Wittenbach Wege Center: Discover Pristine Trails, Farm Animals, and a Hidden Cabin at the in Lowell

Wittenbach Wege Center hiking nature center Lowell

Lowell’s Wittenbach Wege Center: Everything to Know Before You Visit to Hike or See the Animals

Wittenbach Wege Center
11715 Vergennes, Lowell, MI 49331

The Wittenbach Wege Center (WWC) in Lowell is a must-hike for families with young kids! We had such a lovely morning exploring everything they have to offer.

There truly is something for everyone at the WWC. From an educational Visitor Center to darling farm animals and from awesome trails to a tranquil pond, we couldn’t get enough of this place.

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The Visitor Center is stocked with information about the local wildlife, has modern restrooms, and, according to my five-year-old, some “dead animals” (aka taxidermy animals). The staff was friendly and told us we were more than welcome to peek around.

Wittenbach Wege Center At a Glance

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Dogs Allowed? Yes, if leashed at all times

Facilities: Restrooms available in the Visitor Center

Stroller Friendly? Mostly not

Time of Year Accessible: Open year round during daylight hours

Wittenbach wege center

Behind the Visitor Center is a very peaceful, shaded pond. We spotted a couple of frogs instantly and had to keep looking for an elusive turtle. (One of these hikes we are bound to find one!)

Before we hit the trails, we also had to go see who was so noisy over by the barn. We were so pleased to find the cutest sheep, chickens, and a couple of pigs. I had to peel my kids away from the animals in order to get to the trails–they were certainly a highlight of our trip.

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Feature Whittenbach Trail
Whittenbach Sheep friend

The trails are well-marked and well-maintained; we had no trouble navigating them. There are several different lengths of loops available making it easy to hike with children of any age.

  • Corncob Corner Trail | .96 miles
  • Trillium Ridge Trail -| .64 miles
  • Chickadee Chatter Loop | 1.39 miles
  • Conifer Crossing Trail | .70 miles
Wittenbach Wege Center hiking nature center Lowell 1

We made our way around parts of both the Chickadee Chatter loop and the Trillium Ridge trail.

Wittenbach Wege Center hiking nature center Lowell 3

There are parts of these trails that you probably could manage a jogging stroller on, but for the sake of your sanity, I don’t recommend it.

Wittenbach Wege Center hiking nature center Lowell

The cabin in the woods (on the Chickadee Chatter loop) was a highlight for both my kids! We stayed there for far longer than I would’ve thought. 

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