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Picking a place to go out to eat in Grand Rapids is nearly impossible. We have so many tasty options these days! I love the deliciously familiar places that have been a staple in my life (I will love you forever, San Chez), all while still wanting to try every, single new spot that pops up (I’m coming for you soon, Citizen).

I also don’t have an endless supply of babysitters, so sometimes my kids tag along–which brings up another set of criteria when it comes to picking a spot to dine out. Will they have a high chair? Do they have food my kids will eat? Will they be entirely out of place? 

We pulled all our resources on dining out in the Grand Rapids area and put them right here. We broke it down by category (date night? kids? food allergies?) to make finding the perfect restaurant for any occasion a piece of cake!


Navigate the List

To make browsing easier, we broke the list into sections. Use these buttons to get to the section you’re interested in faster.

Kid Eats
Adult Eats
Outdoor Eats
Holiday Eats
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Kid Eats

Looking for a place that’s great for your kids? From where you can feed those constantly growing bodies inexpensively (or free!) to where you can find options to accommodate any food allergy–we’ve got you covered!

Adult Eats

Date Night Restaurants and Other Places Adults Love to Eat

It’s so important to leave the kids behind from time to time!

Here are some of our top places to indulge your taste-buds when you have a babysitter at home.


Outdoor Eats

While there are many ways to my heart: a good restaurant patio is near the top of the list. I will always wait a little longer to sit in the sunshine! Whether grabbing a bite from the farmer’s market or finding the perfect patio, here’s what we know about eating outside:

Holiday & Special Occasion Eats

My friend group started going out for baby showers instead of making someone host…and it’s the best idea we’ve ever had! No one has to stress and prep and clean their house. Grand Rapids is full with fun places to have a special meal–whether it’s a birthday, a baby shower, or celebrating a holiday.

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