Spend the Best Day Ever at SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium

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Dive Under the Sea at SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium

SEA LIFE Aquarium Michigan

4316 Baldwin Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, inside of Great Lakes Crossings Outlets Mall
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SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium – check out sharks, fish, seahorses, touch pools, turtles and so much more. With SEA LIFE Aquarium also in Great Lakes Crossings Outlets in Auburn Hills, this makes the perfect weekend getaway (or ultimate day trip)

Sea Life Aquarium girl touching animal in ocean

It’s a great place to visit if you’re kids love their independence or what I like to call “runners” – the layout loops around is like a river, traveling you around a path helping to keep your family or group close and experiencing it all together.

SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium FAQs

How long does it take to go through SEA LIFE aquarium Michigan?

60-90 minutes

What is the largest aquarium in Michigan?

60-90 minutes

SEA LIFE Aquarium is a fantastic stop for the family. Since the layout loops around like a river, it is so easy to travel around the path together while still letting the kids have some independence to explore on their own – a feature my “runners” love.

It is so fun to walk underneath the giant Underwater Ocean Tunnel and watch all of the incredible sea life swimming around and over you. We always hunt for the sea creatures we recognize from Finding Nemo. With over 2,000 creatures in the aquarium, we found so many new ones, too. 

Sea Life Aquarium 6

After so much playing it was very relaxing and rejuvenating to visit the 12 interactive exhibits. Here are 5 things we loved about SEA LIFE Aquarium:

  • Gazing under the tunnel in the tropical ocean exhibit at the sharks, sea turtle, stingrays and more.
  • “Petting” the hermit crab and other creatures in the interactive touchpool.
Sea Life Aquarium8
  • Learning and reading about new fish and sea life we had never seen before like the Lion Fish and Giant Japanese Crab.
  • Playing in the climbing-structure located just before the exit.

SEA LIFE Aquarium Fun Facts:

  • The Tropical Ocean Exhibit with sharks, stingrays, loads of fish, and the sea turtle are at the end of the trail. Enjoy the wonder along the way because there are great gems along the path that could be missed if one is anticipating the sharks at every turn.
  • You can watch feeds at certain times throughout the day as well as talks and workshops to attend. Plan accordingly to be sure not to miss these.
Sea Life Aquarium 2

I don’t know what is about them, but I just love watching seahorses float around in their tanks. I have to snap myself out of it before I lose track of my brood!

Sea Life Aquarium Ocean

More Details about SEA LIFE Aquarium Michigan

SEA LIFE is Michigan’s largest aquarium and has over 250 species and 2,000 creatures living there. There are six different species of sharks alone. I didn’t even know there were that many – I better brush up on my animal kingdom knowledge. 

In addition to watching the creatures in their tanks, my kids also love the touchpool and the Michigan freshwater exhibit. My turtle-loving husband is thrilled that two rescued sea turtles live at SEA LIFE Aquarium. 

Sea Life Aquarium Interactive Touchpool

Building with LEGO® bricks and visiting an incredible variety of ocean animals is a great way to spend time with your family. I have this on my calendar for the summer!

Sea Life Michigan Aquarium Tickets

Online special for a family of 4 – $65.80 total ($18.95 for adults, $13.95 for children. Kids 2 and under are FREE.)

Hotels Near Sea Life Michigan Aquarium

Family-Friendly Hotels Near Sea Life Aquarium

Hampton Inn Detroit – Auburn Hills North

3988 Baldwin Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326
indoor pool, fitness center, FREE HOT BREAKFAST, GOOD VALUE
0.4 miles from LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Auburn Hills

3988 Baldwin Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326
indoor pool, DAILY BREAKFAST
next door to LEGOLAND Discovery Center

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658 thoughts on “Spend the Best Day Ever at SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium”

  1. I am looking forward to seeing the sealife at the aquarium. I also love Legos and building with them

  2. Shared on Facebook! Thanks GR Kids for always sharing what fun stuff our families should do!

  3. Connie Lockwood

    This would be amazing my grandkids love LEGOs and we watch the LEGO masters every week. The aquarium sea life stop would be extra fun too.

  4. Brooke Lockwood

    My kids love Legos and fish, there isn’t a better combination of things that they could do all in one day!

  5. With three boys under 11 we are all things Lego. We would love to take them to Legoland.

  6. We love the touch pool at the aquarium. We haven’t been to LEGOland yet but would love to check it out.

  7. Angela Burguillo

    My husband and kids would love the LEGO land! They are into watching master legos and coming up with their own creations and having a competition!

  8. Jessica Malcuit

    My family loves sea animals, and to see them up close and personal in Michigan sounds amazing!

  9. Haven’t been to legoland yet but my little guy would be crazy excited to see so many legos in one place!

  10. I have never been to any LEGOland nor Sea Life Aquarium so I am not sure what would be those most exciting. However, he is really getting into LEGO lately so it would be a perfect time to try it all!

  11. Would love to check out the Trolls World Tour event at Legoland coming up in April, my kids are fans of both!

  12. I have a 9-year-old who is struggling with friends, and feeling special, I think this is right in his wheelhouse and he will enjoy being with kids who likes what he likes!

  13. My sister loves building legos with my Kiddos and they would all be excited to see the different buildings and sets throughout LEGOLAND

  14. My son can’t get enough of building legos and my daughter loves sea animals, this wouls be perfect for us!

  15. I would be most excited to see my 3.5 year old light up at LEGO land. All my kids love LEGOS, but I think he would especially get excited by the interaction.

  16. Audrey Vandertoorn

    We are most excited to see all of the LEGO structures. The boys love building legos with their dad.

  17. More than anything, I’m excited to see the look on my children’s faces as they walk into the magical world of LegoLand. Then….just when they think it’s over the magic begins again at the aquarium. Sea Life becomes real life for the whole family!

  18. We’ve never been to either so we’d be very excited to see everything but the touch pool looks cool!

  19. My two boys would LOVE going to both. We are huge lego fans & they love aquariums & all things under the sea! 🙂

  20. My four year old has become more interested in Legos and it has become one of his favorite activities. He would have so much fun exploring all the different parts of Legoland!

  21. My 4 year old has started to find Legos to be the coolest/ most fun activity. He would have so much fun exploring all the different parts of Legoland!

  22. My boys just started to love legos! And the love learning about sharks, so this would be the most incredible weekend away for our family!

  23. Samantha Brownlee

    I am most excited to see my Lego-obsessed nephew’s face when he sees the awesomeness that is Legoland (and excited for the extra large Legos to play with!)

  24. My son LOVES LEGO. He ever has a trundle bed that, instead of a second mattress, he keeps LEGO in the trundle. We as a family would be so excited to go! Liked Legoland MI and the aquarium pages! ?

  25. I am so excited to go to both of these places! My son is so in love with Lego and is building his own village and my daughter and I are huge fans of aquariums. This will bring such joy to our family.

  26. My kids would have such a wonderful time at both these places and my husband and I would as well!!!

  27. We just moved to the Grand Rapids area from North Carolina just before Christmas. My kids (we have 3) would love a weekend getaway to Legoland & Sea Life Aquarium. It’d be great for them to see a little of what Michigan has to offer that’s kid friendly!

  28. I’m most excited about playing with Legos because I love legos haha I’m sure my girls will like them too 😉

  29. I would love to bring my two boys to Legoland and Sealife. We’ve never been to either and would be excited to experience it all!

  30. Our daughter loves LEGO’s, knows so many animals and really enjoys engaging her imagination. Calling out the colors, practicing counting and just playing comes so naturally for her, it’s so easy to let the time fly while we play together! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  31. Our almost 3 year old already lives LEGO’s and knows so many animals, that honestly either of thee would be such a huge blessing! We love creating and engaging our imagination together!

  32. My son loves both LEGOs and animals. In fact, he’s been spending most of his free time lately, constructing animals out of his LEGOs. I know he would really love a visit to both LEGO land and the aquarium! We’ve never been to either place, and would look forward to absolutely everything!!!

  33. My boys and I spend countless hours playing and building with legos and mega blocks everyday! They would be so excited to see LEGO land!

  34. My husband and daughter love legos. It will be great to see them interact with each other while building.

  35. Cassie Truskowski

    We would love to visit!
    The laser ride at Legoland sounds amazing, rescuing a princess! So fun!
    Did someone say sharks! It’s a hard pick, but that sounds really cool!

  36. The grandkids would be excited to see both, but they really want to see the aquarium. thanks for the chance.

  37. Christine Donazzolo

    Oh my gosh both of these places would be amazing. My son wants to be an engineer and legos have always been his go to for creations and imagination. We would also love to see the aquarium. Love this!

  38. My kids would love both the aquarium and Legoland! We would love a chance to build with the giant Legos especially!

  39. I’m most excited to see the aquarium with my 5yo son. He loves fish and we haven’t been there yet to check it out.

  40. We have never been to the aquarium but we have been to legoland in Florida and my boys have been dying to go back!

  41. I’m excited to watch my 2.5 year old in the tunnel at the aquarium and playing with giant LEGOs!

  42. Most excited to see my three year old in the sea tunnel and build the with the giant Duplo blocks with the 9 month old.

  43. My boys love LEGOS and aquariums. We have never been to Sea Life before so that would be a neat and new experience.

  44. Most excited to see the happiness on my girls faces! They love going new places and experiencing new things!!

  45. Most excited to see the aquarium! I love them and I am
    So pumped that we have one in MI. My son is most geeked for all the LEGO creations!!!

  46. We have been there once when they first opened. And with our family of five it was not cheap. And now that our kids are older I’m sure they will enjoy this even more. My middle Child loves building for hours at home. And my daughter use to want to be a marine biologist.

  47. We have been wanting to go to either or for a few years now. I believe our youngest would love all the sea life. With 5 kids and two grand parents who wanna go this would reduce the cost alot and make it a more affordable family adventure

  48. We’ve been to (and enjoyed) the discovery zone but would love to take my mom and kids to the aquarium! Mom takes constantly about going here or Chicago but her back isn’t up for the drive to Chicago. Excited for such a cool display closer to home.

  49. My husband and kids all love Legos. They’re slowly taking over the house. We would love to check out the whole place. Legos as far as the eye can see sounds like a dream come true for us.

  50. Michelle Haverdink

    We have never been to either. My kids of been begging me to go to legoland! This would be so fun!

  51. We would love to be able to go to the aquarium! My oldest daughter is 5 and has become fascinated in sea animals and always talks about how awesome it would be to see them!

    1. Most excited to see or do – spend time together watching our preschooler’s face when he gets to “go see some animals” and meets new ones he has only seen in books. Also, looking forward to letting him immerse himself (and us) in our biggest lego structure yet.

  52. My daughter would look forward to the touch pool at the aquarium and the giant legos at Legoland. She is just now getting into lego so I can only imagine her eyes getting big and jaw dropping at the site of the discovery center.

  53. We are most excited about playing with legos and busking our own race cars! We Love going here!

    1. Oh my, this would be an amazing adventure. My son is obsessed with everything Lego and my daughter loves sealife. Perfect!

  54. Would love to go to LEGOland and sea life. Have never been! And I know some special grandkids who would love it too!

  55. My daughter is obsessed with everything under water! We live in Grand Rapids with no aquariums nearby. This would be an amazing opportunity for us to be able to visit and let her sea all of the sea life up close! She would absolutely be in love!

  56. I’m most excited to see our son surrounded by so many Legos and the Lego attractions. He’d have such a blast building and exploring!

  57. I’m most excited to see our son surrounded by so many Legos and the Lego attractions! He’d have a blast building and exploring!

  58. My kids currently love legos and have never been to LEGO land, it would be so awesome to see their excited faces!

  59. My daughter is just now discovering LEGO’s so I would be most excited for her to see what is possible with Legos and to be inspired to create her own designs.

  60. We have not been to either of these places yet. My daughter would especially love the Underwater Sea Tunne.

  61. My kids love legos and would love to go to LEGOLAND. They have never been so they would love to see it all!

  62. My kids would love LEGO land! And I’ve never heard of the Sea Life aquarium— very interested to check out both.

  63. Would love to take the kidos to both of these places. Our son was in lego league and our youngest absolutely loves to build with legos!!!
    It would also be really cool to see the aquarium!! We have never been to knew before so it would be a fun experience.

  64. We visited Shedd and Legoland in Chicago, in September and my bots cant stop asking when we’ll go back. Was thinking this would be great!!

  65. I have slowly been passing on my love for Legos to my 6yo!! I’m not sure who would be more excited to go… him or me. ??

    FB page liked!! (Started following them as soon as they opened in Auburn Hills!!)

    Shared with my neighborhood group of moms and my sister!! ?

  66. We just moved here from Arizona and would love more than anything to explore all the attractions here in Michigan! I can’t remember the last time our kids saw sea animals. Would be such a blessing!

  67. My son is obsessed with sting Ray’s and is a big lego fanatic. This would be a dream trip for him!

  68. My son is in love with legos and animals! We would take his best friend (my brother) and Grandma and go to the rainforest cafe for lunch and make a day of it. Thanks for the chance!

  69. Both my boys (3 & 5) are just now REALLY getting into legos. I would LOVE to see the excitement on their faces going here!

    1. Karly VandenHeuvel

      My kids all love playing Legos and would love to see the fish up close. They love looking at the fish at Meijer so this would be awesome!!

  70. My 5-year-old builds LEGO cars all the time. He’s going to love the LEGO Racers Build and Test!

  71. Would love to take my two youngest grandkids to both LegoLand and Sea Life Aquarium. They live in Rockford and I live in the Novi area, so it would be a perfect outing for their next visit to my house. LEGO sets are always on the birthday and Christmas wish lists and I think my granddaughter has at least 10 of the Friends sets…she has now moved on to Harry Potter sets. My grandson loves to build and make his own LEGO creations.

  72. Jennifer Cronkite

    My kids loved building and testing racing vehicles, and can’t wait to go back for more of that! I really liked all the cool LEGO recreations, especially the Detroit buildings ?

        1. I would love to be able to take my son and see the excitement he shows taking all of that in. He just discovered no his love for Legos so this would be a perfect time to take him

    1. I really want to take my kids to both, just need to find a day and go. We went to the Discovery Center last July to check it out but weren’t able to talk my son into going in because it was too loud and I had forgotten his headphones. I had completely forgotten about the aquarium.

  73. The pj masks exhibit at Legoland combines two of my kids’ favorite things! They would absolutely love it!

    1. Virginia Rodriguez

      My girls love sea turtles and Legos! This would be the best gift for them. They love discovering and building with Legos and would love to visit Legoland!

      1. My daughters love to build. My oldest wants to be an engineer. We went to Legoland last year and she was hooked. For the first time over Christmas, she got her first 300 piece Lego set. She did it all by herself and wants keep practicing, so she can compete in the next master builder contest.

  74. I love seeing how creative my kids can get with the legos. Using there imagination and having fun is awesome!

  75. Would love to take my son to LEGO land and see the room in the picture of the big LEGO’s to build with! He would just be blown away!

  76. Liked both pages, shared on fb,
    We loved the aquarium. Everything about it, especially that you could go through it as money times as you wanted in the same day. Also if you mention it’s your birthday you’ll get a pin!
    LEGO land was a quick stop the ride was the best part, and the movie!
    Why does no one ever mention peppa pig world! Same place, same combo of tickets, we hit all 3 in one day! Loved Peppa Pig World MORE then legoland!
    Would go back again anytime!

  77. I’d be most excited to see the look on my families faces as they explore, create and discover at these places they’ve never been before! ❤️

  78. Our kids say they would love to see a sting ray! And then try to build one out of legos lol. We havent been to either place yet, but we definitely need to check them out. They sound like so much fun!

  79. My youngest loves Legos and all animals! We have been wanting to take a trip to check these out and this would be the perfect opportunity!

    1. My niece and nephew come to visit and stay with me for a month each summer and enjoy Legos and all types of animals/sea life. I would love to see their reactions to a surprise trip and how much creativity is sparked and joy this could bring to their young lives.

  80. I shared this on FB to 3 pages: my personal page, my Norwex VIP group, and our local MOPS group that I run!

  81. I can’t wait to see the look of wonder on our son’s face when he sees all of the LEGO creations at LEGOland, and our animal loving daughter’s eyes will glow with excitement at the SeaLife Aquarium!

  82. My two boys (5 & 7) LOVE LEGO and sea creatures. We’ve been watching LEGO Masters the last few weeks and my oldest said yesterday that he and I should go on the show together. This would be a great activity that he would eat up! Win or not, we may make the trip from GR. Thanks!

  83. I’d love to see the sea turtles. I’ve never had the opportunity to get to the ocean. Although, maybe I could build a turtle out of legos.

  84. Allison kozlowski

    My boys (2 and almost 5) would love Legoland! The play structure seems amazing and being able to build
    With Legos and the duplos for the little ones could keep them busy for hours! They have also never been to an Aquarium so seeing water life all around them would be an awesome experience!

    1. Oh goodness I’m so sorry! It kept telling me I had a duplicate comment, but I never saw the comment, so I kept trying. So sorry for all the comments!! ?

    1. I live in NYC now but lived in G.R. for 24 years. My grandchildren still live in Michigan and they so enjoy Legos and the world of Sea creatures. I missed there birthdays? and would love this for them and my daughter and her Husband. What a wonderful opportunity your giving a family. Many blessings.

  85. We have just begun to be interested in Legos. They offer so much imagination opportunity! I think seeing recognizable landmarks out of legos would be the best part.

  86. My son would love the touch pool and my daughter would like identifying all the “Finding Nemo” sea life.

  87. My girls would love the touchpool at Sea Life Aquarium as well as the underwater ocean tunnel!

  88. This would be an amazing time for myself and my 3 boys. Even the 16 year old would enjoy himself Legos and Sea Life is hard to beat! ?

  89. My kiddos STILL talk about the aquarium from 2 years ago! We haven’t been to Legoland yet and they would be absolutely thrilled to go!

  90. We haven’t been to either place. My kids would love to see the sea tunnel at the aquarium and the large lego bricks at Legoland!

  91. My son loves Legos so he would enjoy Lego land so much, my daughter would love sea life and my husband and I would love both!

  92. Would love to see my son’s face when he discovers Legoland for the first time.
    Liked and shared.

  93. My kids are both obsessed with Legos lately and watching Lego Masters! My son would be in heaven and Legoland!

  94. We have never been to either place, I would be most excited to see my 9 year old, Lego loving son’s reaction to everything there.

  95. My son would absolutely love to go to Legoland! It is his dream! He loves to take his sets apart and rebuild them. He will love everything about it!

  96. Liked the LEGO land page and Sea life Facebook pages. Shares on FB as well!
    My family and I have never been to both the amazing places! Hope I win and can experience this amazing time with my kids! Thank you GR Kids for Providing such amazing events for families who are otherwise unable to experience and create such wonderful memories for themselves and their families!

  97. Would be looking forward to seeing all the animals as my kid loves animals, also building big castles with the LEGO’s!