Ice Cream Places: 27 Yummy Ice Cream Shops with the Best Scoops

scoopers ice cream shop - ice cream places in ada michigan

Ice Cream Places Serving up the Best Scoops

One of the best things to do in the summer is to walk, bike, or drive to your favorite ice cream places and cool off with frozen sweet treats or desserts.

Superman is an obvious choice in any Michigan ice cream shop, as is Mackinac Island Fudge.

Ice Cream Garage Ice Cream Shop Mural

The Ice Cream Garage – an Ice Cream Place in Grand Rapids

But if you want something different, lots of our fave places are serving up mitten pops, chubby unicorns, grasshopper sundaes, and more.

Gotta Try Ice Cream Shops

These are the best ice cream places, serving anything from tried and true hard-serve vanilla to the weirdest ice cream creations local shop owners have come up with.

Jersey Junction Ice Cream Shop
Jersey Junction Ice Cream Parlor in East Grand Rapids, MI

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Best Ice Cream Places in West Michigan

In no particular order, the best ice cream shops in West Michigan are:

1 – Elsa’s Grand Rapids

121 Ionia Ave SW Suite 135, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Opens June 30, 2023

Why You’ll Want to Check Out this Unique Shop
Elsa’s speaks to all ice cream lovers, offering both hand-dipped MOO-ville ice cream and frozen yogurt. (How many times does a friend want fro-yo and you just want hand-dipped and one of you always ends up disappointed?)

Elsa’s opening June 30, 2023

What to Order
Frozen yogurt wins here, because … toppings. Alll the toppings.

Elsa’s is at the popular Studio Park in downtown Grand Rapids

2 – Fluff Buckets Cotton Candy & Ice Cream Shop

3917 Leland Ave NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321
Opens April 25, 2023

Why You’ll Want to Check Out this Unique Shop
Ice cream shop meets gourmet cotton candy at Fluff Buckets new place in Comstock Park.

Fluff Buckets Cotton Candy Comstock Park
Soft Opening April 25. Grand Opening May 6, 2023

What to Order
Try “every fluff’n flavor” of cotton candy as they say, or build your own unique sweet creation with their Build-a-Bucket menu. Cotton candy, cereal, or waffle cookies are options for the base. Add ice cream, toppings, and sauce to seal the deal.

Ice cream Fluff Buckets Cotton Candy  concoction Comstock Park (800 × 1100 px)
Cotton candy with ice cream and marshmallow fruity pebbles at Fluff Buckets

3 – Jersey Junction

652 Croswell Ave SE, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Open Early March – End of October

Why People Love Jersey Junction Ice Cream Place
The nostalgia level at Jersey Junction is #1. This adorable red ice cream parlor in downtown East Grand Rapids boasts a 1950’s diner vibe, complete with an antique school bench you can sign (respectfully) and lots of candy choices.

jersey junction ice cream shop grand rapids

Don’t forget to look up and watch the Polar Express make its rounds overhead as you place your order. (It’s the Polar Express because Chris VanAllsburg’s mom founded Jersey Junction.)

What to Order
Waffle cones are made on-site and are amazing. Pair it with their wide selection of Hudsonville Ice Cream.

Jersey Junction exterior of building. One of the best ice cream places in Grand Rapids.
Jersey Junction is an iconic ice cream spot in East Grand Rapids

4 – Frosty Boy Grand Rapids

1757 Plainfield Ave Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Open March – October

Why People Love Frosty Boy Grand Rapids
They’re always whipping up new concoctions at Frosty Boy GR!

Lots of options at Frosty Boy, including soft serve. There’s something to please everyone in your party, including GF, DF and vegan options.

What to Order
Fan faves are the lemon soft serve and flavor-packed flurries.

Want to go extra? Order the Flintstone Sunday – featuring lemon soft serve, cherry cone dip and Fruity Pebbles cereal, topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

5 – Captain Sundae

537 W. Main, Zeeland, MI, 49464
365 Douglas, Holland, MI, 49424
247 West 40th, Holland, MI, 49424

Why People Love Captain Sundae Ice Cream Places
Ice cream treats galore with a super happy atmosphere, Captain Sundae’s Holland locations are popular stops on the way to or from the beach. Their Douglas Ave location also has Pirate’s Landing Mini Golf.

What to Order
The Tommy Turtle sundae! Creamy vanilla ice cream topped with rich hot fudge, caramel, honey roasted pecans, whipped cream, and a cherry. A crowd-pleaser for generations.

Tommy Turtle sundae at Captain Sundae Ice Cream Shop
Tommy Turtle sundae at Captain Sundae Ice Cream Shop
Captain Sundae knows that ice cream is always better with mini golf.

6 – Underground Cookie Club

5422 Division Ave S, Kentwood, MI 49548
Open Year-Round

Why People Love the Underground Cookie Club Ice Cream Place
The Underground Cookie Club is not your average ice cream shop. This fantastic destination is described as a dessert sanctuary and it’s easy to see why.

Their gourmet ice cream sandwiches are sure to delight your eyes and your mouth.

What to Order
Adventurers looking for a flavor (and color) explosion must try The Chubby Unicorn.
Superman ice cream is layered with rainbow sugar cookies and topped with sprinkles before being rolled in Fruity Pebbles.

The Chubby Unicorn - Underground Cookie Club
The Chubby Unicorn – Underground Cookie Club

7 – The Pump House

30 N Main St, Rockford, MI 49341
Open Year-Round

Why People Love The Pump House
You can craft your own ice cream masterpiece at The Pump House. Fill your cup with frozen yogurt, sorbet or custard and then load it up with whatever toppings you like from their giant toppings bar.

What to Order
The Cookie Monster is liquid froyo base poured out onto a special surface before Oreo cookies are mixed in, before being spread then finally scraped into delightful rolls and topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

8 – Furniture City Creamery

958 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Open Year-Round

Why People Love Furniture City Creamery Ice Cream Place
This ice cream place makes small batch vintage-inspired ice cream, including vegan! It’s always an adventure at Furniture City because they’re always making some new flavor, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

You can also take home their classic makes in pints and enjoy it later.

What to Order
Ice. Cream. Flights. Thank you, Furniture City, for seeing us undecided people and not making us choose just one.

Furniture City Creamery Ice Cream Flights Grand Rapids
Furniture City Creamery Ice Cream Flights
Furniture City Creamery Allergy Friends for Kids

9 – Love’s Ice Cream

435 Ionia Ave SW Stall 106 Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Open Year-Round

Why People Love Love’s Ice Cream
Love’s Ice Cream brings the best ‘real food’ ingredients together with ice cream to their Downtown Market location. Their hand crafted ice cream is from organic grass-fed dairy – and – Grand Rapids’ original vegan gelato.

Sign up for their mailing list to get free ice cream on your birthday.

What to Order at this Ice Cream Shop
Mitten Pop ice cream bar. Love’s takes some of their signature flavors, shapes them into our beloved lower peninsula, then dips into a chocolate shell covering, turning Michigan into a tasty treat.

best ice cream: Loves Ice Cream mitten pop ice cream bar

10 – Pinkie’s Ice Cream

1127 Wealthy St SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Open April – October

Why People Love Pinkie’s Ice Cream
Pinkie’s Ice Cream serves Sherman’s of South Haven Ice Cream, including gluten free and vegan. People love the unique flavors like Honey Lavender.

pinkie's ice cream shop grand rapids

What to Order
Try the turtle sundae on site, and order up some small ice cream tubs to take home for later!

best ice cream shop: Pinkies Ice Cream Shop

11 – Houseman’s

2543 84th St SW, Byron Center, MI 49315
Open March – October

Why People Love Houseman’s Ice Cream Place
Houseman’s Ice Cream is here for you. Complete with dairy-free soft serve ice cream, and specials like Ashby’s “no sugar added” butter pecan.

Houseman's Ice Cream Shop Byron Center
best ice cream: housemans
Houseman’s Ice Cream Shop is in Byron Center

12 – Rocky’s Dairy Depot

110 N Main St, Rockford, MI 49341
Open April – October

Why People Love Rocky’s Dairy Depot
Over 40 years in business, Rocky’s Dairy Depot has an amazing selection of ice cream. Dairy-free, Dole Whips, lactose-free soft serve, plus Mooville’s sugar free vanilla.

What to Order at this Ice Cream Shop
The Rock Pile Sundae is soft-serve vanilla, layered with hot fudge, marshmallow & chocolate rocks, and then topped off with whipped cream and a cherry.

best ice cream: rockys ice cream shop

13 – Scooper’s Ice Cream Shoppe

591 Ada Dr SE, Ada, MI 49301
Open April – October

Why People Love Scooper’s Ice Cream Shoppe
Yes, you can get regular ice cream shop fare at this ice cream stand just outside of Grand Rapids in downtown Ada. But, there’s something else you can get from the hidden menu that not many people know about…

What to Order
Bottom of the barrel cone: When a flavor of ice cream begins to get too low to scoop from, Scooper’s will scrape out the remainder and put it into a new barrel. Once that barrel is full, you get an ever-changing new flavor dubbed Bottom of the Barrel. Every lick is something different!

scoopers ice cream ada michigan

14 – Double Dip Depot 

3284 Remembrance Rd NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534
Open March – September

Why People Love Double Dip Depot
The Double Dip Depot is an ice cream shop near Grand Rapids that also offers drive-through service and mini golf. With an extensive menu and gorgeous patio, families to hang out here.

What to Order
Blue monster: If you’re looking to order something wild on your next trip, go for the Blue Monster. It’s vanilla soft serve ice cream with gummy tentacles, blue magic shell, and monster eyes. 

Blue Monster Sundae Double Dip Depot Grand Rapids
best ice cream: double dip depot

15 – Tippy Cow

3830 Chicago Dr SW, Grandville, Michigan 49418
Open March – September

Why People Love Tippy Cow Ice Cream Place
This local ice cream shop just outside of downtown Grandville is great at serving up their clever creations.

Tippy Cow Ice Cream Shop Grandville MI

What to Order
Party Parfait or Donut SundaeYou’re going to have to choose between a Marge’s Donut Den donut topped with soft serve ice cream, hot caramel, peanuts, whipped cream and a cherry OR a Party Parfait, which is a parfait built inside a frosting lined cup with two layers of Funfetti cake, two layers of ice cream, and alllllllll the sprinkles, whip cream, and cake crumbles.

14 Wild Ice Cream Treats you can order around GR - tippy cow party parfait

16 – Trailside Treats

6294 Belmont Ave NE, Belmont, MI 49306 
Open March – September

Why People Love Trailside Treats
As far as neighborhood ice cream shops go, Trailside Treats is a home run. Located steps away from Rogue River Park and the White Pine Trail, this is a natural gathering place.

They have so many frozen treats to choose from: ice cream cones, frozen yogurt, smoothies flurries, shakes, and malts – they even have doggie sundaes …. and that’s just for starters. Plus deliciously amazing homemade waffle cones. Now offering Lactose-Free options as well.

What to Order
Grasshopper sundae: Vanilla soft serve layers with crushed Oreos, crème de menthe sauce, and coconut flakes.

Trailside Treats Ice Cream Shop Belmont M
Bike the White Pine Trail to Trailside Treats in Belmont

17 – Chapel Charlie’s Cup & Cone

2361 Riley St, Hudsonville, MI 49426 
Open March – September

Why People Love Chapel Charlie’s Cup & Cone
With a full menu, people love to come for dinner and top it off with an ice cream dessert… or homemade fudge.

chapel charlie's ice cream shop grand rapids

chapel charlie's ice cream shop grand rapids

What to Order
One pound banana split: You can build this colossal classic with either soft serve flavors or with your choice of flavors of  fresh, hand-dipped Ashby’s premium ice cream from Ludington, Michigan.

Chapel Charlie's Cup and Cone Banana Split

18 – Ice Cream Garage

4030 Lake Michigan Dr NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534
Open April – September

Why People Love Ice Cream Garage
Serving up Hudsonville ice cream, flurries, old fashioned malts and doggie ice cream, the Ice Cream Garage is the place to get frozen treats in Standale. Plus, enjoy the Ice Cream Garage’s ever-changing mural.

Ice Cream Garage Ice Cream Shop Mural
The Ice Cream Garage periodically changes up their murals

What to Order
Roadkill sundae: It doesn’t get wilder than the Roadkill Sundae. The Ice Cream Garage layers scoops of Hudsonville Deer Traxx ice cream, topped with hot fudge, sour gummi worms, and whipped cream.

road kill sundae garage ice cream shop
Road Kill Sundae at the Ice Cream Garage

19 – Frosty Cove

2565 Lakeshore Dr, Muskegon, MI 49441
Open March – September

What to Order
The Whaler: Scoops of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry cheesecake, and orange-pineapple ice creams, with swirls of chocolate syrup, cherry topping, strawberry pieces, crushed pineapple, a whole banana, whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkles for a GIANT ice cream trea

14 Wild Ice Cream Treats you can order around GR - the frosty cove

20 – Custard by the Dam

25 S Squires Street Sq Rockford, MI 49341
Open March – September

Why People Love Custard by the Dam
Over 30 flavors of frozen custard to choose from, plus dairy free vegan soft serve Temptation. AND Ashby’s premium hard dip ice cream!

What to Order
Try the pineapple Dole whip. (Dole whip is a dairy-free soft serve, and delicious for anyone.)

21 – Tastefull Vegan Dessert Shop

2265 Porter St. SW, Wyoming, MI 49519
Open March – October

Why People Love Tastefull Vegan Dessert Shop
This is Michigan’s first female minority owned vegan ice cream shop. Everything they serve is completely free of the top eight allergens and tastes incredible.

What to Order
The soft-serve vanilla is so good, you won’t even know it’s vegan.

Tastefull Vegan ice cream shop

22 – Sweet Rewards

6969 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49548
Open Year Round

Why People Love Sweet Rewards Ice Cream Shop
This Cutlerville ice cream place has been a community staple for 21 years. Walk up or drive through, you’ll be treated to great ice cream and service on your visit.

sweet rewards ice cream shop grand rapids
Sweet Details Ice Cream Shop is in Cutlerville, MI

What to Order
We can’s choose between the Kit Kat & Twix Flurries and the many flavors of Dole Whip on rotation. Maybe we’ll just have to get both!

Kit Kat & Twix Flurries Sweet Rewards Ice Cream Shop
Kit Kat & Twix Flurries at Sweet Rewards
Dole Whip Sweet Creations
Dole Whip at Sweet Rewards

23 – The Cone Shoppe

1225 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids MI 49503

Why People Love The Cone Shoppe
It’s the soft-serve mecca in downtown Grand Rapids!
24+ flavors or soft-serve, Dole Whip, Flurries, Shakes, Malts, Sundaes and more make up the menu at this woman-owned ice cream shop.

What to Order
Move over, iced coffee, the Nitro Cold Brew Float is what’s gonna caffeinate us this summer!

The Cone Shoppe Nitro Cold Brew Float
The Cone Shoppe Nitro Cold Brew Float

24 – Ice Cream Caboose

6300 Alden Nash, Alto, MI 49302
Open April – September

Why People Love the Ice Cream Caboose
Your ice cream is served from a train caboose! Plus, it’s just minutes away from Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park, making it an easy stop on your way home.

What to Order
You have to get a Locomotion! They are like a flurry – choose your mix-ins and enjoy. Or, if you’re in a savory mood, get the cheese curds.

ice cream caboose alto michigan

25 – Dairy De-lite

3950 W River Dr NE Comstock Park, MI 49321
Open April – September

Why People Love Dairy De-lite
This Comstock Park gem has amazing ice cream at just-right prices. Plus, it’s located right next to the White Pine Trail for easy access on your bike ride and across the street from a park and the local library.

What to Order at this Ice Cream Shop
Try the Bahama Parfait – it’s vanilla ice cream layered with pineapple, strawberries, and coconut. Yum!

Dairy DeLite Ice Cream Shop
Dairy De-lite

26 – Flavors on the Promenade

8 E Bridge St NE, Rockford, MI 49341
Open year round

Why People Love Flavors on the Promenade
Flavors on the Promenade is not your typical ice cream shop. The ice cream at this Rockford shop is rolled, not scooped, for starters. Beyond that, the menu is loaded with crepes and specialty coffee drinks.

flavors on the promenade rolled ice cream rockford MI
I Doughn’t Care Rolled Ice Cream at Flavors on the Promenade

What to Order at this Ice Cream Shop
It’s hard to decide between all of the fun flavors here, but the “I Doughn’t Care” will probably hit the spot – it’s Cookie Dough ice cream topped with a Chocolate Drizzle and a Chocolate Chip Cookie – and is even available gluten-free!

flavors on the promenade rolled ice cream in rockford mi

27 – The Sweet Spot

6800 Cannonsburg Rd. NE, Belmont, Mi 49306
Open year round

Why People Love The Sweet Spot
This is a great spot to grab ice cream or another sweet treat on your visit to Cannonsburg.

Sweet Spot Cannonsburg ice cream stand

What to Order at this Ice Cream Shop
The Dole Whip flavors change often. Be sure to get the latest offering!

Sweet Spot ice cream dole whip

Best Ice Cream Places Map

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