Fake Ticket Alert: John Ball Zoo Warns of Scam Activity

John Ball Zoo social media scams

Fake John Ball Zoo Offers Spreading

Hey Grand Rapids, be on the lookout for a scam that is making rounds on social media right now.

John Ball Zoo reports that unauthorized offers of discounted tickets and free memberships are being falsely advertised online. These promotions, appearing on platforms such as Facebook, are in no way affiliated with the actual operations of the Zoo.

Here’s a look at the bogus offers spreading across social media:

Both offers use urgency and the appeal of a significant discount to entice potential victims.

Andy McIntyre, the chief operating officer of John Ball Zoo, warns the community against these fraudulent activities.

He advises individuals to refrain from entering personal or payment information on any websites that are not directly linked to the Zoo’s official channels. All purchases, including GR Lantern tickets, should be made through jbzoo.org

If you come across social media posts from “Giveaway Guys” or an offer selling four zoo tickets for just $6.95, claiming they’re valid for a year and urging quick purchase due to limited availability, it’s not legitimate.

What You Should Do

The Zoo urges anyone who comes across these scam posts to report them immediately to help protect the community and prevent others from being deceived.

For those looking to visit or support the Zoo, official ticket purchases can only be made through jbzoo.org/tickets or at the Zoo’s admissions counter.

Memberships should be acquired directly from jbzoo.org/membership or by contacting the Zoo at 616-336-4312.

The public is encouraged to verify any offers by checking the John Ball Zoo’s official Facebook page or its website.

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