Walking Reeds Lake Trails Will Make You Forget You’re in the Middle of Grand Rapids

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Everybody Loves East Grand Rapids’ Reeds Lake Trails

Reeds Lake
750 Lakeside Drive SE, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Lake views in the middle of Grand Rapids? Sure thing, we’ve got them!

Reeds Lake is our worst kept secret: everybody knows about it and everybody loves it. Reeds Lake is a welcomed haven located in the middle of East Grand Rapids. Reeds Lake Trail offers just over a 4 mile loop around the entire lake. 

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Reeds Lake Trail Details

The mid-distance loop and the picturesque setting make it a popular spot for both runners and families. The trial is anchored near John Collins Park which also serves as a great place for a post-run stretch or a picnic with your family.

Reeds Lake Trail At a Glance

Trail Difficulty: Easy with a few climbing hills.

Dogs Allowed? Yes, this is a popular spot for dogs.

Facilities: Restrooms available in the parks seasonally.

Stroller Friendly? Yes, I’d recommend a jogging stroller if you’re going the whole way around.

Time of Year Accessible: Open year-round.

Street parking is free near John Collins Park (by Rose’s restaurant). During peak times, it can be difficult to find parking near there. I suggest checking the parking garage just down Wealthy Street by the butterfly sculpture. It’s tucked behind the cul-de-sac by Athleta. It’s just a short walk from there to the trail.

Reeds Lake Trails John Collins

If you head north on Lakeside Drive (away from East Grand Rapids High School and the library), you’ll quickly encounter some boardwalk adventures!

Reeds Lake Trails scooter

Wildlife Abounds at Waterfront Park

The boardwalk trails around Reeds Lake technically are called Waterfront Park. We love this spot and spend most of our time here wherever we visit. 

Reeds Lake Trails boardwalk

There are plenty of opportunities for little explorers to peek through lily pads to try and spot whatever wildlife they may find. It’s not uncommon to see water-loving birds, minnows, and frogs as you pass. 

While we brought a scooter along for this trial, they are not allowed on any of the boardwalk areas (same goes for bikes, rollerblades, or skateboards).

Pro-Tips to Make the Most of Your Visit to Reeds Lake

The trails are largely stroller-friendly (especially a jogging stroller) and a welcomed retreat for dogs. The paths are primarily paved and welcoming to your four-legged friends.

Reeds Lake Trails jogging stroller

It’s no secret that Grand Rapidians love Reeds Lake. Be prepared for heavy traffic on beautiful days…and moderate traffic on mediocre days. It’s always a little busy, but worth weathering a few new friends to explore. 

Reeds Lake Trails picnic

If you’re looking to extend your visit–pack a picnic! We walked for a bit (we certainly did not make it 4 miles with a kindergartner on a scooter) and turned around with the promise of lunch waiting at John Collins Park.

Anchors Away! Explore Reeds Lake by Water

Reeds Lake is an all-sport lake. This means you can use a motorboat, a paddle board, a jetski, or kayak to get around on it.

The boat launch is located in John Collins Park and the kayak launch is located behind the Community Center.

Reeds Lake Trails lake

You can also fish (and ice fish) on Reeds Lake as long as you have a fishing license from the DNR.

Reeds Lake Trails green trail

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