Grandville Calvin Christian is Packed With Opportunities, Including Spanish Immersion & A Robotics Team

Grandville Calvin Christian Prepares Students Ages 3-18 for Service in their Community, Family, and Classroom

As a parent, I want a school that provides my kids with a quality education. But just as important as that, I want them to develop relationships, serve their community, and develop real-world skills: basically, I want my kid to become a good human!

Grandville Calvin Christian propels young adults into the world with all of these skills through their four core values:

  • Grounded in Faith
  • Connected Through Relationships
  • Committed to Excellence
  • Prepared for Service

Their theme this year is “Rooted and Growing.” GCCS believes that everything that we do that brings glory to God is an act of worship.

Staff will bring into focus the ways that humans worship God daily with the things that we do in our lives that bring honor and glory to Him: from using our God-given gifts in service to others to admiring the beauty of the sunset.

They Offer the Total Package from Early 3’s Preschool To Graduation

Polka Dot Garden Preschool of Grandville Christian prepares your child not only on the spiritual level, but also academically and emotionally. 

They offer English Preschool or Spanish Immersion. 

Their curriculum supports one or two years of early education, and they even have an “early threes” program in the English preschool for those kiddos that are ready to go. 

Sending your preschooler off to school at young ages can be scary, but Polka Dot Garden’s loving and nurturing environment quickly eases parents’ minds. 

GCCS incorporates their core values and theme into these early education programs. They prepare the students for service in their classroom, family, and community by intertwining these messages in their class lessons and chapels.

Spanish Immersion Program Promotes Relationship-Building

Graduates of Grandville Calvin Christian enter the world bilingual and biliterate. This gift opens the door to new opportunities for relationships and service, in our community or others’. 

“Understanding the diversity of God’s creation helps prepare them for service opportunities,” Head of School Eric Burgess says.

The Spanish Immersion option starts right at preschool, where the students engage in hands-on activities, music, and play all in Spanish. Comprehension is emphasized at this level, and speaking comes as they move up grade levels. 

Kids develop their language skills, and just as importantly they learn to appreciate different cultures. This program isn’t new either – they graduated their first group of Spanish students in 2022!

Small School, Big Opportunities – No Sitting on the Sidelines here!

Over 70% of Grandville Calvin Christian high school students participate in extracurricular activities like sports, theater, music, or robotics. Many are involved in multiple activities, and students get very involved because they know they will get ample opportunities to participate. 

“Because of our size, there are lots of opportunities for involvement,” says Burgess. “We have everything you would see in a big school.” 

Not only are the students involved, they are also talented! State champion track stars, sports teams that go on to the finals – these kids work hard and play harder.

“This goes back to our Commitment to Excellence core value,” shares Burgess.

Squires Robotics Team is Turning Heads

In the two years since Calvin Christian launched its Squires Robotics team, they’ve been stacking up the awards! 

Their accomplishments include

  • Highest seeded rookie at the Calvin University event
  • 2022 Finalist at the Calvin University event
  • Rookie all-star at the Calvin University event
  • Rookie Inspiration award at the West Michigan event
  • Highest seeded rookie at the West Michigan event
  • Rookie Inspiration at the State tournament event
  • Ranked #186 out of 636 teams in the state

Programs like these open students’ eyes to the world around them and show them how they can make a difference.

Grandville Calvin Christian robotics team in action

“Our robotics program provides an amazing opportunity for our students to use 21st century skills in programming and design,” says Burgess.  

“It encourages teamwork and helps them to think about future jobs and roles that might not yet exist. And the fact that our program was able to succeed in its first year by making it to the State Championship was truly amazing and a testament to the dedication of all involved!”

Visit Grandville Calvin Christian Today

Every program, in every age group, strives to live the mission statement of Grandville Calvin Christian: “Equipping students to serve and glorify God.”

Education is only a small piece in the puzzle that is raising children. Learning in a nurturing environment that emphasizes relationship-building and serving God and your community makes up the rest!

See what Calvin Christian is up to on their website or call them at 616-532-2373 to see how they can help shape your child’s future.

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