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senior pictures

All About Senior Pictures in West Michigan

Taking senior pictures with one of our local photographers is a rite of passage for students set to graduate next summer.

If getting to the photoshoot is the finish line, here’s how to get there:

FAQs for Senior Pictures

What are senior portraits?

Senior portraits are meant to capture and celebrate a student’s completion of high school. These photos are often used in school yearbooks and handed to friends and family as mementos. They will also likely be on display at graduation open houses and posted to social media.

senior pictures with mural background

How much do senior pictures cost?

The price of senior photos varies wildly and is dependent on factors like:
– photographer’s experience
– length and location of photoshoot
– demand for photographer’s services
– turnaround time

We’ve seen prices for smaller photography sessions or with photographers just starting out at around $125. From there, add experience, props, location and outfit changes, etc, and the cost can rise to $400 for the session, and even into the $1000s. Consider your budget while searching for a senior portrait photographer.

Some photographers offer packages that include digital files and printing rights, while others offer print packages or will let you buy prints ala carte from an online store.

Another senior photo cost – sometimes overlooked – is the cost of new clothing, footwear, and accessories for the photo shoot.

Pro Tip: Ask about Your Photographer’s Photo Packages

Some photographers offer packages that include digital files and printing rights, while others offer print packages or will let you buy prints ala carte from an online store.

These often come at an additional cost above the photo session fee.

When should senior pictures be taken?

Most students get senior portraits taken before starting their senior year in the summertime, but some senior pictures are taken in the early fall.

Yearbook photo deadlines are usually the driving force behind the timing of senior photos and these are typically in the fall.

How far in advance do senior photos need to be scheduled?

Unless you enjoy feeling rushed, schedule senior photos for the spring of the junior or year or summer before the senior year. This will give you ample time to get the photos taken, selected, and processed before your school’s yearbook deadline in the fall.

Depending on your photographer, the amount of time needed to get on their schedule will vary. Generally, the earlier you begin your photographer search, the more options you will have. It’s not impossible to start the senior photo process in the fall of the senior year, but you will be rushed and may end up compromising on your location and photographer options. You may also need to pay a rush fee or end up taking the photos yourself.

senior pic ideas

How long are senior portrait photo sessions?

The amount of time booked for your senior pictures photo session will depend on your photographer and your desired outcome. Most photographers will offer a certain number of outfit changes and may even offer location changes, within reason. On average, expect to spend at least an hour, but up to two or three.

What to wear for senior pictures?

Outfit selection for senior photos is a big deal and can be a stress point between the student and parent. In general, it’s a good idea to pick clothing that the senior feels comfortable and confident in and that reflects their personality.

To find style and outfit ideas, check relevant hashtags on TikTok and Instagram – some to consider are #seniorpictures #outfitinspo #2022grad #outfitideas #seniorportraits

What should I bring to my senior portrait session?

At the minimum, you’ll need to bring your outfit selections. Also consider bringing makeup and a hairbrush for touchups between shots, and a mirror.

Props are common among athletes or musicians and other students with a strong interest in a subject. Sometimes the family pet is also included in a portion of senior pics.

List of Senior Portait Photographers

There are hundreds of photographers in West Michigan. Selecting the right senior portrait photographer for you might take some time and research. Use this list to get started.

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Senior Portrait Location Ideas

Blue Bridge

Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Vibe: Urban, Historic
Fee: No
Photo Policy: No

blue bridge
Blue Bridge over the Grand River in Downtown Grand Rapids

Choice One Bank Wall

330 Market Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Vibe: Modern
Fee: No
Photo Policy: No

Choice One GR Gand Opening 8 e1555422516173

Wittenbach Wege Center


Vibe: Pines, Nature
Fee: No
Photo Policy: No

Pine Grove in Lowell, MI

Ada Covered Bridge

7490 Thornapple River Dr SE, Ada, MI 49301

Vibe: Historic, Bridge
Fee: No
Photo Policy: No

Ada covered bridge
Historic Covered Bridge in Ada, MI

Fallasburg Park


Vibe: Historic, Bridge, Nature
Fee: No
Photo Policy: No

Fallasburg Park
Fallasburg Park
Fallasburg Park
Fallasburg Park Covered Bridge

Grand Riverfront Bridge


Vibe: Rustic, Bridge, Park
Fee: No
Photo Policy: No

Bridge at Grand River Riverfront Park Lowell
Bridge at Grand River Riverfront Park Lowell

Where to find local murals for an urban photo shoot

Grand Rapids Bike Park

580 Kirtland St SW Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Vibe: Urban, Tunnel, Graffiti
Fee: No
Photo Policy: No

Grand Rapids Bike Park
Bridge at Grand River Riverfront Park Lowell

Eastmanville Farms

7851 Leonard Road, Coopersville, MI 49404

Vibe: Barn, Rural, Trails, Nature
Fee: No
Photo Policy: No

Eastmanville Farms
Bridge at Grand River Riverfront Park Lowell

Downtown Rockford

By the dam/river

Vibe: River, Dam, Flowers
Fee: No
Photo Policy: No

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