Cruise this FREE 90-Min Route for Epic Christmas Light Displays in Coopersville, Walker & Allendale

Coopersville Shines on this West Michigan Christmas Lights Route

Coopersville is West Michigan’s sleeper Christmas lights location! Who knew that this little burg just off of the highway is filled with villagers that deck the streets in style?!

When you follow this mapped route, you start at the Christmas lights tunnel in NW Grand Rapids, where an entire neighborhood shares thousands of lights strung together throughout yards and up and down the street.

After visiting a few more displays, head to Allendale, where you’ll ride in wonder past miles of colorful trees and a fire truck loaded with all the dancing lights.

The route culminates in Coopersville with a drive down Candy Cane Lane. While you’re there, enjoy a pit stop for pizza and walk the cute downtown.

End the evening at the house that could give Clark Griswold a run for his money. (Will we need sunglasses for this?) It’s definitely one of the most dazzling Christmas light displays in West Michigan.

Stops on the Walker-Allendale-Coopersville Christmas Lights Route

Here are details for each stop on the route.

Click on a (map it) link to access Google Maps driving directions to that destination.

STOP # 0
1830 8th St NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504
(map it)
The neighbors got together and created a tree-to-tree Christmas tunnel down their street!

Starting at this corner, drive down the road and enjoy the hand-strung Christmas lights that extend down the entire street and around the cul-de-sac.

STOP # 1
1908 8th St NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504
(map it)
Now leaving the Christmas lights tunnel - wave goodbye to this cool display and get ready to see more great lights in Allendale and Coopersville!
STOP # 2
2460 Bristolwood Drive, Walker MI 49544
(map it)

Synchronized Christmas Light show

Tune in to 90.1 FM

15-20 minute show runs the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas Day

Hours: Thursday- Sunday 6-10 PM
Every night the week of CHRISTMAS!

Different playlists each night

STOP # 3
2398 Glenvalley NW, Grand Rapids MI 49544
(map it)

Yard FULL of lights!
STOP # 4
2809 Valley Ave NW, Walker MI 49544
(map it)

Great display on corner lot! Lots of lights, even on their back deck/pool area!
STOP # 5
3843 Stowe Ave NW, Grand Rapids MI 49544
(map it)

In memorial of our son for the second year, we have decorated our yard and part of the neighbor's yard.

In addition to inflatables, the lights on the house and two of the trees are synced to music.

Santa we be available on Christmas Eve from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Display will we be up and running from dusk to dawn, weather depending.

STOP # 6
13880 Ironwood Drive NW, Grand Rapids MI 49534
(map it)

A 3 house display set to music on 95.1 FM.

Raising funds for Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids

STOP # 7
1839 Stark Ave, Walker MI 49534
(map it)

Yard full of lights, figures, nativity, Santa, etc!
STOP # 8
1548 Stark Ave NW, Walker MI 49504
(map it)

Tune to 103.5 FM

We have 8 total songs and 2,370 lights

Show runs Sunday-Thursday from 5:30 PM to 10 PM and Friday and Saturday from 5:30 PM to 11 PM

Now through January 9

STOP # 9
3706 Lawn St NW, Grand Rapids MI 49534
(map it)

Corner lot with lights around whole yard. Lots of inflatables
STOP # 10
6610 Lake Michigan Dr, Allendale MI 49401
(map it)

Drive by the Engine House No 5 Museum to see the building covered with lights.

Plus the firetruck outside is decorated with dancing lights. Great photo opp!

STOP # 11
Lake Michigan Drive, Allendale MI 49401
(map it)

MILES of colorful trees in the median as you make your way through Allendale!

230 trees are lit up and then each tree ranges from 13 to 15 strands and then each strand has about 50 little lights on it. So if you add them all up, we’re close to about 150,000 little bulbs. The lights will be on display throughout the month of January. Shine Holiday Lighting of Holland created the display.

STOP # 12
12385 92nd Ave, Allendale MI 49401
(map it)

Runs nightly Dec 1 - Christmas, 6 PM – 9 PM.

Tune into 95.1 FM

Collecting for the Allendale Fire Department for the 2022 season

STOP # 13
574 Venna Place, Coopersville MI 49404
(map it)

Turns on Thanksgiving Night
STOP # 14
94 W Randall St, Coopersville MI 49404
(map it)

Inflatables surround this cute house
STOP # 15
327 Main Street, Coopersville MI 49404
(map it)

Take a break from your driving tour to walk around downtown Coopersville.

Enjoy the community tree and grab pizza at 327 Pizza & Pub.

If you time it right, catch a ride on the Coopersville & Marne Santa Train.

STOP # 16
326 Lincoln Street, Coopersville MI 49404
(map it)

This house on Lincoln begs you to jump out of your car and walk through the tunnel while enjoying the neighborhood lights.

While you're here, take a minute to drive up and down Lincoln, Madison & Danforth to see the rest of Candy Cane Lane (put 147 Madison Street in your GPS to help you get there if needed.)

STOP # 17
171 Eastmanville Street, Coopersville MI 49404
(map it)

A little bit of everything is going on at this house

Inflatables, dancing lights, music and walk-through arches

STOP # 18
450 Lincoln St, Coopersville MI 49404
(map it)

The final stop on your Coopersville light tour is a BIG WOW. We're not sure how many lights cover this house but the glow can be seen for miles.

Great job, 450 Lincoln St, your Christmas spirit is off the charts!


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