland’s outdoor aquatic center features a Twisty Slide, Kid’s Activity Pool, Lap Lanes, Play Field, Putting Green, ½ Court Basketball, Playground, Concessions, and Family Picnic Area. 650 S Waverly Rd, Holland, Michigan WEBSITE

MVP Athletic Club – Grand Rapids – CRAHEN

Crahen’s outdoor aquatic center features a Lap Pool with Twisty Slide, Zero-Entry Family Area with Wading Pool, Kid’s Activity Pool, Concessions and Family Picnic Area. They also have basketball, pickleball, sand volleyball and 12 tennis courts! PLUS… family lawn games, hammocks and a family picnic & BBQ area with four gas grills. 115 Crahen Ave, Grand Rapids, Michigan WEBSITE

MVP Sportsplex – Grand Rapids – BURTON

Outdoor Aquatic Center features a two Twisty Slides, Zero Entry Pool, Cool Spray Playground, Kid’s Play Structure, Outdoor Concessions PLUS a WIBIT AQUATRACK. 4035 Burton St Grand Rapids, Michigan WEBSITE.

3- Supervised Kid’s Stuff Space

The caretakers at Kids Stuff are extremely well prepared and orderly. They know how to handle kids ages 0 on up and have lots of entertainment for different age levels.

Each morning from 9:30-11:30 at MVP Sportsplex, the kids are allowed to go into a sectioned-off part of the gym to play with balls, bikes, scooters and they even set up a bounce house on Fridays!

Kid’s Stuff is run just like any other child care facility, and they practice the following:

1- All MVP employees are background-checked.
2- Adults are not allowed behind the gate at Kids’ Stuff besides employees (except for rare instances when a parent’s assistance is required with their child).
3- MVP practices safety drills and employees are well-trained on how to handle emergencies.
4- Kids’ Stuff employees have a daily cleaning check list.

Kids are in exceptional care at MVP’s Kid’s Stuff and that makes a MVP membership well worth it! The uninterrupted, post-workout shower is just icing on the cake!

4 – Kid’s Night Out

Mamas love sending their kids to MVP’s Kid’s Night Out events. It’s the easiest way to get a date night or girls night out planned, while providing your kids with a mega fun “night out” for themselves!

On select Friday evenings, Kid’s Stuff stays open late and Kid’s Night Out will go from 5:30-9:30 PM. Registration is required only 24 hours in advance and sibling discounts are available. Kids as young as 3 can go to Kid’s Night Out, so long as they are potty trained.

These special evenings include swimming, structured games and activities, pizza and more! You can call 616-575-8650 for more details.

5 – Tennis Programs Designed for Kids 4+

MVP also offers USTA 10 and under tennis programs.

Tennis is a great way for kids to learn a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime, while also getting active and making new friends.

If you don’t feel ready to commit to a full tennis session, ask to speak to the building tennis manager about having your child try a class out to find the best fit for them.

6 – Swim Lessons

Moms (and their kids) also love the quality swim lessons taught by MVP’s certified swim instructors.

MVP offers programs for all levels and all ages, starting at 6 months old. Each class is a certified American Red Cross class and they are designed to teach your child age-appropriate swimming skills.

Interested in MVP Swim Lessons? Call your local MVP location and leave your name, phone number and age of swimmer. You will be contacted to answer any questions and to arrange your child’s swim lessons.

7 – MVP has Full Service Club & Amenities like Saunas and Steam Rooms

MVP isn’t just a room full of barbells. They are a full service facility, offering everything you’d want in your fitness plan. Everything at MVP is clean and super well kept, including their private locker rooms with towel service. Members also love the rejuvenating saunas and steam rooms.

8 – Community of Moms Working Toward Similar Fitness Goals

Let’s be honest, motherhood changes everything…including our physique. Some women seem to magically bounce back to their pre-baby shape immediately. But for many of us moms it’s really hard to find the time to reach our health and fitness goals.

Self-care is so important and carving out time for YOU will only make you feel better. It’s not about being selfish; in fact, the healthier you are–physically, emotionally, mentally–the better you’ll be able to care for your family and engage with others around you!

At MVP, there is a community of moms working toward similar fitness goals. If you attend the same group fitness class regularly, you will get to know other MVP members quickly.

You may even meet parents while dropping off or picking up your kids from Kid’s Stuff. It’s always encouraging to know you’re not on your fitness journey alone and I have found MVP is full of warm, friendly people.

9 – Work-Space by MVP

Work-Space is MVP’s modern, comfortable, spacious work space located in the annex building in the same parking lot as MVP Sportsplex.

As a MVP member, you can use Work-Space for FREE anytime Monday-Friday 8AM – 5PM.

They offer super-fast wifi, many places to plug in, free coffee, tea and water to drink and there are options to sit in cozy chairs, at large tables, to use an exercise ball to sit or work at a standing desk.

The best part about Work-Space is that I can check my kids into Kid’s Stuff for up to three hours (two hours max if your child is under 18 months old) and get some work in while my kids play at Kid’s Stuff.

Work-Space is a huge asset for today’s parent. More and more careers are turning into work-from-home gigs and having a dedicated space to work (for free with membership) is a win-win for parents who want to work out and …work!

10 – School Break Daily Camps

why moms love MVP sports clubs

Many parents already know about MVP’s incredible summer camps, but do you know that MVP offers great daily camp options during other school breaks throughout the year. If you are looking for activities to keep your kids active and engaged over winter break and spring break, look no further than the MVP nearest you!

11 – Lifeguard Red Cross Certification Courses

Lifeguarding is a wonderful skillset to have, because even if you’re off duty, this training could save lives. MVP offers a variety of lifeguarding courses.

12 – Rewards Program makes it fun to Earn Points for Working Out

So it’s a little thing, but I love checking into class and seeing a point show up on my MVP app. Let’s face it – going to the gym doesn’t garner instant results. Results come from consistently working hard over a long period of time. Getting a small instant reward when I walk into MVP is what got me from attending 1 yoga class a week to 4.

Their Health Points Rewards program is just that little extra incentive to get yourself checked in and off to your workout! Awards range from a t-shirt to an $80 MVP gift card.

Take a FREE 3 Day Try Out of MVP

Now that you’ve seen the incredible offerings at MVP, it’s your turn to see how it can change your life – workout life and beyond. Try MVP’s free 3-Day Experience Pass and get ready to get hooked.


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