UPick Strawberries: 10 West Michigan Farms with the Best Strawberry Picking

upick Strawberries Michigan strawberry picking

Summer Starts with UPick Strawberries

Strawberry picking is at the top of our list in the summer, along with our many other fun summer activities.

Raising my kids in West Michigan, surrounded by so many amazing farms, finding the best places for u-pick fruit is a given.

And in West Michigan, strawberries kick off fruit picking season.

Want to extend the fun? Make it a road trip and head to one of southwest Michigan’s upick strawberry farms.

Kids finding U-Pick Strawberries at Ed Dunneback Farm

Michigan Strawberry Picking

Michigan strawberry picking season is in early to mid-June through early July in some places. The season can be short depending on weather conditions and the type of strawberries the farms have planted.

Typically, berries ripen and are available to pick at Grand Rapids area fruit farms a week or two into June, but that varies from year to year.

Where to Find UPick Strawberries

Other area farms offer strawberries for sale at their stands, but these are the spots where you can pick your own.

It can be cheaper, and you have all the control over which berries you pick and pay for.

Check with the local strawberry patch farmers on this list for their specific strawberry picking details.

* We are updating this article as we get information from farmers on their 2024 upick strawberries seasons. If you see 2023 info on here, it’s because we do not have 2024 dates yet.

Map of Strawberry Picking Farms

Find U-Pick strawberries near me

List of Strawberry Picking Places

Beard’s Produce

2751 140th Ave, Dorr, MI 49323

About UPick Strawberries Here:
Families love the big, delicious berries at this well-organized farm. Upick strawberries, blueberries, and corn are available.

Already picked berries and sweet corn available as well.

Check their social media for updates.

Strawberry Picking Dates

2024 UPick Info:
Opening date: June 1, 2024

The driveway entrance will be off 27th Street, between 140th and 142nd. This is not our main farm entrance. Watch for signs.

Strawberry Picking Prices

Upick Strawberry Prices: $2.50 per pound for Upick. Return last year’s boxes to avoid the $1 box charge.

CASH or check only. (No $ apps and NO cards accepted)

Bird Berry Farm

5256 Belding Rd, Belding, MI 48809

About UPick Strawberries Here:
Get amazing strawberries and blueberries at Bird Berry Farm.

This farm is great for kids with great pricing.

Ready-picked strawberries and blueberries as well.

Strawberry Picking Dates

2024 UPick Info:
Opening date: June 6 or 7, 2024
Please call ahead , before traveling, to check on the strawberry status (616) 794-5041.

Strawberry Picking Prices

2023 Upick Strawberry Prices: $2.15 per pound

Crisp Country Acres

5888 120th Ave, Holland, MI 49424

About UPick Strawberries Here:

The U-Pick field is open Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 6 PM & Saturday, 8 AM – 5 PM.

Stop by the farm store when you arrive to get directions.  You are welcome to bring your own containers along to pick into.  We will need to weigh the containers before you start picking. 

Strawberry Picking Dates

2024 UPick Info:
Opening date: June 1, 2024

Make sure you check their Facebook or Instagram account for updates before you come.

Strawberry Picking Prices

Upick Strawberry Prices: $3.25 / pound

DeLange’s Redberry Farm

5723 Port Sheldon St, Hudsonville, MI 49426

About UPick Strawberries Here:
DeLange’s Redberry Farm is a family favorite.

The U-pick strawberries are plentiful and easy to pick.

Upick strawberries are located down the road from their store. U-pick raspberries are also available.

Strawberry Picking Dates

2024 UPick Info:
Opening date: June 3, 2024
Check Facebook for picking updates in case of field closures.

Strawberry Picking Prices

2023 Upick Strawberry Prices: $3.25 per pound and you need a DeLange’s u-pick box for picking in the field (bring one from years past or buy a new one for $1.)

Strawberry Farms Activities

Bonus Activities:  Stop by the store for farm-fresh eggs, rhubarb, honey, pumpkins, and apples as well as pre-picked berries.

DeLange’s Redberry Farm U -pick strawberries

Michigan Strawberry Picking - DeLange’s Redberry Farm

Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm

3025 6 Mile Rd, Grand Rapids, MI 49544

About UPick Strawberries Here:
Ed Dunneback & Girls is more than just u-pick strawberries… it’s a destination.
Fantastic fruit, market, activities, special events and more.

Strawberry Picking Dates

2024 UPick Info:
Opening date: June 5, 2024

Call the Strawberry Hotline (616) 784-2820 to get u-pick updates and conditions. Sign up for a strawberry picking time slot on their website

Strawberry Picking Prices

Upick Strawberry Prices: Minimum picking is a 4-quart bucket (6 lbs) for $16

You must pick in their buckets but may transfer to your own container after checking out or purchase one of their boxes for $1.00

Strawberry Farms Activities

Bonus Activities:  In addition to strawberries, there are also u-pick sweet cherries, asparagus, apples, and pumpkins.

UPick Strawberries - Ed Dunneback and Girls
Reserve a Spot for Ed Dunneback U-pick Strawberries

Hanulcik Farm Market & Orchard

1425 N State Rd (M-66), Ionia MI 48846
 (616) 527-3630

About UPick Strawberries Here:
With their many varieties of strawberries, Hanulcik will have both fresh-picked berries at the market AND pick your own strawberries.

They should have strawberries from mid-June into July.

Strawberry Picking Dates

2024 UPick Info:
Opening date: June 7, 2024

Call ahead (616) 527-3630 for updates and to check pick-your-own conditions before you come out.

Strawberry Picking Prices

Upick Strawberry Prices: $2.20 per pound

Feel free to bring your own containers to pick your own OR buy empty quart boxes to pick in for .30 cents each, and empty 8 quart size trays for $1.75 each.

Hanulcik Farm Market & Orchard upick strawberries

Krupp Farms*

8025 Krupp Ave., Comstock Park, MI 49321

About UPick Strawberries Here:
It’s so easy to pick strawberries at Krupp Farms. Everything is well marked with a friendly staff. All at a great price for some fresh, delicious berries and a great picking experience.

*They do not take orders over Facebook or messenger! Please call! Thank you!!

Strawberry Picking Dates

2024 UPick Info:
Opening date: June 8, 2024
U-pick hours Monday – Saturday 7 AM – Noon based on availability.
Please call for afternoon availability.

No appointment needed, but check their social media before heading out, as they will close strawberry picking when the fields are empty.

Strawberry Picking Prices

Upick Strawberry Prices: $2.50 per pound, containers provided.
Pls. Limit 2 children per adult.
*All based on weather/availability

Strawberry Farms Farming Practices Organic

Farming Practices:  While not a totally organic farm, we employ many ecologically friendly practices such as fertilizing our crops with fish, sugar, garlic, and compost.

Strawberry Farms Activities

Bonus Activities:  Along with u-pick strawberries and raspberries, you’ll also find asparagus, cut flowers, a petting zoo, and an ice cream shop.

Morse Brothers

2901 6 Mile Rd, Comstock Park, MI 49321

About UPick Strawberries Here:

Already picked strawberries, and in fall, gourds & pumpkins.

Strawberry Picking Dates

2024 UPick Info:
Opening date: TBD for 2024.

Veenstra Family Strawberry Farm

8515 S 200th Ave, Holton, MI 49425

About UPick Strawberries Here:
U-Pick Strawberries at a small family strawberry patch. Call for updates or check their Facebook page.

*Please remember to bring containers to take your berries home in.

Strawberry Picking Dates

2024 UPick Info:
Opening date: Opened on June 3, 2024.

We will be open for you-pick from 8 AM – 10 AM, unless the fields are filled up and picked over sooner (which may cause us to close before 10, so please call before coming out.) 231-821-0182

Strawberry Picking Prices

2023 Upick Strawberry Prices: $2.10 a pound

Visser Farms

7200 112th Ave, Holland, MI 49424

About UPick Strawberries Here:
Picking is fast and easy at Visser Farms. The berries are large, plentiful and delicious. Find them throughout west Michigan at various farmer’s markets – and they have a CSA program.

One thing to note, there is a lot of irrigation pipe in our fields. Please follow the signs in our fields and do not run over any pipe you see.

Strawberry Picking Dates

2024 UPick Info:
Opening date: May 30, 2024

Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8 PM, Saturday 8 AM – 12 PM.

Please check our Social Media pages or call our voicemail for updates.

Strawberry Picking Prices

Upick Strawberry Prices: $3.25 / lb, containers provided.

Pre-picked berries are $7/ quart or $56 / flat.

They accept cash, check, card or Venmo at the Berry Shack.

Strawberry Farms Farming Practices Organic

Farming Practices:   Sustainable Farming. We are not an organic farm, but we strive to only use chemicals when the quality of the crop is threatened by pests or disease.

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Strawberry Picking Tips

Pro Tips for Strawberry Picking

It’s a good idea to call ahead or visit the farm’s Facebook page before you head out to pick strawberries. Some places are only open by reservation.

When you call, ask:
“Are you picking today? When are you offering U-Pick?” 
Not all U-pick days are created equal.  Aim for a day where the berry picking is plentiful and close together and the picking will be easier, especially for younger kids.

“What type of payment do you accept?” and “What’s the price?
Be prepared to bring cash. Some places take checks. Smaller operations may not have the ability to accept credit cards.

“Is there a restroom?”
It’s a good idea to know the status of the facilities, especially if you’re bringing kids along.

“How do we find you?” 
Often, the address listed by a farm is for the main farmhouse, office, or farm market.  And it can be really hard for a GPS to pinpoint a field of strawberries if it doesn’t have its own separate address.  So, go old-fashioned and get directions when you call.

“What do we need to bring?” 
Bringing your own containers to transport your fruit home is common across West Michigan.

What to Do With the Strawberries You Picked

We always make sure to pick extra to enjoy on the car ride home, and as soon as we get back, it’s time for strawberry shortcake!

But if you come home with 17 pounds of strawberries like my family often does, you’ll need some more options.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use all those fresh-picked strawberries:

Did We Miss Any?

Is your favorite place for west Michigan strawberry picking missing? Let us know and we’ll add it our list!

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