Best Things to Do in Fort Wayne with Kids!

Fort Wayne with Kids

Pack Up and Head to Fort Wayne, Indiana

I recently found myself in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is not a place I’d ever visited before, and it really wasn’t on my radar.

Other than driving by on my way to Indianapolis, Fort Wayne hadn’t crossed my mind.

Now, though, after spending a weekend exploring this new-to-me town, I’m excited to take my whole family back for an easy-on-us weekend away. Clocking in at just about 2.5 hours in the car, it’s an easy weekend trip.

And bonus- I found that many of my Grand Rapids memberships offered reciprocal benefits in Fort Wayne!

Here’s my list of fun things to do in Fort Wayne with kids:

Fort Wayne with Kids

Top 7 Things to Do in Fort Wayne with Kids

1) Spend an Afternoon at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Open late April – October, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo will be the first stop on my list when I get back to Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo
3411 Sherman Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46808

The zoo isn’t gigantic, but that is one of it’s assets. You can easily spend an afternoon exploring and not be utterly exhausted when you’re done. The quality of the exhibits and the diversity of animals at the zoo are to be commended as well.

The Jungle Dome Aviary, complete with bird identification cards, lets your kids seek and find flying creatures of all colors.

Fort Wayne with kids

And sea lions frolicking at feeding time are another sight to be seen.

Really, you’re in for a treat if you’re looking for a lovely zoo experience. Some of the other must-see animals at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo include:

  • lions
  • tigers
  • giraffes
  • red pandas
  • orangutans
  • leopards
  • zebras
  • kangaroos
  • monkeys
  • and more!


The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo participates in reciprocal member benefits with John Ball Zoo. 

Members of JBZ will be admitted to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo at 50% off admission prices. Call the zoo to confirm exact benefits before arriving: 260-427-6800

2) Find the Hetty Arts Pastry Truck

Donuts on wheels?

Yes, please!

Hetty Arts Pastries operates a small pastry truck and creates some of the yummiest concoctions around.

Check out their Facebook page to see where they will be next!

Hetty Arts Pastry Donuts Fort Wayne Indiana
Find the donuts at Hetty Arts Pastry Truck in Fort Wayne

3) Check out the Fort Wayne Farmer’s Market

I’m seriously considering driving to Fort Wayne just to go to their farmer’s market. If you learn one thing from me today, it’s this: BRING A COOLER!

Fort Wayne Farmer’s Market 
301 E Wayne Street At Parkview Field in the colder months
216 W Douglas Ave

I found myself at Fort Wayne Farmer’s Market and was kicking myself at each station for not having a way to safely transport cold items home.

The prices on their grass-fed, locally raised meat, eggs, cheese and produce were drive-worthy. And, I can attest to the flavors, as we sampled meat, cheese, and other yums while shopping.

IMG 2108

4) Watch a Baseball Game at Parkview Field

The people of Fort Wayne knew what they were doing when they planted  Parkview Field in downtown.

Parkview Field
1301 Ewing St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802

This is where the TinCaps play and it’s just magical. Summer nights lounging on the grass under the big lights… I can just smell the hotdogs… watching a game here would be a great addition to your Fort Wayne Weekend away and it’s on my list for a return trip.

Fort Wayne with kids baseball

5) Ride the Giant Slide and Get Hands-On at Science Central

Science Central is where kids go to play and learn with science.

Science Central
1950 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

The gigantic slide is fast… so fast they made my daughter wear a lab coat on her trip down.

Fort Wayne with Kids Science Central

Lots of hands-on experiences fill Science Central.

Fort Wayne with Kids Science Central

Plan to spend a few hours exploring at this fun destination.

BONUS: Science Central is a part of the ASTC Travel Passport Program, which means that a Grand Rapids Public Museum Membership gets you free Science Central admission for two adults and their children (living at the same address). This is subject to change; call ahead to confirm current offerings.

6) Visit the Historic Old Fort

What would Fort Wayne be without a fort?

That’s what the good people of Fort Wayne thought when they reconstructed the Historic Old Fort.

Historic Old Fort
1201 Spy Run Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

The Old Fort is located on public park grounds and you’re invited to wander around and into the parade grounds. The buildings themselves are only open during events so be sure to check out the schedule while planning your trip.

You can also take a Virtual Tour to learn more about the Historic Old Fort grounds.

Fort Wayne with kids

7) Walk the Town and Walk the Trails

Fort Wayne was made for walkers. And bikers. And anyone else who likes to get outside.

With the extensive Fort Wayne Trail System, you’ll find plenty of trails weaving in and out of the city.

Plan time to meander and take in the city on your weekend away and let me know what you discover!

IMG 2103 1

Fort Wayne with kids
Fort Wayne with kids
Fort Wayne with kids

Where to Stay in Fort Wayne, Indiana

There are lovely homes in neighborhoods or right downtown waiting for your trip!

Leave a comment if you know of more great things to do with kids in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thanks!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’ll take note of these places. I’ll be bringing my kids to Fort Wayne this weekend. I’m sure they’ll enjoy going to the Children’s zoo. Do you have recommendations on where I could bring them to eat?

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