Bottle Feed Calves, Milking Robots and More at Dairy Discovery

Where Does Milk Come From?
Milk is a universal staple in most households. Maybe you start your day with milk in the cereal bowl or with a creamy latte. Toddlers enjoy their whole milk from a sippy cup at meal time, while big kids love to wash down dessert with a large glass of milk. But […]

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Freckleface Strawberry has a Message for the Unique Person in Each of Us

Freckleface Strawberry is a fun story about accepting what makes each of us different. Strawberry (yes, that is her given name) is plagued with freckles that she hates. Her friends tease her about the freckles and she tries everything she can to get rid of them. The musical is geared for kids aged four and […]

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A Parent’s Guide to the Holland Tulip Time Festival

All photo credits are Stephanie Pearson, unless otherwise noted. 

How to do Tulip Time with Kids
Tulip Time is May 7 – 14, 2016
Tulip Time in Holland, MI is the unofficial start to festival season for many Michigan residents. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate spring and the Dutch heritage that has shaped Holland over the years.

What […]

Take Your Wild Thing to the World of Maurice Sendak at the GRAM

Discover the Magic of Sendak April 9 – May 22, 2016
If you want to expose your children to the wonder and beauty of art, you need to take them to the Grand Rapids Art Museum’s latest exhibit, Where the Wild Things Are. It gives children a feel for a genuine art exhibit, but isn’t so “grownup” that […]

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The Civic Theatre’s Sister Act…A Date Night Win!

Take your date night to the next level with the musical comedy “Sister Act”
I’ve been a longtime fan of the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. Their productions are wonderful and they produce excellent shows, season after season. Coincidentally, I have also secretly (no longer!) been a Delores VanCartier #SuperFan for as long as I can remember. […]

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A Parent’s Guide to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

This post is sponsored by Hudsonville Christian School.

Hudsonville Christian School offers academic excellence, taught from a Christian perspective, within a safe and inspiring environment for students in 3 School – 8th grade. Our challenging curriculum nurtures the whole child – in mind, body and spirit – and accommodates students with a range of learning styles and […]

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The Griffins are a grkids.com sponsor. Yay! 


(this video is from last year… but it’s still good!)

Saturday night, celebrate the start of winter break with a LEGO GRIFFINS GAME. And do it with our GRKIDS discount!!
Saturday, December 19th –  LEGO Night!

GRKIDS.COM and the Grand Rapids Griffins have teamed up to […]

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GR Ballet’s Nutcracker Is a Must for Your Holiday Bucket List

Tickets to the show were donated generously by the Grand Rapids Ballet. Featured artwork is by Chris Van Allsburg. All opinions are my own.

by April Hunt
GR Ballet’s Nutcracker may be Your Only Chance at Snow This Christmas
I’ve become a bit of a Nutcracker fanatic.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s that good (the music is […]

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The New Grand Rapids Trader Joe’s vs. Costco

Do I Need to Shop Anywhere Else?

When the new Grand Rapids Trader Joe’s opened, grkids readers asked, “Do I still need to keep shopping at Costco now that TJ’s is open?” It’s a legitimate question, especially since Costo requires a membership fee. Would it be worth cancelling the Costco membership at this […]

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Sleepy Hollow at the Civic is the Perfect Halloween Delight

The Grand Rapids Civic Theatre graciously offered tickets for this event; all opinions are my own.

by Erica VanderMeer
The Civic Theatre is Delivering Spooky Fun This Halloween
Halloween is a BIG deal around our house; my husband and kids love to decorate and they get pretty elaborate with their costumes, too. So when the opportunity came to […]

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Grand Rapids Comic-Con Parent’s Guide

*This article brought to you by the Grand Rapids Comic-Con.
This popular event outgrew the DeltaPlex in just one year! If you want to go to the Grand Rapids Comic-Con this fall, you’ll have to do it at its new downtown location: DeVos Hall.

The Grand Rapids […]

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West Michigan Fencing Academy’s Fencing Camp is an Entirely Unique and Engaging Experience

West Michigan Fencing Academy graciously provided registration to this camp; all opinions are my own. 

by Erin Russell 
How do You Fit Four Fabulous Days Into Just One Review?
My son Miles LOVED West Michigan Fencing Academy’s Summer Fencing Camp.

This camp is designed for children ages 7 to 17 with little or no fencing experience. By participating in various games, […]

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A Parent’s Guide to West MI Drive-In Movie Theaters

This post is sponsored by Silver Lake Campground and Resort, family vacation spot for those who love to camp. Experience breathtaking views of Silver Lake and Lake Michigan as you sit atop a 150-foot hill in a recreational vehicle. The sand dunes are Silver Lake’s family playground. You can rent or bring your own buggy, take a guided tour […]

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Your Little Princess (And Prince) Will Love GR Civic’s A Little Princess

Tickets to the show were donated by Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. All opinions are my own.

by Renee Spica
A Royal Treat For Your Little Royals
The Civic Theatre has done it again, folks!  They are wrapping up another wonderful season, but not before giving us one more great children’s play that’s full of heart and leaves us feeling faithful […]

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Get Footloose With GR Civic’s Stunning Production

Tickets to the show were donated by Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. All opinions are my own.

by Kate Randall
Mom’s Night Out Anyone?


I can still picture the front of my Footloose cassette tape.  I played the life out of that thing on my awesome little pink boom box. I may or may not have danced around my […]

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