Kentwood’s Veterans Memorial Park: An Easy Stop for Refreshing Fun – Splashpad, Playground, Picnic Pavilion & More

Veterans Memorial Park Splashpad Kentwood

Veterans Memorial Park in Kentwood

Veterans Memorial Park

355 48TH ST. SE, KENTWOOD MI 49508
Park Managed by City of Kentwood

Veterans Memorial Park Kentwood
Playground at Veterans Memorial Park
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Veterans Memorial Park & Playground Overview

Located next to the Kentwood Activities Center, Veterans Memorial Park has a newer playground, restrooms, a new picnic shelter, and a splash pad.

Athletes can play soccer, tennis, or basketball.

Next time you walk or ride the East West trail, stop by for a visit! Or, if you drive, know that parking is free and easy.

Park Features & Amenities

  • Free admission
  • WiFi
  • Playground
  • Swings
  • Accessible Swing
  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis Courts
  • Soccer Fields
  • Picnic Tables & Grills
  • Modern Restrooms
  • Splash Pad

Veteran’s Park is one of the 85+ West Michigan playgrounds.

The Playground at Veterans Memorial Park

The tall playground at Veteran’s Memorial Park offers long, twisty slides plus several climbing structures.

There’s also a fun merry-go-round and swings.

Veterans Memorial Park Kentwood

All play structures are over a rubber surface and paved paths lead from one section to another, making it easily accessible for all.

There is an accessible swing, too.

Veterans Memorial Park Playground Kentwood

The Splashpad at Veterans Memorial Park

The splash pad at Veteran’s Park in Kentwood was recently replaced. The new splash pad is no longer fenced-in or quite as big as it once was, but the new splash pad has lots of fun water features.

Kids of all ages love the fountains, hoops to walk / crawl through, as well as the dump bucket. There are also water sprayers.

Nearby picnic tables make it easy to enjoy lunch here.

Veterans Memorial Park Splashpad Kentwood
Veterans Memorial Park Splashpad Kentwood
Veterans Memorial Park - Phil Kelder
Veterans Memorial Park Splashpad – Photo: Phil Kelder

Veterans Memorial Park – Additional Features

Restrooms: Modern bathrooms are available here.

Sport Courts: Veterans Park has a basketball court, tennis court, and soccer fields.

Pavilion: The covered picnic pavilion is available for rentals.

Veterans Memorial Park Picnic Pavilion Kentwood

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