The Big List of Allergy Friendly, Dairy Free and Gluten Free Restaurants Near Grand Rapids

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Allergy, Dairy and Gluten Free Restaurants for Kids

We recently polled our Facebook readers on where to find allergy, dairy and/or gluten free restaurants around Grand Rapids. And boy, did we get a lot of nominations!

Thank you, restaurant owners, for going the extra mile for our food-sensitive family members.

Allergy friendly service includes, but is not limited, to allergy friendly menus, wait-staff, kitchen, management, and environments.

We at Grand Rapids Kids realize that allergies affect your health and we urge you check with the restaurants before you go to ensure that your allergies will be accommodated.

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Below, you will find the list of Top Allergy Friendly Restaurants followed by a list of Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants and Dairy Free Friendly Restaurants in Grand Rapids. We also have a couple of pointers on dining out with nut allergies!

Our list is by no means comprehensive. If you have a restaurant to add, please leave a comment for us!

Top 9 Allergy Friendly Restaurants Around Grand Rapids

  1. Red Robin Not just a burger joint, parents love the accommodating staff, management, and allergy friendly menu at this country-wide restaurant. The Grand Rapids area boasts one on 28th street near Woodland Mall, and another near Rivertown Crossings in Grandville.
  2. Anna’s House Only open till 3:00 pm, each day, Anna’s house is a hometown favorite among specialty breakfast lovers. Anna’s house won high marks among our readers for being able to customize anything and for waitstaff who were highly understanding and easy to work with.
  3. Olive Garden It may surprise you to know how easy Olive Garden is to work with. Over and over we heard how Olive Garden is transparent with their ingredient list, making it easier for parents to make smart choices with their children’s health. One of our parents even planned their vacation around Olive Garden locations!
  4. Brick Road Pizza Finding a gluten free pizza is extremely difficult. Even more difficult is finding a delicious one, but Brick Road Pizza has you covered. Brick Road Pizza models their pizza after traditional Chicago style pizzas and parents love the locally sourced ingredients and commitment to quality.
  5. San Chez If you’ve got an adventure-eater, San Chez is for you, especially, if your adventure-eater has allergy concerns. San Chez has an impeccable staff that is willing to work with your family to ensure that your family has a top-notch experience with no health issues.
  6. Noble Multiple readers praised Noble for their soy free, dairy free, gluten free, and nut free options. Noble works hard to cook organically from scratch. Find them on 44th Street in Wyoming.
  7. Buffalo Wild Wings Our readers noted that Buffalo Wild Wings has an easy to work with menu for gluten, dairy, egg, and all types of nut allergies. Buffalo Wild Wings is also a great place to go when THE GAME is on, as there are televisions everywhere!
  8. Electric Cheetah, Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop, & The Old Goat These cousins are all great at working with parents to avoid gluten, dairy, and soy. The staff at Electric Cheetah and The Old Goat especially, treat families with a special kind of kindness, and work hard to avoid any health concerns.
  9. Rise Authentic Baking Co. This is much more than just a bakery! While it is the spot to find the best gluten-free, vegan donuts–they also have a food menu that includes yummy options like avocado toast, hearty smoothies, and empanadas. Everything is made in a dedicated space–so no worries about cross-contamination!

Restaurants with Gluten Free Kid Options

**Remember to check with the restaurants before you go to ensure that your specific allergies will be accommodated. Always mention that you have an allergy to the waitstaff as well.

Dairy Free Restaurants Near Grand Rapids

**Remember to check with the restaurants before you go to ensure that your specific allergies will be accommodated.

Grand Rapids Nut Free Friendly Establishments

Nut allergies are often severe and it’s quite difficult to find kitchens that are dedicated as nut-free facilities (you’d have better luck eating in a dining hall at a summer camp). We do have a couple of pointers from area parents to pass along–

  • Great Wolf Lodge is great with nut allergies! (We realize that’s not in Grand Rapids, but it is a favorite weekend getaway spot for many of us with kids).
  • Olive Garden is nearly nut-free. According the their allergen information the only item that contains peanuts or tree nuts is their almond biscotti (which is not made on site).
  • The West Michigan Whitecaps typically offer one or two games a season that are dedicated as peanut-free.

6 thoughts on “The Big List of Allergy Friendly, Dairy Free and Gluten Free Restaurants Near Grand Rapids”

  1. Fresh Coast Kitchen in Wyoming has gluten free bread options for sandwiches and gluten free pizza crust. As well as coleslaw, pickles, and chips for sides…with a Rice Krispie treat to top it off! Their main sub bread is nut & dairy free as well! This Locally owned business strives to accommodate families with allergies and makes dining out stress free!!! They also DELIVER and CATER!!

  2. Bless you guys for putting this out there – my 2.5 year old was just diagnosed with a life-threatening nut allergy and this is SO helpful!! Thank you!!

  3. Jacqueline j Poehlman

    I’d love to see this guide updated with a nut-free and nut-friendly section! Peanut allergies are some of the most deadliest allergies out there, and one that a lot of families face!

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