Peppa Pig World of Play + LEGOLAND Discovery Center and SEA LIFE Aquarium Bring Imagination to Life

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Peppa Pig World of Play + LEGOLAND Discover Center &  SEA LIFE Aquarium is Epically Interactive

When our kids heard they were headed to Peppa Pig World of Play Michigan, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and SEA LIFE Aquarium in Auburn Hills all in one day I should have had the camera ready. The squeals were abundant and the anticipation was high.

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If you’ve been wanting to hear more about Peppa Pig World of Play before you go or have been debating on a day trip to Great Lakes Crossing Outlets near Detroit, the verdict is in – go for it! Our anticipation was met with overwhelming amounts of laughs, fun, play, and best of all – uninterrupted quality family time.

As the British, or Peppa Pig would say, we had aTOP day!” We loved all three attractions equally and although they were wildly different, they all had one thing in common:


Combo tickets are available making a day-trip or staycation cost-effective. Read on for more information about ticket prices and combo packages.

Peppa Pig World of Play is a Royally Good Time

Say adios to electronics, gadgets, screens, and batteries for a day and hello to a whole new world of fun. Peppa Pig World of Play is 100% geared toward hands-on non-guided play. They’ve intentionally created a safe space where parents and children can slow down, engage, and create through imagination.

The peaceful atmosphere set by the Peppa Pig World of Play staff was felt immediately. Here are 5 things my husband and I noticed right away and have stuck with us long after:

  • The music is very calming: creating a great playful atmosphere for both kids and parents. I can personally attest to the loud and fast-paced music in arcades or other play areas that leave our family exhausted stressed, and worn out. The number of parents with smiling faces and laughter here was staggering in comparison to other play experiences.
  • The castle, playhouse, and garden play structures have more than meets the eye: Inside of each play-structure are obstacle courses and themed ways to explore. It’s not just a play area, it’s an experience.
Peppa-Pig-World of Play Inside-garden
  • There’s something for every personality: Climbers, imaginative players, crawlers, chill, vibrant, and you name it – all types of families were enjoying their 14 themed play areas.
  • The entire facility including bathrooms is immaculately clean: For parents, cleanliness is so important, especially when at a play structure or special location. The care taken to create a clean and safe experience could easliy be compared to Disney level.
  • Peppa Pig World of Play is designed FOR families: Every inch of their facility is designed and geared for cultivating sweet memories and quality time with your kids.
Peppa-Pig World of Play Garden

After, we made it through the whole play-world it was back to the castle and garden hill for more climbing. Tearing them away from this wonderland was only easy because next, we were off to LEGOLAND Discover Center.

Peppa Pig World of Play Fun Facts:

  • Picnic Basket Lunches and other refreshments are available in “the campervan.”
  • You can get a picture with Peppa Pig before you walk into the World of Play on the green screen.
  • You’ll want to reserve your time slot to guarentee entry. By you reserving online you’ll receive unlimited play time during weekdays and a 2-hour slot during the weekend/peak hours.

LEGOLAND Discover Center: Rides, Play, 4D Cinema and more!

Immediately upon stepping into LEGOLAND Discovery Center, you’re greeted with an opportunity to take a ride on a train to fight off villains for the LEGO Princess. Our family got to work together to defeat the bad guys, rescue the princess and pretend we were in another world.

LEGO-LAND Discovery Center Detroit replica

Second, you’ll walk through a Downtown Detroit LEGO replica. It’s unbelievably breathtaking and interactive. Can you imagine the man-hours into that massive project! It was a highlight for me and my hubby but just past those doors was the highlight for our kids – Kai from Ninjago! Our oldest excitedly jumped all the way up to Kai and got to give him some dap. Coolest-day-ever for that 6-year-old! #boom


After another ride and playing with LEGOS bricks, we made our way to their short-film cinema. Their 4D LEGO movie experience splashes water, drops “snow,” blows wind, and has the whole room laughing with delight. When you visit, make sure you leave time for this portion – it’s 12-15 minutes of greatness.

That’s not it! There’s also a play structure in LEGOLAND Discovery Center that our kids really enjoyed. After lots and lots of play in this area, we were off to our next adventure.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Fun Facts:

  • Master builder workshops run through the day. If you’re little ones (or you) want to learn how to create amazing LEGO masterpieces, you’ll want to check these out.
  • Rides are included in your ticket price and can be enjoyed as many times as you’d like.

SEA LIFE Aquarium: Sharks, Stingrays, Sea Turtles, Petting Tank, and More!

SEA LIFE Aquarium was our last – but certainly not least – destination of the day. It’s a great place to visit if you’re kids love their independence or what I like to call “runners” – the layout loops around is like a river, traveling you around a path helping to keep your family or group close and experiencing it all together.


After so much playing it was very relaxing and rejuvenating to visit the 12 interactive exhibits. Here are 5 things we loved about SEA LIFE Aquarium:

  • Gazing under the tunnel in the tropical ocean exhibit at the sharks, sea turtle, stingrays and more.
  • “Petting” the hermit crab and other creatures in the interactive touchpool.
Sea-Life-Aquarium Interactive touchpool
  • Learning and reading about new fish and sea life we had never seen before like the Lion Fish and Giant Japanese Crab.
  • Playing in the climbing-structure located just before the exit.

SEA LIFE Aquarium Fun Facts:

  • The Tropical Ocean Exhibit with sharks, stingrays, loads of fish, and the sea turtle are at the end of the trail. Enjoy the wonder along the way because there are great gems along the path that could be missed if one is anticipating the sharks at every turn.
  • You can watch feeds at certain times throughout the day as well as talks and workshops to attend. Plan accordingly to be sure not to miss these.

Tickets and Combo Packages to 3 locations in one at Great Lakes Crossing Mall

Use our cheat-sheet to figure out how much it will cost your family to take a day trip to Great Lakes Crossing’s biggest attractions:

Peppa Pig World of Play Tickets

Online special for a family of 4 – $42.50 ($22.50 for one adult + one child, $15 for the second adult, $5 for additional children 6 months – 8 years old, kids under 6 months are FREE.)

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tickets

Online special for a family of 4$99.50 total ($24.95 a piece for adults and children. Kids 2 and under are FREE.)

Sea Life Aquarium Tickets

Online special for a family of 4$65.80 total ($18.95 for adults, $13.95 for children. Kids 2 and under are FREE.)

COMBO Package Saver: LEGOLAND Discovery Center + Sea Life Aquarium

Online special for a family of 4$129.80 total ($34.95 for adults and $29.95 for children. Kids 2 and under are FREE.)

Visit All Three Attractions Price:

For a family of 4 to visit all three attractions will cost – $172. 30 total (Peppa Pig World of Play + LEGOLAND Discovery Center and Sea Life Aquarium.)

Your Vacation Plans Can Be Epic at Peppa Pig World of Play

If you have any questions about our trip to these three amazing interactive, play-based attractions at Great Lakes Crossing Mall – I’d love to dialogue. Comment below or send over an email through our contact form. Our family’s experience was truly epic for every single one of us and we can’t gush enough about all of the fun and memories we shared. After all that playing we even had time to steal away to Belle Isle to watch the sunset.  If you choose to make Detroit your next staycation, our team bets you’ll love it!

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