Grand Rapids Gymnastics Classes Guide – 2017

Gymnastics is a great avenue for burning energy, gaining new skills, making friends… and mastering the balance beam! It offers the perfect blend of fitness, fun and social interaction that kids need, for both boys and girls.

If your child is interested in joining a supportive environment where they can tumble their heart out, then look no further — […]

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Moving to the Grand Rapids Area? Start Here.

Moving with your family is a challenging experience made easier with the right help.
Are you getting ready to move your family to a new home in greater Grand Rapids? Whether you’re just moving in Grand Rapids to one town over or coming in from out of state, setting up in a new neighborhood is a […]

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The GIGANTIC Grand Rapids Babies Guide

This article brought to you by Goldfish Swim School. 
Welcome to the Gigantic Grand Rapids Babies Guide
Having a baby changes everything, and

Pin this page, post this to Facebook, save the link to your home screen, or bookmark this link because you’ll use it throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

The first stop is our Grand Rapids Baby email newsletter. This email […]

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Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for Kids in Grand Rapids

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(Birthday) Party Time! Excellent!
Wondering where to host your child’s next Grand Rapids indoor birthday party bash? Look no further! We’ve put together a great list of places to celebrate your kid with fun and a little bit of cake. For a more extensive list, including outdoor idea, see […]

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GUIDE to West Michigan Schools: Private, Public, Charter & Religious

Private, Charter, Religious, Language Immersion and More
West Michigan parents, you have options and we’ve put them together for you in one easy guide.
Today, West Michigan parents have LOADS of options when it comes to making important choices about your child’s education.

Whether you are looking for a language immersion school, a charter school, or a school […]

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Top OBGYNs in Greater Grand Rapids

As a woman, one of the most important medical providers you may have in your life is your obstetrician/gynecologist. From yearly checkups and tests, to helping you through pregnancy and postpartum care, finding the right OBGYN is a big decision. Luckily, our readers have spoken. They’ve told us who the best OBGYN’s are in greater Grand […]

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Grand Rapids Preschools Guide – 2017

It may feel like the school year just started, but it is already time to begin thinking about next year’s plans for school. Many preschools begin enrollment for next year in January. Whether this is your first child going off to school or your fifth, there are several factors to consider in making this important decision. […]

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The GIGANTIC Grand Rapids Winter Fun Guide

Welcome to the Gigantic Grand Rapids Winter Fun Guide for 2016-2017!
When the weather is cold, this is where you’ll find endless ideas on how to spend your time. Whether it is embracing the cold with classic outdoor winter time activities or finding a warm spot indoors to spend your time, we have you covered. From […]

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Winter Outdoor Play Guide for Michigan Families

Embrace Fun in Michigan this Winter with Kids
You’ve got kids and you live in Michigan in the wintertime.

Chances are they love the snow and you, not so much. For me, snow means shoveling, cursing my hilly driveway and cleaning up snow-melt from the kids coming back in. But winter also means cozy family times by […]

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Greater Grand Rapids Christmas Tree Guide

Ladies and Gentlemen, Get Out Your Handsaws!
It’s time. We’ve had our first “snow” and temps have dropped below 40 degrees. It’s time to head out and cut your own Christmas tree. 

Did you know that cut-your-own Christmas trees are considerably cheaper than precuts?? I was checking out prices as I made this post and I’m ready to make the switch. Not only […]

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The GIGANTIC Grand Rapids HOLIDAY Fun Guide

2016 Gigantic Grand Rapids Holiday Fun Guide
There is something magical about the holiday season in West Michigan, for kids and parents alike. The twinkling lights, fresh snow and the excitement in the air, all make this a memorable time of year. If you are like me, you want to soak in as many of these holiday moments as you can.

Our […]

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Top Dentists, Pediatricians, ETC for Kids in Grand Rapids

Looking for the BEST healthcare providers for your family? We’ve got you covered.
We value the input of West Michigan parents because we know that together we parents are the real experts on life in greater Grand Rapids. And when it comes to healthcare providers, we are the ones taking our kids to appointments, keeping tabs […]

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Where You Can Volunteer in Grand Rapids With Kids

Want to Volunteer with Kids in Grand Rapids?

Volunteering with your children is a great way to teach them about giving back while instilling skills and values to last a lifetime. Grand Rapids has a great number of organizations looking for young volunteers.

Please browse through the categories below, keeping in mind your child’s interests, age and abilities.

If […]

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Indoor Play Guide for Grand Rapids and Beyond

Do cold, wet days have you down?
There’s no need to sing, “Rain, rain go away come again another day,” when greater Grand Rapids abounds with fun, indoor play options!

Pro parents know that you always need to have a few indoor play options up your sleeve for those dreary days when your kids (and you) are getting […]

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Where Kids Eat Free or Cheap in Grand Rapids

We’ve researched restaurants in the Grand Rapids area that offer free or cheap kids’ meals. Terms and conditions apply and are subject to change. Please verify with the restaurant before you go.

RELATED: Top 10 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Grand Rapids

Kobe Steakhouse (Grandville). Kids eat free every Monday with the purchase […]

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