WIN Free Housecleaning from WeClean – These Friendly Pros Will Make Your Place Sparkle

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WeClean Delivers Incredible Cleanliness With None of the Awkwardness

I love when my house is nice and clean. But after 18 months of virtual school and people in and out of quarantine for another nine months means that I just can’t keep up with the cleaning. 

There is a not-so-thin layer of dust over every surface, including the ceiling fans. There are crumbs behind the canisters on the kitchen counter. There’s grime on the bathroom faucets. 

I keep telling myself that if I can just focus on one room at a time and get it really spic and span that it won’t be that hard to maintain. 

But then a kid comes running up to me to tattle on a sibling and I lose my train of thought along with my good intentions for a clean house. 

WeClean understands the struggle and is eager to do this chore for you.

Read on to see how you can save $30 off your first cleaning with WeClean.

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Moms Don’t Have to Do it All

This spring my husband asked me if it would be weird if he got me a house cleaner gift for Mother’s Day. I told him, “No, what’s weird is that you didn’t realize I’ve been wanting that for years!”

This week WeClean did a deep clean of my house and I am beyond amazed. I didn’t even have them do any of the add-ons they offer like windows, blinds, oven interior or inside kitchen cabinets and they still made my house look great.

Angela cleaned my kitchen, living room, dining room, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

I was embarrassed by the state of the grime and dust throughout my house. Surely as a work-from-home mom I should have been able to keep up with cleaning, even if there was a pandemic. 

WeClean session stovetop before

Angela immediately eased my anxieties. She assured me that moms, even stay at home moms, can’t do it all. She showed no judgements over the state of my house.

“You are paying for a service! You should absolutely enjoy it and not feel bad about it!”

I didn’t know what to do with myself while she worked (other than awkwardly stand around and watch her).

“Lots of people work from home now so they just sit and do that or go about their normal day,” she told me.

So that’s what I did: I logged into work and also did laundry.

She spent three and half hours on my kitchen and dining room alone. That’s how bad it was.

But the end result? Amazing.

WeClean session kitchen after

Everything was left so shiny and smelled so squeaky clean.

WeClean session stovetop after

Angela then moved on to the three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Her Shark vacuum was clearly better than mine as she got up hair and dirt that my Shark doesn’t touch.

My bathrooms have never been so clean. Seriously, not even when I was nesting.

Do you see how much that floor shines and how poofy my rugs are? And the baseboard is so bright white! (They hadn’t been white in a minute…)

Overall, this deep cleaning session took seven hours. Yes, I’m pretty embarrassed by how much scrubbing was involved in that.

But seriously, even my front door is shiny!

WeClean is my new best friend and I hope everyone I know can experience their amazing work. You don’t realize how much your spirits are lifted after you walk into your beloved shiny clean home that you didn’t have to clean yourself.

WeClean: Cleaners Who Give a Gosh Darn 

WeClean uses hassle-free booking and has five-star rated service. Plus they use all-natural products.

With strictly-vetted cleaning professionals, WeClean promises 100% satisfaction on every cleaning. They want you to LOVE your cleaning, every time.

Angela told me that she loves working for WeClean because of how well she’s treated and compensated (including benefits) and how much the company cares about their work.

Even though I paid a flat rate, Angela was paid hourly for her marathon cleaning session so I didn’t have to feel quite so bad about how long it took.

WeClean bathroom cleaning

Community care is the heart and soul of WeClean. They are proud to partner with AYA Youth Collective and donate a portion of their profits from each cleaning to this incredible organization.

In addition to residential house cleanings, WeClean also offers move in / move out and vacation rental cleanings. House cleanings can be one time, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  

How to Book

Unlike other cleaning companies, WeClean has easy, instant booking online with no hidden fees. 

Head to their website, select the type of service you want and customize it with up to eight add-ons like deep cleaning, blinds, and oven interior. Choose a date and time that works for you.

You’re instantly given a quote online instead of having someone come to your house and give you a price. Yay for no more awkward home visits!

And you can even tip your cleaner online after the service. Cash is welcome, but I love this online option.

THE BEST PART: WeClean is giving Grand Rapids Kids readers $30 off their first cleaning!  Enter the code Grkids30 at checkout to get your discount. 

My son already told me (less than four hours after Angela left) that I should have her come do our spring cleaning every year.

WeClean vacuuming

WIN Your Own House Cleaning Session

This giveaway is closed. Congrats to the winner, Ashley!

WeClean is giving ONE lucky greater Grand Rapids area reader a free house cleaning valued at up to $300. 

This session includes dusting all surfaces, mopping, vacuuming, disinfecting kitchen and bathrooms, shining fixtures and more.

Visit WeClean’s website to see the complete list of inclusions for a flat-rate home cleaning. 

There are three ways to get entries in for a chance to WIN by commenting on THIS article. Facebook comments do not count for entries.

1: For a first entry, leave a comment below telling us what space you’re most excited to have cleaned.

2. Get a second entry by “liking” WeClean on Facebook and leave a separate comment telling us you did so. (Note: Only comments on this article will be counted for this giveaway.)

3. Get a third entry by sharing this giveaway with friends. Leave a third and final comment below telling us how you shared.


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  1. I would love my bathrooms deep cleaned! With two small boys (that have terrible aim) I’d love them to be scrubbed from ceiling to floor!

  2. I’m getting ready to go back into the school year and I would love my house deep cleaned before the chaos. 😉

  3. Is it weird I am desperate for someone else to clean my stairs? A kitchen I don’t have to clean would also be amazing.

  4. Marne Becker-Baratta

    My kitchen! It all seems like heaven but I think I would be most excited to see our kitchen clean

  5. Phyllis Arfeen

    My grandpas room. He passed away 8 months ago and haven’t been able to get it cleaned out. It’s not much but having help to do it would be so cleansing to the soul. It would also make it so we can convert it into a room for my daughter. To make happier memories in that room and a place for her toys when she stays at grandmas house.

  6. I would love to get the house cleaned! The floors could especially use a scrubbing!

  7. We just renovated a bathroom and it’s still very dusty and desperately needs a cleaning!

  8. Would love to have my kitchen cleaned better than what I have time to do 🙂

    Would be grateful for anything.

  9. 100% my kitchen and kitchen floor. Keeping the kitchen clean is a never ending chore! It would be great to hit the reset button there.

    1. Once our house is built, I’d be most excited about the main living area being deep cleaned. (I’ve never mopped as often as I should!) My husband and I have already talked about finding a cleaning service for every 3-months or 6-months, depending on the options available.

  10. Honestly, I would be excited to have any part of my house cleaned, but if I had to pick, my kitchen.

  11. Stephenie Young

    Definitely my bathroom! And liked WeClean on FB – also good to know of a new cleaning company in the area!!

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    Liked WeClean page! Thank you for finding out so many useful things like this to share with us!

  13. I would love my bathrooms cleaned! Having 3 boys whose aim is less than desirable makes for dirty bathrooms 🤣

  14. My bathrooms! 34 weeks pregnant and scrubbing showers and washing floors are not my favorite chores right now 😜

  15. Amanda Ormiston

    The main living area and bathroom would be helpful!! Having a toddler makes it take even longer to clean lol. Liking on Facebook and sharing…

  16. Would love to win this have had my house deep cleaned since my son passed away. It’s been harder to keep up with being depressed. I want to feel proud of my home again when having people over.

  17. Stephanie Summerville

    I have 6 children at home and I just cant keep up with these lazy kids. I work full time and my husband works 7days a week so it falls on me and the kids and it just never gets really clean. This would be such a blessing.

  18. I would love this! We are an on the go family thanks to travel sports and this would be a huge load off our shoulders!

  19. Would *love* to see our bedrooms shine! I feel like it’s the one place we never finish cleaning, hahah.

  20. It’s a tie between the kitchen and bathroom. We’re a family of 5 with 1 bathroom soooo… Mostly, it’d just be super helpful to have someone deep clean so that I can maintain it. It’s really overwhelming thinking about what all needs to be done.

  21. I would love the deep clean. Getting the house dusted and surfaces all cleaned. I have two young children and I hardly ever have time for that level of cleaning!

  22. I would be over the moon to have my bathrooms cleaned well. I do it infrequently because it is one of my least favorite things to do.

  23. Liked and shared on FB! I had my baby 3 weeks ago so this would be a great win!! I would love to see the bathroom and kitchen cleaned!!

  24. Would love to have my kitchen and bathrooms cleaned. I have four kids and work full time. I could definitely use this service.

  25. I would love to see the bathroom sink fixtures sparkle again! They made me so happy when they were brand new, but now the sparkle has faded.

  26. I would LOVE to have someone clean my kitchen from top to bottom! I feel like bo matter how hard we try, having a family of 5, it’s a mess within minutes!! That would be the room I’m
    Most excited about!

  27. Alissa VanSetten

    I am due with baby #2 in October and between chasing a 2 year old and being pregnant and exhausted… my house has seen better days. My kitchen and master bath are in the most need right now!

  28. I would be most excited to have my bathroom cleaned. That’s my least favorite room to clean.

  29. I sent this article to several friends who are looking for someone to clean their homes!

  30. I’d love to get a DEEP clean on all of the surfaces in the house- all the sideboards, the ceiling fans, etc.

  31. I’d be most excited to have our bathroom cleaned! And honestly the whole house as baby is arriving in August!

  32. I would be most excited to have my bathrooms deep cleaned as well as my kitchen! I am a mom of 5 (newborn twins just born in May) and it’s a real struggle to keep up with cleaning the house!

  33. We would love to have our home cleaned! I’ve heard great things about you all!

  34. Just moved into my new home and would love it to be cleaned ! All the doors and base boards and windows need a good cleaning still!

  35. Would love to see my kitchen area shine the most, we spend a lot of time there as a family of 6.

  36. Reshared the GRKids Facebook post about the giveaway. Thanks!! Would love to win this giveaway!!

  37. Liked WeClean on Facebook, and sharing with my hubby as a birthday/Christmas/mother’s day/anniversary/valentines/any-holiday gift idea!! 😀

  38. Definitely bathrooms…but the dining room table’s nooks and crannies are a close second. Deep cleans of both have been on my to-clean list for literal months. 😩

  39. Would love to have the Primary Bedroom cleaned! My husband band is a disabled veteran, I am his caregiver, and caregiver to our adult son plus I work full time. Cleaning always is put last, although I think I do a pretty good job!!! It would just be a blessing to have someone else do it once.

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