The Best West Michigan U-Pick Farms: Blueberry Picking, Strawberry Picking, Raspberry Picking & More

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Where & When to Go Fruit Picking Near Grand Rapids

Nothing beats a fresh-picked Michigan strawberry or a handful of plump blueberries straight from the bush.

Lucky for us, West Michigan is a major fruit belt, providing us with some of the tastiest natural treats in the nation.

Of course, you need to know when these goodies are ripe for fruit picking.

In general, West Michigan offers excellent strawberry picking in June. July brings us cherry picking, blueberry picking, and raspberry picking options, followed by peach picking in August.

We’ve also included a handy map to help you find the answer to your “fruit picking near me” search.

We are working on bringing you new content for 2022. As a result, not all of our fruit picking pages are ready yet.

Check back soon for updates.

Organic U-Pick Farms

Some families going strawberry picking or blueberry picking prefer crops that are organic or as natural as possible.

To help you find nearby fruit picking locations with these farming practices, you’ll find that farms marked with an *asterisk in this guide may be a no-spray farm, a sustainable farm, or an organic fruit farm. Please call to confirm the details.

Now that we’re up to speed, here’s where you can go fruit picking and find that perfect filling for your favorite summer fruit pie!

More Michigan Places to Pick Fruit
Lansing Fruit Picking Spots
Southwest Michigan Fruit Picking
Detroit Area Fruit Picking

Terra Square Farmer’s Market

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Tips Before You Go Fruit Picking

Call ahead (or check their Facebook page) for the most up-to-date information. Some places on our list are only open by reservation. Others may be out of a certain fruit already.

When you call, ask:

“How’s the picking?” 

All U-pick days are not created equal.  Aim for a day where the berry picking is plentiful and close together and the picking will be easier, especially for younger kids.

“What type of payment do you accept?” and “What’s the price?

Be prepared to bring cash. Some places take checks. Smaller operations are not likely to have the ability to accept credit cards.

“Is there a restroom?”

When you have little kids along berry picking, you always need to ask this one.

“How do we find you?” 

Oftentimes, the address listed by a farm is for the main farmhouse, office, or farm market rather than the berry picking field. It can be really hard for GPS to pinpoint a field of pick-your-own strawberries if it doesn’t have its own separate address.  So, go old-fashioned and get directions ahead of time when you call.

“What do we need to bring?”

Bringing your own containers to take home your fruit is common across West Michigan. Buckets, pails or baskets work well for blueberry picking and strawberry picking. Plastic sacks may damage fruit if they get too heavy – farms will often use these to line pails for berry picking, though, for transport home.

“May we sample as we pick?”

The answer to this varies from farm to farm. It’s courteous to ask at your destination and follow their wishes. Side note – you may want to limit your sampling while berry picking. These fruits aren’t washed and can cause an upset stomach.

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking season in West Michigan is in June.

Typically, berries ripen and are available to pick at Grand Rapids area fruit farms a week or two into June but that varies from year to year.

Check with the local strawberry patch farmers on this list for their specific opening details.

Strawberry Picking

Lavender Picking

After a long Michigan winter, we’re all itching to spend time outdoors. A trip to a lavender farm can get you and the family out of the house enjoying the sunshine, warm breeze, and the pleasant sight and smell of lavender flowers.

Much like blueberry or apple picking, a trip to a lavender farm might just become a staple on your summertime bucket list. 

The farms are as unique as the owners. Each farm you visit brings its own experiences and products to enjoy. 

Lavender Picking

Cherry Picking

Cherry picking season in Grand Rapids is early July (for sweet cherries) and late July (for tart cherries).

Picking your own cherries can be an involved task–sometimes requiring scaling a couple steps on a ladder. If heights aren’t your thing, you can opt for fresh pre-picked cherries instead.

As with most small farms, check with these cherry picking places (look on their Facebook page or give them a call) to see what is available to pick.

Cherry Picking

Blueberry Picking

Blueberries are ready to be picked around West Michigan from mid-late July through early August. Blueberries are easy to pick yourself–it’s a good way to save a little money while making some fun memories.

Blueberries do freeze well–my kids love to snack on them frozen throughout the year. We stock our chest freezer in July and enjoy Michigan berries all year long.

If you’re planning to do the berry picking, check with the farm before heading over (on their Facebook page or give them a call) to see what picking is like for the day. During peak season they can get “picked out” before their normal closing times.

Blueberry Picking

Raspberry Picking

Raspberries are one of the few fruits I’ll happily let someone else pick for me! Raspberry picking in West Michigan typically starts in mid-July and runs through early-August.

Raspberry bushes tend to be pokey–bring gloves along to protect your hands from any irritation.

Many farms also offer pre-picked berries–just ask!

Raspberry Picking

Peach Picking

Is there anything better than a freshly-picked, perfectly-ripe Michigan peach?! It’s one of life’s most delicious pleasures.

Peach picking in Grand Rapids starts mid-August and only runs a few weeks. Different peach varieties are ready at different times–so be sure to ask what types are available for U-pick.

Peach Picking

Sunflower Picking

Late summer is sunflower season in most of Michigan. The lower part of the state tends to harvest sunflowers earlier, but the bloom time really depends on the variety of sunflowers being grown on the Michigan farm.

If you’d like, you could chase sunflowers around Michigan starting in July and ending in September. You’ll find them planted in the Lower and Upper Peninsula of the Mitten State.

Sunflower Picking

Apple Picking

When cool mornings and crisp fall air start to settle in, that’s when my mind turns to apple picking, the yummy things we’ll make with our apples, and the other fun fall activities we’re in for when we visit the apple orchard.

From August to October, Grand Rapids area families can visit a U Pick orchard and enjoy the experience of picking their own apples from a tree!

Apple Picking

Pumpkin Picking

Visiting a local pumpkin farm or apple orchard isn’t only about bringing home produce – it’s about being outside surrounded by the beauty of autumn and making family memories.

Most pumpkin patches cater to families with fun fall activities that are a hit with the kids.

Pumpkin Picking

Fruit Picking Map 

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the ultimate west michigan berry picking guide

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