Fallasburg Park in Lowell: Covered Bridge, Trails, & Playground Make for Maximum Family Fun

Fallasburg Park Covered Bridge

About Fallasburg Park

Fallasburg Park
1124 Fallasburg Road, Lowell, MI 49331

Fallasburg Park is just so beautiful! This picturesque park located just north of Lowell in the historic Fallasburg community.

Spanning over 250 acres, this is a popular place for kids and families to take in a hike, explore an historic covered bridge, fish, or take fall family photos.

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The large park has many places to park and explore. This map will help you figure out where to go when you visit. Two popular places are the play area by the enclosed structure and the covered bridge.

Fallasburg Park creek Hunt

When my friends and I visited, we let the kids get their energy out at the play structure with the big tire swings. Located by the enclosed shelter, you’ll know you’ve found the right place when you see the stone archway over the driveway.

Then we began our hike (part of the North Country National Scenic Trail) just behind the play structure, by the maintenance building. The hike wound around to the McPherson Road bridge, across the flat river, past the disc golf, back through the woods, and popped out on Covered Bridge Road.

Fallasburg Park bridge kids Hunt

We enjoyed walking past historic buildings, many of which are residences today. On most Sundays, their school house is open to the public.

Fallasburg Park Beckwith Tavern

We walked over the historic covered bridge, built in 1871, one of only two covered bridges in Michigan that allows vehicle traffic.

Fallasburg Park bridge fall kids

Then we walked past another play structure with the covered picnic tables and down past this adorable creek. You can cross the creek to get to a very small play structure and enjoy the flat grassy plain between the creek and the Flat River.

Fallasburg Park creek jump Hunt

The paved path took us back up to the enclosed shelter and play structure where we started.

And the kids still had enough energy left to race back to the swings for more fun!

Tips for Your Trip From Other Parents

  • Fallasburg has a mix of mature shade trees and, of course, woods hiking, so there are many opportunities to get out of the sun. However, it’s sunny at the covered bridge and the play structures and along the river if you fish.
  • We did not encounter bugs both times we visited in October, but in the summer you’ll want mosquito protection, especially by the Flat River and the creek.
  • The hike from the main enclosed shelter to the covered bridge and then back up past the creek is a very easy walk, but you’ll want a baby carrier for smaller kids. Our kids were aged 3 and up and did the walk mostly without complaint.
  • While Covered Bridge road does take you back in time in a way, remember that you’re still walking on a paved road that cars occasionally travel on – be extra watchful of small children.
Fallasburg Park Flat River views boat
Fallasburg Park play structure

Fallasburg Park FAQ’s

Is this park good for toddlers?

Fallasburg Park Playground

Toddlers would enjoy the smaller play structure by the covered shelter along Covered Bridge road, but may struggle with any hiking. There’s also a small creek nearby and also the Flat River which you’ll want to watch them around.

What amenities are offered?

Fallasburg Park enclosed structure

Fallasburg Park offers hiking, play structures, disc golf, picnic tables, fishing, ball diamonds, a historic covered bridge, covered picnic area, enclosed structure for rentals and restrooms.

How are the bathrooms?

Bathrooms are located at the enclosed shelter and were clean when we were there!

Are there picnic tables and grills?

Fallasburg Park picnic tables

There are many spots to picnic around the park, with a mixture of open picnic tables, a covered pavilion with picnic tables, and an enclosed structure that you can rent.

Is there any shade?

There are many shade trees at Fallasburg and also the woods, but the open areas will require sunscreen in summer.

Can I fly a kite here?

Fallasburg Park grassy plain

Yes! A great spot for kite flying is down the hill behind the enclosed structure, just across the little creek. Here you’ll find a nice open grassy area for kite-flying fun.

Is there an admission fee?

No admission fee for Fallasburg Park.

When is this park open?

Fallasburg Park is open May 1 through October 31 from 7 am to sunset

What is Parking like?

Parking is easy at Fallasburg. There are several places to park in this sprawling place, making it easy to visit different areas (main play structure, smaller structure by the picnic pavilion, and covered bridge) if you have smaller children who can’t walk as far. 

Fallasburg Park walk in woods Hunt

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