Grandville Calvin Christian Offers Students Tons of Opportunities, Including Spanish Immersion Through 12th Grade

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Grandville Calvin Christian Prepares Students Ages 3-18 for Service in their Community, Family, and Classroom

As a parent, I want a school that provides my kids with a quality education. But just as important as that, I want them to develop relationships, serve their community, and develop real-world skills: basically, I want my kid to become a good human!

Grandville Calvin Christian propels young adults into the world with all of these skills through their four core values:

  • Grounded in Faith
  • Connected Through Relationships
  • Committed to Excellence
  • Prepared for Service
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Their theme this year is “Serving. Together.” This theme emcompasses who they are as a faith community and their call to serve, along with their bond to those around them. 

Everyone at the school is connected through their relationships: in the classroom, with the staff, alumni, and parents. 

The staff at Grandville Calvin Christian is committed to helping the students develop their gifts and see outside themselves to how they can use those gifts for service.

They Offer the Total Package from Early 3’s Preschool To Graduation

Polka Dot Garden Preschool of Grandville Christian prepares your child not only on the spiritual level, but also academically and emotionally. 

They offer English Preschool or Spanish Immersion. 

Their curriculum supports one or two years of early education, and they even have an “early threes” program in the English preschool for those kiddos that are ready to go. 

Sending your preschooler off to school at young ages can be scary, but Polka Dot Garden’s loving and nurturing environment quickly eases parents’ minds. 

GCCS incorporates their core values and theme into these early education programs. They prepare the students for service in their classroom, family, and community by intertwining these messages in their class lessons and chapels.

Grandville Calvin Christian Polkadot preschool students

Spanish Immersion Program Promotes Relationship-Building

Graduates of Grandville Calvin Christian enter the world bilingual and biliterate. This gift opens the door to new opportunities for relationships and service, in our community or others’. 

“Understanding the diversity of God’s creation helps prepare them for service opportunities,” Head of School Eric Burgess says.


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The Spanish Immersion option starts right at preschool, where the students engage in hands-on activities, music, and play all in Spanish. Comprehension is emphasized at this level, and speaking comes as they move up grade levels. 

Kids develop their language skills, and just as importantly they learn to appreciate different cultures. This program isn’t new either – the first group of Spanish students are seniors now!

Grandville Christian School science class hanging out

Small School, Big Opportunities – No Sitting on the Sidelines here!

Over 70% of Grandville Calvin Christian high school students participate in extracurricular activities like sports, theater, music, or robotics. Many are involved in multiple activities, and students get very involved because they know they will get ample opportunities to participate. 

“Because of our size, there are lots of opportunities for involvement,” says Burgess. “We have everything you would see in a big school.” 

Not only are the students involved, they are also talented! State champion track stars, sports teams that go on to the finals – these kids work hard and play harder.

“This goes back to our Commitment to Excellence core value,” shares Burgess.

Grandville Calvin Christian orchestra

Ambassador High Provides Students with Real World Experience Learning in the Community

The Ambassador program empowers students to recognize and develop their God-given talents. Students enrolled in Ambassador High apply for internships at local companies that match up with their interests. 

This community-based learning provides invaluable college and career readiness. Where was this when I was in high school? I’m convinced this program would have saved me thousands of dollars on a degree I was ill-suited for!

What I love most about this program is that the school empowers students to reach out to these businesses on their own. They give them the tools they need, but encourage independence. 

Students are more engaged when they are able to be hands-on in this process. Think of how important of a skill that is for college, job interviews, and beyond!

“We take passions and interests and connect them to real world internships,” says Burgess. 

The school provides activities to determine aptitudes and help the students learn about themselves if they are unsure what interests them. Ambassador High provides a solid path to “being Christ ambassadors out in the community.”

Grandville Calvin Christian graduation seniors

Every program, in every age group, strives to live the mission statement of Grandville Calvin Christian: “Equipping students to serve and glorify God.”

Education is only a small piece in the puzzle that is raising children. Learning in a nurturing environment that emphasizes relationship-building and serving God and your community makes up the rest!

Grandville Calvin Christian

Partnering with families and churches to help students grow in their faith and develop their gifts to glorify God.

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