Heidi’s Farmstand & Bakery: Come for the Corn Maze, Stay for the Apple Cider Slushies & Pumpkin Patch

heidi's farmstand

Heidi’s Farmstand and Bakery in Lowell, MI

Heidi’s Farmstand is known for it’s plentiful garden stand and variety of delicious homemade donuts and baked goods. Customers go out of their way to make a trip to Heidi’s just for the cider slushees and pumpkin donuts.

And when September hits, the fall activities come in. They’ve got pumpkins for days, a fun play area, and 10-acre corn maze with two levels.

Fall Things to do at Heidi’s

Heidi’s Farmstand is a simpler farm destination that still packs in a lot of fun, making it nice for those not wanting to be overwhelmed by crowds and tons of options.

Here are all the things you can do at Heidi’s this fall.

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Heidi's Farmstand and Bakery
11999 Cascade Road, Lowell, MI 49334

Fall Fun in Lowell

Heidi's Farmstand and Bakery Overview

Come enjoy a stroll through the corn maze, a colorful hayride, or pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

In the farm market, you will find a complete selection of all the great fall crops in Michigan - apples, cider, squash, strawberries, and other produce.

Heidi’s Farmstand is a family operation established in 2006.

The Blough family has been in the Lowell area since 1949 when Grandpa Noah bought the farm on Cascade Road. Heidi’s is a partnership between three cousins.

The goal of Heidi’s Farmstand is to bring fresh, homegrown, and local food to the community.

Heidi's Farmstand and Bakery Offerings:

  • Corn Maze
  • Hayrides
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Homemade Donuts
  • Bakery
  • Farmers Market
  • Play Area

Pro Tips for Your Visit

Heidi's bakes up delicious donuts, so don't visit without trying one of their vanilla cake varieties or a seasonal festive pumpkin donut.

Getting in and out of Heidi's is super easy. It is located on the corner of Cascade and Alden Nash, just off of I-96.

Heidi's Farmstand is bursting with fresh produce. Try one of the tomatoes grown from their 30ft vines!

Hayrides at Heidi's

Heidi's Farmstand sometimes offers tractor-drawn hayrides.

Check their Facebook page for updates or call the Farmstand.

Heidi's Farmstand hayride

Pumpkin Patch at Heidi's

The Pumpkin Patch opens on September 22, 2023.

You can hunt for the best ever pumpkins in the massive 5-acre pumpkin picking area.

Or, if picking your own isn't your thing, there are dozens of already picked pumpkins available as well.

Heidi's Farmstand pumpkin patch

Corn Maze at Heidi's

Maze Opening Date - Sep 15, 2023
Maze Type - Kids Maze, All Ages Maze

Maze Cost - Weekdays: $6.00 per Adult, $4.50 per Child (ages 3-13)

Weekends: $8.00 per Adult, $6.00 per Child (ages 3-13)

Parents always free with their kids in the Junior Maze

Maze Description -
The corn maze at Heidi’s Farmstand is 10 acres in size and contains two themed mazes (large & junior) for different challenge levels.

They also have a free kiddie Twine Maze for you to enjoy.

There are 5 checkpoints hidden in the large maze (4 in the small maze). Use the virtual punch card and scan the corresponding QR code as you find each checkpoint and then redeem your completed punch card for an 8 oz Cider Slushy. Upgrade to a 12 oz Slushy by finding 3 bonus checkpoints.

The Jr. Maze prize is a sticker.

Flashlight Nights: For an extra challenge, navigate the maze with a flashlight in the dark, every Friday and Saturday night in October. The maze is not haunted.

Donuts & Cider at Heidi's

The cider slushy reigns supreme at Heidi’s.

And while getting one of their delectable donuts is all the rage, some people spring for one of their homemade cookies.

The double dutch chocolate is a hot seller. (Chocolate goes with apple cider, right?)

* Heidi’s signature cake donuts are made fresh daily.
* Their donuts are all hand-dipped in 7 tasty toppings.
* Cider Slushies are perfect for those warm fall afternoons.

Heidi's Farmstand cider

Heidi's Farmstand cider

Play Area at Heidi's

If there already isn't enough to do at Heidi's, kids will love the barrel train rides and playing on the giant tube slides.

There's also a free Twine Maze for kids to make their way through.

Heidi's Farmstand play area

Farm Market at Heidi's

The Farmstand boasts over 20 different types of fruits and vegetables, all right from their fields or from local farmers.

With several green houses, produce is available beyond the typical growing season in Michigan.

Don't forget to also check out some of their canned goods in the Farmstand, like jam, salsa, pickles and BBQ sauce.

Heidi's Farmstand farmers market

Heidi's farmstand and bakery

Farm Open Hours:
Monday – Friday: 6:30 AM – 6 PM
Saturday: 7 AM – 5 PM
Open until 10 PM on Fridays & Saturdays in October
Closed Sunday

Call to inquire about bringing pets.

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