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We’ll Get Your Good Side, We Promise

Welcome to our spotlight on maternity, newborn, children, and family photographers serving the greater Grand Rapids area.

West Michigan is blessed with an array of talented and creative family photographers.

Our Photographers’ Best Tips for Fab Family Photos

Combined, the photographers in this Grand Rapids guide have years and years of experience. We asked them to share their best tips for capturing family memories and here’s what they had to share:

Moms… GET IN the photos! If we keep making excuses until we find the perfect outfit, lose 10 lbs., get our hair done, etc. we will miss out on a lifetime of memories with our families! NOW is the time to freeze these memories! Life is short. – Cathy Alvarez

What I’ve learned over the years is to bring lots of snacks, and to be patient with the kids especially. Do not stress! Your photographer will know what to do to ease everyone in – they are used to it and have seen it all. Don’t worry! – Katie Cook

My tip is this…once you’re at the session, relax and let your photographer wrangle the kids. The more relaxed you are and the more fun you have at the session, the more smoothly it will go. – Julie King

I suggest getting your clothes ready the day before and have snacks ready for your kids (bribery works wonders). Make sure to explain to your kids what to expect during the session the few days leading up to it. It helps parents to know that most kids have a hard time sitting still and smiling during the session, so don’t be embarrassed if they aren’t acting the way you hoped. –Erica Bacon


*These photographers have been screened and approved to appear in this promotional section of grkids.com.

Genna V Photography by Cathy Alvarez

Genna V Photography by Cathy Alvarez
Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family, Senior Portraits, Wedding ...
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Chrystin Melanie Photography

Chrystin Melanie Photography
Maternity, Family, and Wedding Photography in GR ...
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Mia Murray Photography, LLC

Mia Murray Grand Rapids Photographer
Children, Family, Wedding, Senior Portraits in GR ...
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Katie Cook Photography

Katie Cook Grand Rapids Photographer
Family and Children's Photographer based in GR. ...
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Jules K Photography

Jules K Photography Grand Rapids Photographer
Newborn and Family Photographer in Grand Rapids ...
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Electric Elm Studio

Electric Elm Studio Grand Rapids Photographer
Child and Family Photographer based in GR ...
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Evermore Studios

Evermore Studios Grand Rapids Photographer
Newborn and Family Photographer in Grand Rapids ...
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